I've had upper center and left abdominal pain for months but it's getting worse.

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Hello, back in Feburary I went to the doctors after suffering abdominal pain (pain just above the belly button, right in the center) for over a week. The doctor said I have unexplained abdominal pain, because he used a stethoscope on my belly and said he heard nothing wrong with my entire abdomen (I do think he was trying to shoo me out to be honest). I was prescribed with a weeks worth of Buscopan and sent home.

I'll admit, the Buscopan did work that time. But when I stopped taking it because I ran out, the center of my abdomen started hurting again about a week later, but eventually it stopped hurting at all.

Well, until 2 weeks ago when I suddenly started getting the pain in the same area again, and also now in the left side of my abdomen just below the ribcage. I started getting new symptons too. I felt extremely bloated after eating a meal, so bloated that I can barely eat a regular sized meal (before I would always go back for seconds after I finished eating), I started feeling a lot more fatigue, I went from having 1 1hour nap a week to 2 1 and a half naps a day. I've also been getting bad headaches (not migraine bad though), and I've just been feeling generally unwell ever since my abdomen started hurting again recently.

I've tried both Deflatine and Buscopan again recently. The Deflatine just makes me feel gassy but does nothing about the pain, and the Buscopan has stopped working (I've been taking both for a week, and strong paracetamol on top of that).

My sister who is a nurse in training doesn't think it's IBS since she said IBS shouldn't be in your upper abdomen, only your lower. I feel like I should go to the doctor but I feel like he'll just shoo me out again with more Buscopan or something. What should I do? Does anyone know what it could be from my symptons?

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    Your symptoms still sound like IBS.  Try a food diary and see your doctor for a different antispasmodic. Look at the Fodmap diet to identify food triggers.. Buscopan still works for me with Nurofen but you may need to try several medications. Paracetemol isn't really anywhere near strong enough for IBS I have found.

    If Buscopan worked before, this suggests IBS.  IBS pain can be felt just about anywhere.  You may be getting referred pain. IBS is different for everyone.  Headaches, fatigue and joint pain are also IBS symptoms.  

    Do you get change of bowel habit with your pain? IBS pain can come and go or be constant. You can have pain flare ups or periods of no pain at all. 

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      Hiya, sorry for not replying. I'm not saying I'm certain it's IBS, in fact it very well could be, but does IBS make you get pain in the upper left and center abdomen? I was certain it was in the lower. I have been paying attention to what I've been eating. No matter what I eat or don't eat it seems to be the same pain.

      My pain comes and goes, but I find at night it gets slightly worse. I feel so bloated all the time to the point where I can't tell if I'm hungry or not. I do also get really nauseous at certain times in the day, usually in the afternoon.

      Also, what can I take other than paracetemol? I'm under 16 so I can't take anything too strong.

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      IBS pain can be felt all over the stomach and the pain moves about.  I have had pain on my left side, middle and right.  But the pattern of pain is not necessarily in that particular order every time.  I have also had upper and lower pain.   There are no certainties with IBS.  Nausea is also a symptom.  My pain used to wake me at night and I would find it painful to lie down.  

      For bloating, try cutting out gluten.  Bowel habit change plays a major part.

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      I forgot to add, Nurofen is a good painkiller but for short term relief because taking it constantly can constipate you.  There may be a children's version but check with your doctor.

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    Hi, I have diverticula / A small hiatus hernia and IBS, I get pain in my upper abdomen, it feels like labour pains, the consultant at hospital gave me kolanticon gel, I take 20ml when I get the pain mostly it takes the pain away, I think its trapped wind. Hope u feel better soon.
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    Your doc was listening for

    a) bowel sounds and

    b) bruit (blood flow) with the stethoscope.

    Something most docs don't take the time to do and is quite telling something and belongs to basic examinations together with palpating the belly.

    Hands up someone took out a stethoscope on the abdomen!

    Of course this is not the whole story and only exclusion workup at all.

    You need to see a gastroenterologist. It can be anything from food, not right bacteria flora, infection to inflammation. IBS is the last resort of 'diagnose' once other reasons are for sure excluded. Don't get brushed off that easily.

    All the best!

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      Oh, I'm not brushing off anything, don't worry. I remembered that he told me I had functional abdominal pain, that's what I was thinking of. I'm going back to my doctor on Friday so hopefully he can refer me to a gastroenterologist, since I can't think of any in my area.

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      Not you brushing off, getting brushed off quickly by one doc was what I meant. ;-)


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      Ohhh, my bad. Well I'm going back tomorrow to the same doctor, so hopefully he'll do something different...

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      Yes! All the best!

      It is sometimes a long, long road unfortunately.

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      Hello, I'm back from the doctors. The doctor thinks I may have Gastroesophageal reflux disease, so he's given me some Omprazole (for GERD) and if the tablets work, he's 99% sure it's GERD, and he's going to give me a long term batch of it.

      Of course I don't know if it's going to work yet, fingers crossed it does and I'll finally know what I have that causes me pain everyday.

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      And - if the tablets don't work I have to go for some blood tests. Which isn't that fun. So fingers corssed these work.

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      Good start,

      but blood tests are not that bad.

      My girl has 15-20 vails drawn in one session, and that repeatedly (she is very sick).

      Stay hydrated well prior, and be warm!!! (dress warm, but with easy access to vein, layers of cloths or so). Room should be warm, too.

      That's how you actively can help the blood drawing.

      We have best experiences with a 'butterfly' system since one cannot feel the 'on' 'off' of the vails and also no 'pushing in' of  needle can accidentally happen since there is a tube dangling from needle.

      Blood drawers are different though with same veins (we had at least 15 different ones in 2 years), but most really good.

      If you get the one bad one and are left with no blood tubes to be sent off but a huge bruise, don't despare, it heals and in a few weeks time another drawer will be very good. (just don't have the same one, we avoid one in particular, who does not even open the tourniquet once blood flowing, forget her forever. Works only for people with strong veins and good blood pressure, duh.)

      Good luck!

      Hope Omeprazole is helping.

      If Helicobacter pylori is mentioned, there is a breath test or stool test, but you need to be off Omeprazole for a few weeks prior. (Blood test for H.pylori is not good btw, other two are better)

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      I had a bad blood test that left me in permanent pain and led to IBS because the nurse was unskilled. I am now left with nerve damage. I now go to the hospital to get them done because they know what they are doing.  I also have reactions to the antiseptic wipe and possibly the needle as well.  Because of the damage done, I have to have it done in the other arm.  However, I have nerve damage there too from a bad fall on my elbow so I get anxious in case the procedure triggers the old injury.  Fortunately, when I had my celiac blood test, the injury did not reactivate.

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