I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and blepharitis? Can someone help

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So all of this has been a real nightmare for me. It all started when I got my hair dyed and apparently got something in my eye. Next day I went to my physician who said I had a corneal abrasion and the next day I went to an eye doctor. She said she couldnt see the abrasion anymore and that those usually heal in less than two days. So out the door I went, then a few days later I started to get blurred vision from both eyes! My sister had a stye that same week that all this starting happening. I immediately went to an urgent clinic, crying etc because I thought I was going blind. So he said he could see inflammation, but dont remember if he said from my eyelids and under my eyes or actual eye ball. He prescribed some prednisone and antibiotics. I had really high hopes of getting better, but some days seemed better and others didnt. I started waking up with these crusty things on my eyelashes and I clean my eyes every morning and they seem to dissolve in this yellow looking thing. I made another appointment with my eye doctor and she said that everything in my eye looked fine except the crust on my eyelashes. I asked her if I was going blind and she said there werent any signs and that the inside of my eyes looked "perfect". She diagnosed me with conjuctivitis and blepharatis, but don't know why she diagnosed me with pink eye if my eyes aren't blood shot red or having discharge from it. The only symptoms I keep having is blurred vision that comes and goes, my eyes feel swollen, but I believe its my eyelids since my eyeballs don't have a pain that lasts for a long time.I'm really uncomfortable when I'm in class since it's a white board and somehow it reflects and causes my eyes to ugh . Any ideas? I'm so fed up and just want this nightmare to end. I've been crying everyday and thinking the worst and I so regret that day that I went to dye my hair and nothing would've have happened. 

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    I can't help but laugh a little, not from what is going on, but the way you are describing it . You aren't going blind.... but the Blepharitis does make your vision blurred most of the time. Before the cornea specialist diagnosed me with the blepharitis, my eye Dr treated me for 2 or 3 mos for Pink Eye . I stayed away from everybody ( I think my hubby enjoyed the time Haha)  But when it didn't get better she sent me to the cornea Dr and then he told me what it was and that I also had rosacea ! I never had been told that and I go regularly to the dermatologist for skin checks etc.  As I am writing to you now, my left eye is blurry-not the right one although he said I have it in both eyes and it doesn't ever go away but can be controlled. I do find that if I wear eye make-up which I have to, I am in trouble for a few days It makes it much worse.
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      Lol I know I seem a bit paranoid, but they are my eyes! What were your symptoms and how did you get it? The thing is I'm not taking any other medication or eye drops except for lubricating eye drops. She said to taper off all the medication the er doctor prescribed me. 
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      Also I'm getting this type of dandruff looking stuff in my eyebrows and in my lower lashes. I scratch it and more comes out and I cant even wear makeup. sad


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      You know, I had just purchased all new eye make-up face etc from lancome.  It seemed to happen a few days afterwards.  I have had reactions before to  a product used on my lashes before the mascara is applied . My eyes would water and  felt awful. I never purchased that product, but never thought any more about it until it happened again.  For 6 mos when it was really bad, I could not wear eye make-up,  I am not one who looks good either without it- It really has made my eyes look worn and always tired looking. 
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      Do you have any special routines for blepharitis? Is it normal to have better days than others? I was reading another forum about Wet Ones wipes and I want to try and see if that works. I feel disgusting since I look like I dont groom and my eyes look puffy like if I'm tired and my eyelids greasy 


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      I live in the state of VA.  I purchase the Wet Ones and use them once or twice a day on my lashes only and do not wipe off afterwards,  My Dr also told me to use Sustane Balance eyedrops  several times a day and especially before going to bed as I have dry eyes really bad.  That is another common thing for people who have blepharitis. The first few months I was more careful with cleaning my eyes.  When I get lazy, they get worse. I also use eye wipes about once a day but always wash it off afterwards.My bottom lid of the left eye is really the worse and looks real red most of the time.  I tried the warm compresses and even purchased one of the bags that go in the microwave but the first time I use it, I woke up the next morning with my eye completely red and a terrible headache (t lasted for about a week-really was awful sad
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      Do you suffer from pain also? Like right now I feel something in my eye, but can't seem to find anything. I'm so frustrated 
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      Hi ,

      I really know what you have been going thru , I have had blepharitis bouts for the last 3 years , always in right eye and always ending up with the same result.

      Basically my eye becomes red and swollen over about 3 days , i generally refuse to accept that it is happening again , i then head off to my opthalmologist (he is the number eye doctor in Australia) and Chairperson of the Eye Association , so I feel like im in good hands.

      I generally go on Flarex drops for 10 days my eye clears , it then deterioates into a sty forming and around 2 months later , i go into surgery for a general anaethestic and have the sty removed.

      I sometimes feel that i had no more areas on my lids for stys to form , i have had around 4 removed.

      As i sit here and type i am now going thru the cycle again 2nd day on Flarex and probably a stye and operation to look forward to.

      Im and 45 years old in very good health and live in Australia.

      I have tried everything possible and every recommendation that has ever been offered to me but still it comes back.

      Whilst scouring the internet last month , I made contact  with a Professor Stephanie Watson from the Sydney University. She is developing a drop that will actually treat the inflammation but also treat the blepharitis , this will be a world first for blepharitis sufferers as all drops only treat the symptons and not the cause.

      Not too sure how long it will be , they completed state one trials last year and as most universities around they world they are waiting on further funding before they can commence stage clinical trials. Apparently the early trials are nothing but sensational

      I will keep everyone posted and for all blepharitis sufferers I truly understand and appreciate what you are going thru


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      That would be wonderful to find a drop that would treat the blepharitis. When my eye flairs up really badly, the lower lashes are so tender and it hurts to even apply eyeliner. It is so puffy, irritated and red  and then my eye starts to water.  I know there are so many health conditions so much worse than this and really should not complain like I do, but it is just annoying.  Thanksfully I am in my 60's now and didn't have it at a younger age.
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    I have had very good luck with Lynda's suggestion about using Wet Ones.  They come in a read and white box and 0.3% benzethonium chloride is the active ingredient.  In the morning I do wet, warm c Hope this helps.ompresses on my eyes.  I then use the Wet Ones to wipe the base of eyelashes top and bottom.  I also wipe my eye brows. I use Selsun Blue shampoo and add an ounce of Tea Tree Oil to the bottle. I started with using the wipes 4 times a day and swa immediate results.  Within a month I cut back to twice a day.  It has now been 6 months and I still use the warm compresses and use the wipes when I feel any itching or I feel like something is in my eye. I put saline drops in my eye before using the wipes and I do not rinse them.  I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  I have had this problem for years and have gone to numerous doctors.  This has been the only treatment that has helped me.  It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and have eyes that are not red and swolle and tearing. I believe that blepharitis is caused by bacteria that live at the base of the lashes and eyebrows as well.  An added bonus is that my eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back.  They has gotten very thin.  Good luck to you.  I 
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    have gotten thin not hassmile


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      Sandra What is helping with eyebrows growing back ? Also Gabriella, I was told by Dr to use OccuSoft Plus Lid Scrubs daily on my eyes but that has to be rinsed thoroughly afterwards.  It gives much relief too ! 
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      I have used OccuSoft Lid Scrubs but the Wet Ones are the ones that stopped the blepharitis.  Once that was stopped my eyelashes and eyebrows started growing back.
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      Yes I'm losing my eyelashes! When I clean my eyes in the morning some of my eyelashes appear in the rag.


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