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I want to take roaccutane but im afraid of it's side effects or of acne coming back afterwards! Help

Hello, im new in this page and im doing this from my phone but im really desperate and i need help. I am 15 years old and i want to take roaccutane. My mom tells me she doesnt want me to take it because she's afraid of the side effects but i am desperate for a solution. I do not have sever acne but im right there in the path to it. I have a lot of whitespots and everyweek two to five new HUGE pimples appear in my face and most of my face is red. I have tried everything and have wasted thousands of dollars in treatments, natural or not. I have even tried minocycline but it did not work on me! Im currently going to 10th grade and i have had acne since 7th grade!! My acne is starting to spread to my back and my chest and you can see some of it going for my arms too. I am bullied at school because of my acne and I have days I dont even want to go to school but I have never suffered of deppression or anything like it. I am the only one in my grade to have acne along with another girl so i want the quickest solution out there but Roaccutane seems very risky but I feel it has more pros than cons. Girls think that my acne is disgusting and that really kills my morale and I am even ashamed of being close to people or taking selfies. When i look myself in the mirror I hate my face so much!!!  Should I take roaccutane?? I really want to but im looking for others opinions please help me!

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  • Rafapk4 Rafapk4

    I also forgot to mention that the reason that i want to try roaccutane is because many of my friends tried it and it worked for all of them!! The worst side effect that i saw on any of my friends was that his eyes were dry so it doesnt seem as if all of those horrible side effects that i hace read about do happen but what my mom tells me is that eventually a side effect will come hauting me in the long run in about 10 years when i am an adult like liver cancer o i dont know... She said i could even die but now its up to me! Any suggestions??😀

  • Georgia123456 Georgia123456 Rafapk4

    Hi! I am on roaccutane at the moment and my mum was on it aswell. You should tell your mum that it is amazing! I have never been happier with my skin. Yes there are side affects such as dry skin and eyes but all medication will have side affects. If maybe you should show your mum the benefits and so she can see how well it works. I finish my course next week and my skin in amazing. You usually have to take it for about 6 months but it works. A doctor or dermatologist will not prescribe it to you if there were serious side affects. Also, you have to have monthly blood tests to test your liver and other things just as a precaution. I hope it works out for you smile 

  • J8591 J8591 Rafapk4

    Hi, I'm in a similar situation, but I'm 23. My skin was never a problem before but in the last two years it's been terrible. I've tried antibiotics but they've not been very effective. It looks like it's worth the risk, but maybe just research how to counter-act the dryness!

  • tracy999 tracy999 Rafapk4

    My Son was prescribed roaccutane in November of last year . He went from an A* pupil at college and invited to OXford to progress , since taking it hes not been able to study as no attention span , googling suicide forums and massive mood swings . His Acne has improved but left him with a massive chest sores that were open wounds with the skin healing underneath but left weeping topically , a massive anxiety issue that he hides well mostly but affects him daily . Ive known three other cases in his social circle that have affected them all  the same way and resutled in a massive social issue and stress to the family with sucidal thoughts . I know its better for others but the down side is not worth the risk in my opinion.

    • declan05984 declan05984 tracy999

      I dont find that anyone I know, or myself, who is taking roaccutane are getting these feelings, sure, a side effect is depression but more commonly people are feeling happier because there skin is clearing up. I am sorry that your son did not feel this way and I hope he gets better soon

  • beth 62254 beth 62254 Rafapk4


    I went on roaccutane after seffuering with acne from teh age of 8 until i was 18 and finished the treatment! I am now 6 months on and my skin is perfect. I have not had a spot since i finished and it was the best life changing decision i have ever made.

    I was too worried about the side effects. I had the common dry face dry lips etc. I also had severe sweating, not a nice side effect (i think it is one of the very rare ones anyway) but looking back that too was worth it. I was on it for 4 months, and before you take it you think ooh i dont know if i could cope with those side effects for that long, but honestly, it is the quickest and most effective solution to long term acne. 

    I have been given a new lease of life, a new confidence, (which i had lost ALL of during the time i had acne) I now want to help others!! 

    You can read the good and the bad, at the end of the day , you need to make the decision but I strongly recommend it. 

    Doctors moniter you closely due to the nature of the drug, it really isnt as scary as it sounds! I had blood tests every month, I didnt drink alcohol for the duration and that was about it! Doctors monitor you so you are safe!

    Some of the worst side effects are extremely rare, if you have a good support netowkr around you and a good doctor you will be fine smile they are going to know if you have any mood changes. 

