I wont even wean myself off with smaller dose to help with cold turkey withdrawals

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Hello I've been on mirtazapine for almost a year now I don't really remember when I started . I was put on this as a weight stimulate and also to help with my insomnia. I went from being 122 to 162 in a matter of months I was eating so much I didn't even realize the amount of weight i gained until I took a picture I finally saw what everybody else was calling me and saying to me : I saw how big I had gotten and hated it I stopped that same night . Ive been off for 3 weeks or 2 1/2 weeks Now. I started out taking 7.5 mg all the way to 45mg 45mg is the dose I was at before I went cold turkey th we withdrawal symptoms are THE WORST THING IVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE ID NOTICE AS I was driving I would think about crashing my car into a tree or just wanna to cs. It's days where I feel sooo low that I can't even begin to think about how Ima gonna survive to see the next day .. I've been very irritable emotional sad crying frustrated on top of that I've been severely paranoid. I can't sleep at night or be in the dark I have to sleep with my tv on and light on, that still don't help with the night mares and the overwhelming anxiety of thinking about the dark feel very vulnerable I'm not as guarded as I felt when I was taking mirtazapine I'm aware of everything now that I wasn't aware of before I'm seeing things good and bad hearing voices I just wanna disconnect myself from the whole world but I'm afraid of being in the house alone.. but I don't wanna be bothered with nobody either I just wanna be surrounded by someone but far away from them from their spiritual being.. I really don't know what to do.. I know that I don't ever wanna take this pill again not even to taper myself off smh

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    Sorry to hear you fuffering. You should not stop this med CT. Is  very dengerous. 45 mg is a very high dose. I would go back on it maybe on 15 mg and  slowly come off. But that just my opinion. I'm not a doctor I just had 2  unseccful attempt to come off this med. now I'm doing it very slow. 

    Good luck. Let us know how you doing

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    I'm really sorry to hear how you're doing. I wouldn't recommend coming off cold turkey. It may be that you're not on the right medication and it needs reviewed and you switched onto something else. Certainly it says if you have suicidal thoughts whilst taking it then to speak to your GP asap.

    Things can and will get better. As cheesy as it sounds, without the lows we can't experience and appreciate the highs. It sounds as though you're extremely low but please don't give up. Things will improve. As hard as it may be to vision right now.

    Please visit your GP to discuss your symptoms and how you're feeling

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    Sorry I wrote this hours ago and wi fi went funny.

    I think Eva is right, that was too much of a drop and a shock to your system.  I was only ever on 30mg which didnt suit me so I dropped to 15mg as I too put on about 20lbs and I hated it.  I have gradually tapered off to 3.75mg and the last couple of nights nothing.  I was hoping I would lose the weight after leaving them off for around 3 months apart from this negligible amount of 3.75 but it won't budge and got a horrible fat stomach.  I do wonder what else this drug does to one's organs.  I think maybe you should go onto 15mg or even 20mg if you have a pill cutter and then reduce down about three weeks at a time.

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      Hi Elainec, can I ask when did you stop 3.75 mg mirtazapine and did you had any withraw symtoms? I'm at 3.8 mg but scared to stop. planing to taper this 3.8 mg in one year. 

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      Hi Eva, I am in the UK, and you can get liquid to cut down, the only trouble is, they are reluctant to give you that, cos it is expensive, i went privately and got it, then you use a shringe to cut down even further, saves trying to cut a tablet...
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      Oh by the way Eva, yes you might get withdrawals, I did, and i am getting it now, but everyones different, I get very strong withdrawals, but that's me


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      It's hard to say really.  I don't think I have had any withdrawl effects on such a low dose.  The problem for me is that I have so many worries about my health and also really bad stress over a sick cat of all things that I tend to panic a bit and then go back to the 3.75mg but I really think that is more psychological.

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      Hi Hilary, I'm in Canada and try to come off this med 2x but got terrible withraw. Now I'm doing it very slow. I have a scale to measure the waight. Just came off 5 months ago clonozapem and still suffering from it. I never will take any pills in my life if I can get off of this med. anxiety and headache is terrible for 10 months now. Right now I'm on remeron 3.8 mg. 

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      Hi Elaine & everyone

      3.75mg can be too much for some people to jump from, maybe going right down to 0.5mg is kinder to your system - using the liquid it is easier, but for anyone wanting to make their own liquid follow the instructions.  Click on my name and follow the links under my status.

      WD can kick in around day 4 or maybe at 2 weeks, its a difficult drug to cope with in CT Afahnati, May I wish you all the very best.

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      Hi Eva, I have had the day from hell today, went private too a hospital in the UK, paid a lot of money, as i just wanted to get well, it all started  a year last August when i had delayed grieving, 2.5 years on, they tell me now that is the worse type of grieving ( My late Husband)... as there is a hugh waiting list for the counceling here, they put me on antidepressants, the first ones they gave me, Sertraline, had an interaction with my Levothyroxine, I was up the wall with anxiety, then they put me on Mirtazapine, that just made me sleep had anxiety all day and cried, started me off on 7.5ml for 2 weeks, then 15 ml for 5.5 weeks, so i cut down on them, probably too quick, went 6 weeks without, had withdral from hell, thinking at this stage i was going worse went on Fluoxetine for 10.5 weeks, went so much worse, put me on Diazapan to help me I was just shaking all the time, so decided to come off them, started to feel a little better, so decided to go into this Priate hospital, and they put me basck on Diazapam with mirtazapine, and said to me I wasn't on stroong enough last year, only on them 9 days and started to feel worse again, nopw 4 weeks on and still cutting down... how wrong are these people!!! I wasn't that bad a year last August, just wanted counceling, they have put my body and mind in a mess... for me AD's do not go with my thyroid, I have just taken an extra thyroxine and my body has calmed a little... does anyone know on average how long it will be before Mirt gets out of your system, when you havn't taken it for long... I so agree with you Eva....


