I've been told I have gastritis but I don't think my doctor is doing best for me, what should I do?

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Sorry for the long post but I'm looking for some advice as I am at the end of my tether.

Three years ago I suffered for 10 months with nausea, acid reflux and excruciating stomach pains. I was told at first it was normal acid reflux then it was IBS and then it was endometriosis. I had an endoscopy, ultrasound on my gallbladder and other organs and internal gynaecological ultrasound with all coming back clear. I ended up in a&e twice in this ten month period and was seen by out of hours doctors on a weekly basis as I couldn't cope with the pain. I was told to take a variety of medications from omeprazole to buscopan etc with nothing working. Eventually it disappeared and nothing was ever followed up.

However this year it has come back and after another 10 months of suffering I cannot put up with it anymore. All the symptoms are the same plus a few new symptoms such as shortness of breath/struggling to breath and dizziness. I have been to my doctors on numerous occasions throughout the last 10 months and every single time they have just fobbed me off with different tablets which never work. I have been given one blood test to test for helicobactor pylori which was negative. I feel like they are not doing anything to help me and I understand it can be difficult if they can't find anything. I am a 23 year old woman and it is ruining my life. I don't sleep well and I feel unwell all the time. I can't remember the last time I felt well. I am sick to death and just feel like nobody wants to help me.

I would really appreciate if a professional could give me their opinion as I am just lost with what to do.


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    Hi, I am going through the same thing. I have suffered since I was 15 with IBS and am now a 56 year old female. I have lived on esomeprazole and ranitidine for years now and was managing really well until earlier this year when I needed a lot of antibiotics which sent my symptoms off the scale. I have been struggling since March with all the symptoms you are describing and have seen several doctors both at my surgery and at A&E, have had loads of tests for pains in chest, bloods etc all clear. One GP said it was in my head and she did not feel my anxiety what ever that meant and just out of frustration, I think, referred me to gastro, I went last Friday again I felt that like the GP's they were not really interested but are sending me for another endoscopy in January. I had one in 2009 which I did not know until I received the hospital report today revealed I had gastritis/oesophagitis, which they think it is again. Like you I am so fed up being in pain, but GP's do not seem that bothered by it. I was told lose weight and eat smaller portions etc, all of which I have been trying to do but as I also have diverticular it is a real struggle eating fruits, vegetables etc. I think that the GPs see this type of thing so regularly that they are not phased by it, they do care but I am not sure apart from tablets what they can do for us. Once Xmas is over I am going to find a dietician and see if I can help myself with food etc. Like you I have a bland diet which helps but the minute I introduce something yummy of it starts again. What I find helps is 20mg esomeprazole first thing, followed by 75mg ranitidine mid morning (GP prescribes this dosage), then 75mg ranitidine before bed. I sometimes have another esomeprazole. I do not find probiotics, aloe vera, DGL helps, it does for some but not for me. Do not under any circumstances take ibuprofen a no no for gastritis. Try to keep your spirits up, I know it is hard and try to relax a bit as stress makes it worse. Take care
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    Hi sounds like a Hiatus hernia​ coming and going, had the same for years before they found it.  I had the same experiance until I had all the tests. Also I had the same 10months to a year and then it would go, not anymore, its here all the time now sad The HH can effect your breathing due to the damaged diaphragm.  Get a EScope conducted, thus will confirm or rule it out.
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      Hi, what treatmen,t if any, did they give you. As mentioned above I have the same symptoms and awaiting scope in January where I am sure they will be a find hernia. My main pain is right between breasts (sorry TMI) all along that area and around ribs it burns and stings and gives me chest pain. Horrible thing to live with. Take care.
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    Yes, thats it in a nut shell, as your having a ES in jan I would just take gaviston and see if that helps.  They tell you (as you know) to stop all meds for 4 weeks prior to having one.  Treatment lol, mines just under 5cm so they do nothing, its down to you and your doctor to find what suits you.  I find after being on Omprazole for 3 years and also the other common PPIs that at the moment Pantoprazole 20mg in the morning and gaviston as required seems to have the prob under somesort of control.  Now, it will flare up and die down over the year.  At this time I cut back the meds, never just take PPIs ongoing.  I also found omep at 20mg gives me more bowl pain and wind as the damn HH lol and 40mg is a NM.  Touchwood Pantoprazole is a god send for me and I go to the loo everyday now!!!!!!  PPIs can give you more pain than whatever the problem is!!! Now please dont worry about this next bit.  If they find nothing push for a CT Scan of the Abdomen/Liver/Pancreas with Contrast, all done at the same time in a few seconds.   Remenber whats behind your stomach.  Let us all know what happens and the results.  Good luck and dont worry too much, if it was something nasty you'd know about it after this time.  Oh, I also know a few people over the years put this down to fatty liver???? Also, now this works, if your getting no where pay for a consutation private around £150, they can then send you for tests on the NHS and the rest of the consultations can be on the NHS, not many folks know that one. Your too young to have this crap to put it bluntly.
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