    I know you posted this a few months ago, so depending on whether you have started the treatment already or not. I would recommend 2 things. 

    1. is aquaphor, it is a product made by eucerin, ( you can get it in pharmacys in both the uk and usa, it is originally from usa) and it is in alternative to vaseline and is 10x better, i put it on my lips which were awful at the time and woke up the next day and it was compeltely sorted. No kidding! It was a miracle, try it! 

    2. Arbonne baby care face wash and lotion. After I finished roaccutane i was left with dry skin, no moisturisers worked and all sting when i put them on apart from this one. MY skin is now soft and smooth and pain free.

    Goodluck with your decision! 

    • Rosey16 Rosey16 beth 62254

      Hi, I'm 16 and have had acne since around age 11; I find it can range from just mild to fairly bad but more recently feel as though it's bad enough to be getting in the way of me being completely happy. I found your reply on this feed really helpful. I have tried almost everything - natural, homemade stuff, face masks, creams, cutting out certain foods, doctors, creams... I went to see a dermatologist for the first time around two years ago and have been prescribed pretty much all the medicines they prescribe before roaccutane. I've even been on the pill for around 1 and a half years now, and while I believe these medicines have helped to certain degrees, my acne is still pretty bad. I almost feel as though the things that started to work at first, my skin has almost become immune to the effects of. Roaccutane came up as a suggestion by my dermatologist maybe a year ago, and having heard the horror stories, having had my mum tell me about the things she's heard of it, and having had a slight history of depression in my family (not immediate family though) immediately said a straight out no, my reason being that its important to me that I stay happy (which I am, except for my skin really, I love the rest of my life and my skin is really the only thing getting me down) and that I would rather wait for my skin to clear naturally rather than risk depression/anxiety etc....

      However, now I'm pretty stuck. A bit of background, I perform locally and play at gigs in the hope to have a career in music/music business, and I have always been extremely conscious of the fact that when I am playing at venues there are lights shining on me and people often videoing or taking photos, and all I can think is that they are thinking about my skin. The thing that's really set me off these past couple of days is that I recently filmed with a group of people for a "live session" and the video went online yesterday evening, and all I can see in the video is my disgusting skin. It made me cry, and I felt like/still feel like I can't carry on doing things that involve people seeing my face like that while my skin is so terrible. My mum saw the state I was in over it and has booked another dermatologist appointment for me and is adamant that I get prescribed roaccutane to sort it out once and for all. I feel like she is right, but I'm terrified of the side effects still. I've been doing so much reading online about it and just came across this post. I would love it if you could try and help me make more of an informed decision on it. I'm sick of having my skin like this, and while I'm lucky not to have worse things to be on medicine for, I feel as though my skin is forcing me to be unhappy and roaccutane would have the power to stop that, I'm just a bit worried still.

  • declan05984 declan05984 Rafapk4

    Dude, I am 16 at he moment and roaccutane has been the best thing ever, it has clard away acne faster and better than any other products I tried. A few stats I was told before taking the drug: 1/1000 people can get a side effect of kidney damage, but if you get this side effect then your half way update wil show that you have this issue and then once you stop taking roaccutane your kidney will go back to normal. The worst side effects I am getting st the moment is dry lips and a nose bleed every now and then. Do it, its worth it

  • andy63507 andy63507 Rafapk4

    Hi there!

    i suffered from acne for 7 years without any medication working. I know exactly how horrible it can be. I think roaccutane is a little too strong a medication for you to go on if you haven't tried other medication. For girls birth control pills are particularly successful. You also sholdn't try to go on roaccutane as a 'fast' solution-it takes around 2 months for it to kick in and during those 2 months your skin can actually get worse. I would make sure you have tried topical medications (creams, gels etc.) and antibiotics as well as the pill, then discuss roaccutane with a doctor. The side effects can be horrid, my lips bled for a while, but if your acne is severe it is really successful at getting rid of it. I really hope this has helped. If there is one piece of advice I can give it's ignore the bullies and try to live your life. Looking back at the years I wasted upset about my skin and now I really dont care when other people have acne, I wish I'd got on with life! Best wishes to you x