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      Very sorry to hear all of this.  Sadly it has a familiar ring to it.  From June of last year I have paid out over £6000 in private medical fees for endocrinologists, all the scans etc. an endocrine surgeon and lastly another endocrinologist.  Apart from the latter, they are just as bad as NHS.  I believe that mirtazapine masked some horrible symptoms of thyroiditis last year.  Diazapam doesnt do a thing for me so I get the next one up bromazepam which I just take once or twice a week when things really get on top of me.  They cost a fortune of course and not legal either, the same with diazapam.   Too long to go into but again today, let down again with the NHS, first antibodies thyroid test was 1300 (which is 1240 over normal), went for a second one but GP forgot to ask for it with useless T4 and TSH (I say useless because they dont do T3) so last week I went for another antibodies, actually watched the nurse right in the request, phoned today, T4 and TSH came back "within the normal range", probably the most hated phrase for parathyroid and thyroid suffers but no antibodies.  Get a call this afternoon to say the antibodies must have got lost by the lab.  It's a good job I dont have high BP.

      ?Regarding your husband's death, I am sorry it will take time.  I lost my husband just before my daughter's fourth birthday.  I was in a horrible state but had to keep going for my daughter's sake and carry on renovating the house (I was living in Australia then).  I did see a psychiatrist but in those days they gave out benzodiazapines like sweets, hence the bromazepam which I took for 8 years until I came back to the U.K. and I voluntarily gave it up as it was hell to get off, worse than any anti depressants.  That is why I am so careful now and only take one or two a week just as a "treat" because they are the only thing that work.  You might not know it but Fluoxetine when it was given out so liberally a few years ago, actually had a support group for women in prison who had become violent and attacked their husbands.  I think most of the drugs are vile but good business for the greedy pharmaceutical companies.

      ?If you have managed without so far, well done.  I think that the stress is probably making your thyroid worse and one gets to a point where we dont know if the mental illness is making us feel physically ill, or the physical illness making us feel mentally ill.

      ?I dont know much about the withdrawal of mirtazapine, but I would imagine it would take a few weeks to get out of your system completely and in the meantime you dont know how it has affected you bodily.  I know I am a lot more irritable than I used to be before taking it, but I was really aggressive when they upped it to 30mg but when I said that, oh no, its anxiety and depression.  Everything is blamed on that.

      Take care I'm sure you will be okay.  It doesnt help with winter on the way does it?



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      it might be out of your system. diazepam should help with withdrawals. u can do a slow taper od mirth with a pill cutter u an cut tablets into 4 or or put in liquid and use a dropper after disolved. I read the rule of thumb on mirt taper is 10% even 2-3 wks. I take klonopin and ambient with mirt. there are other kinds of benzos. also beside diazepam. I put my klons under my tongue so they work quicker. it's a 12 hr med but takes an hr to help so I put me under my tongue to work faster. Idk if this helps but consider a slow taper instead instead of suffering so bad. my best regards moma s

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      Hi Calmer

      ?nice to see you around.  I wasn't meaning to misinform anyway.  When I saw the last endocrinologist, a decent one this time, and I told him about the mirtazapine, he laughed and said 3.75mg wasnt worth taking.  I personally found the wobbles I got were reducing from 15mg to 7.5mg and it lasted for a few days. Elaine x

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      Sounds like you are one of the so lucky one's Elaine.  How long have you been Mirt free now?  No symptoms at all, sleep ok?  

      Long may you be free from Mirt's grip of sedation and weight gain, all the very best.

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      Lol, I don't feel lucky, got so many other things to contend with healthwise.  I dont think I should ever have been put on them.  I kept telling them I didnt think they suited me.  I dont sleep well anyway with or without.  I took a 3.75mg the night before last as I am so strung up with NHS c*ck ups but mostly my beloved cat who takes precedence over everything at the moment.

      Is anyone else having problems with this site, apart from getting in trouble if you post links.  It sticks and stammers and makes weird noise plus those awful annoying adverts.  Now I have to type anything on notepad and then copy and paste.

      I just got back from the GP surgery but the GP took the 10 minute slot to take the third antibodies test which the lab lost the other day and before that GP forgot to put in a request.  Told me she is on holiday next week and to book an appointment with another GP.  I have so many things up with me that I have to write them letters now as I am mindful of the miserable GP in September of last year saying "youve seen three different gps this month".  Today was the first time I reluctantly went for an appointment!


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      P.S. Don't talk to me about weight gain, am still trying to get rid of the 1 stone and the horrible stomach!  I think I am stuck with that thanks to mirtazapine.  I was only on them for around 8 months and one of the side effects can be depressed bone marrow.  I think that was the clincher as I dont need that on top of severe osteoporosis.

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