  • kayleigh34942 kayleigh34942 Rafapk4

    I took roaccutane when i was 14, i would not recommend it...yes it worked but the side effects are not worth it, if you haven't tried other medications then try them first. I developed extreme dry skin and lips, muscle ache, depression, irregular periods. Some days I couldn't get out of bed because of the aches, pains and moods it gave me, if i knew what i know now i would not take it and find another way to treat the condition. As well as the side effects there was a lot of hassle with it such as having to go on the pill, take monthly pregnancy tests (even though i wasn't sexually active), monthly blood tests and seeing consultants every few weeks. The medication changed me as a person and 5 years down the line i still have side effects. My advice is go to the doctors and try other treatments first because roaccutane is a very strong medication and a lot of downsides that come with it, most doctors use roaccutane as a last resort which happened in my case as nothing else worked so they probably wouldn't put you on that straight away... I hope you find something that helps your skin but please think twice about this medication as it has different affects on everyone smile

    • sara 29294 sara 29294 kayleigh34942

      Hi there,

      I was wondering, if you wouldn't mind, explaining what you mean when you say that the medication changed you and that you still have side effects years later?

      I've had acne since I was 12, I'm now 27. I've literally been on every drug and cream available apart from roaccutane. It has been suggested to me many times over the years but I've always been too afraid of the side effects, paticularly depression as this is something I have suffered with in the past (about 10 years ago but the possibility still worries me).

      I would be willing to risk it if I thought that any side effects would disappear once the meds were discontinued but your post has given me second thoughts.

      Any help would be massively appreciated.

    • joey566 joey566 sara 29294

      Side effects from roaccutane dont stop once you stop taking them. Mine just got worse. I had never suffered with depression (neither had any family members) before and i was left suicidal. You are at a higher risk of depression if you have previously suffered with it before. It is not worth the risk trust me. No one ever explained the risks in detail to me and to make it worse I had a friend on roaccunate the exact same time as me. He had a success story and got his clear skin...I was left fighting depression for nearly 3 years. You canot guarentee your skin will become perfect or you will have a side effect such as depression. 

  • Jason245 Jason245 Rafapk4

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  • joey566 joey566 Rafapk4

    PLEASE dont take Roaccutane. It has ruined my life. I had skin like yourself,. probably less severe yet I was so self conscious. I started a course Oct 2011 and I didnt even know the risks of the medication I was so desperate to have clear skin. It was mentioned briefly about depression, yet the nurse said "it wont havppen to you". In Jan 2012 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I was in second year of uni and my life got turned upside down. I went from a sociable, outgoing person to an anti social, makig excuses just to be on my own. I had to take a variety of anti depressants to find a suitable one for me which all had their own side effects, so I ended up gaining 4 stone in 2 years! 

    I can completely understand you will do ANYTHING for clear skin but there are other options!! Try aromatherapy, reflexology.....

    In the UK there was a programme called "Dying for clear skin" whcich was all about Roaccutane. Yes there are "success stories" but you cannot guarentee this will be you. In US I know there are protests trying to stop this drug being made available and I've heard of families in the UK of those affected my suicide from Roaccutane trying to get it off the market. It does sound an easy option but believe me, it could have awful side effects. You may be one of the extremely lucky ones, I assumed I would be. 

    I spent over 2 years on anti depressants, having to see counselor, psychiatrist, yet "talking" therapies did nothing as my reason for being depressed was due to the medication! I can completely empathise with you about hating your skin, as even after taking Roaccunate for 2 months my skin is now even worse, yet I had to over come depression to realise I would rather have bad skin than a mental health illness. 

    Please just think very carefully about this. It is easy for those who have had a successful time with the medication and have clear skin now and I am really pleased for them as that was what I wanted. Yet I want to make it clear that not everyone has that success story. Trust me, your life and mental health is definitely not worth the risk!!!

  • kj2804 kj2804 Rafapk4


    I was like you, whilst everyone else seemed to have perfect clear skin and would complain about the tiniest 'under skin' spots, I would be there listening with big red, painful spots clearly visible and think "ugh you have no clue." I would get so frustrated with them as I had suffered from around 13 and by 17 my skin was getting worse, with boils being a big problem as well as acne on my back and face.

    I had tried face washes and the pill which didn't seem to have any affect over them, i tried prescribed roll on treatments, toothpaste, vinegar, and antibiotics to no success and my self confidence was at an all time low, seriously affecting my personal life in regards to relationships (seemingly important at the time).

    Anyway after being referred to a dermatologist i decided to try roaccutane, my mother was very concerned with the side effects and it worried me too but I got to the point where possibly stupidly I was willing to risk it! So i started roaccutane and ended up taking it for 6 months at quite a high dose for my weight and frame, however, apart from insanely dry peeling lips, very dry and red eyes (which people commented on thinking i was crying) and mild back pain it did eventually get rid of my acne and my skin has been clear mostly since then which is nearly a year! I still have light scarring on my face but I am very happy with the results, however I still get frequent painful boils which I know am seeking to treat. I would say if it is a risk you feel will benefit you then go for it, personally I am prone to not depression but bouts of low dark moods and suicidal thoughts but the treatment did not affect me in that way and I am mostly positive now after it! It is the only thing that has helped me but that doesn't mean it will help you and you've got to think if why you are wiling to do it is as important as it seems. Good luck with whatever you choose!!

  • marc78972 marc78972 Rafapk4

    I know it was awhile ago you posted your initial post. But ill add my two cents incase anyone in the future is looking for opinions on whether to head down the route of roaccutane.

    I'm 28 years old now, but started roaccutane at the age of 16. I'd suffered with moderate to severe acne all through high school, and had zero confidence in myself and hated looking in the mirror! I'd tried every pill, and cream my gp has prescribed me, non of which worked, plus every acne treatment you can buy in shops, and none of them did anything. I began using sunbeds to help, which did improve alittle, but luckily I had a referall to see a dermatologist at the hospital. Once I explained I was using sunbeds to try help they were not happy and prescribed me roaccutane there and then!

    I have not looked back since taking this! My skin is ridiculously clear and dare I say perfect now. I have confidence, walk around with my head held high, and now when people look, I'm not paranoid thinking there thinking terrible things about my skin and how ugly I am. Yes, the side affects aren't great. Dry skin, lips, and red face, but compared to a face full of acne, it was worth every second! They subside after you stop the medication. When I tell people I had terrible acne in my teens they never believe me, as my skin is so good now.

    I'm not saying any other person will have the same outcome and experience as me. But for someone who tried everything to help my skin and get my life back, it was worth it. In my eyes roaccutane is a miracle drug, and I can't thank the dermatologist who prescribed it me enough.

  • shannon18223 shannon18223 Rafapk4

    Hi I have also taken roacctuane for a while now. Although, the dryness and side affects only really affect you if you are on a high dosage. But if your mum doesn't want to use it maybe dry a gel called epidural. It works really well I sometimes get bad breakouts and then use it to help. I would try that with the cetaphill cleanser and moisturiser. As I found that was all that really worked for my skin. Hope this helps.

  • abshh abshh Rafapk4

    Hi, I know it's been ages since you posted this but I thought I would still give my experience.

    Ive suffered with moderate to bad acne since age 10, im now nearly 16 and back in January after long talks with my mum about it, decided roaccutane or isotretinoin was the way forward. I'm in my fourth month of roaccutane now and I am feeling the side effects such as dry skin, dry eyes and cracking lips. Up until month three I felt like it wasnt improving  at all and multiple times had very emotional breakdowns that I soothed by tucking into a big bag of jumbo pretzels(not advised but very yummy). At the end of month three the huge lumps that lay under my skin were not appearing as frequently and smaller spots were also less frequent. now that I am in my fourth month my dermatologist had put me onto 60mg tablets to take once everyday, my skin is super dry now and being a very self conscious and paranoid person it is very hard to put make up over it even when I have lots of moisturiser on. 

    If you are on roaccutane and suffer from extremely dry skin then I suggest the moisturiser Epaderma, it is prescribed by the dermatologist and is a very thick, greasy moisturiser to put on at night just before bed. It's helping my skin as it doesn't irritate or make my skin feel itchy as most others do.

    So far I don't regret my roaccutane and I really hope things are going to get better!!

    I hope this helps give someone an insight! cheesygrin

  • StuieG StuieG Rafapk4

    My late teenage years I had tried everything - mum sent me to a dermatologist and I went on Rocatane - best thing I ever did. Changed my life. It's easy when your older to say just ignore it and be confident, not so easy as a kid. 

    As someone who has lived with a person with depression - it's no joke, it's a terrible affliction. But I think 1 in 5 women will be affected by depression in their lives, I imagine those number are no worse with people who take Roacatane. I could also imagine years of terrible acne making you depressed... 

    Good luck. 

  • ana13042 ana13042 Rafapk4

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  • tim16763 tim16763 Rafapk4

    Do NOT take roaccutane!!! I took it for about 6 months and it worked, but i was depressed and tried to commit suicide twice! I stopped taking it and i was left with depression, and my suicidal thoughts and the acne came back. DO NOT TAKE ROACCUTANE!!!!


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