IBS, colon Cancer Symptoms, etc. ?

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Since the starting of June to the first part of September I have been seeing my doctor for various reasons. The July to August one was about a persistent cough that wouldn't go away no matter what the doctors did or gave me so I ended up thinking I had lung cancer. The doctors though just chalked it down to being a cough that lingered after a cold, which they were right because by Sept the coughing stopped. Anyways I'm talking about this because I feel like it ties into my dilemma now. During those months I developed a dull ache/cramping feeling on my left side where my ribs are. It developed after a month into my coughing fits. On the other hand I was having bowel problems to. TMI but, I always had a gas problem when I was in school. I mean after every meal my stomach would be filled with gas that I couldn't let go due to the fact I was at school and even if I wasn't eating I would have gas. On top of that I experienced bright red blood found on my toilet paper off and on and anal discomfort/pain ( went to the doctor about that during the summer and she did find a fissure). Going on I experienced constipation during that summer and is still happening. Some days it is just a problem of straining others I could go two days without going. When I first noticed my constipation I looked at my stool and saw white spots all over it ( I did not examine it farther though). This continued until recently where it now has died down but my contstipation hasn't. I did talk to my doctor about this after my last examination for my lungs and she said I should start drinking more water and eating more fruit that had fiber in it since my current diet lacks both of these. I did try that but, of course it is a little hard for me to eat fruit everyday let alone drink water and not pop. Now though, on and off I have experienced days where I constantly go pee and it is clear. Today, which is making my panicking worse, I feel that pain in my rib again and some abdominal cramping (not sever to the point where it cripples me). This just came after a bad day on thursday where I drank coffee and ended up with diarrhea. I am also panicking cause the diarrhea was hard to push out but that could be due to the fact I pretty much held it in the whole day due to school? I do not think I feel bloated and I do not think I am losing weight. There does not seem to be blood on my stool or on toilet paper anymore. I am 17 years old turning 18 this month. My family does have a history of this cancer ( my grandma, I think my uncle but not to sure, and some of my moms cousins) so far no one in my generation. I am just really scared and worried at the same time right now. 

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    oh and about the gas it is now more in the form of a burp, meaning I am burping more often. But I do wake up sometimes with bad gas in the other form. So meaning I do not have the embarrssing noises I had throughout the day from my stomach now. 
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    Try not to stress you are so young the chances of your symptoms being anything too serious are so slim!  The more you stress the more heightened your cramps and gas will become, because and no doubt you'll be looking for symptoms.  I find that coffee aggravates my ibs so try to stay away from it if you can.  Honestly drinking water has really helped my ibs also so I would say drink as much as you can even if it's not the 8 glasses a day.  This should help get things moving good luck angel19629
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    I've worried about colon cancer since my symptoms started three years ago. It had got so bad ( the symptoms of all you describe minus the blood) that I paid a small fortune to see a professor of gastroenterology. 

    He sat with me for an hour and explained why he was 99% sure it wasn't cancer. He then went on to tell me that most of my symptoms were probably caused by anxiety over thoughts that I had something serious wrong. 

    He suggested I tried amytriptyline on a tiny dose, probiotic yoghurt and most importantly and I think could really work for you is linseeds. Now I'm not a fan of homeopathic stuff ( I'm a clinical nurse and for me a chemicals filled pill is all I believe in !). 

    I gave the yoghurt and linseed a try and after about a week it loosened by constipated stools and in turn I've noticed that when I go regularly and with out trouble my vowel is less grumpy. 

    It's not gone completely but now I'm not stressing as much it may be cancer combined with easing the constipation things are definetely improving. 

    Try the linseed a you can sprinkle on toast and jam, have in cereals anywhere really but they do help. 

    Good luck. 

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    Hi please try not to worry, as already said you are so young this is not likely to be anything grave. Before diagnosing IBS, a doctor should first have carried out a gluten test and other investigations such as an ultrasound, regardless of age. Your symptoms are very much like my own IBS, only my pain occurs on the right side! You must drink more water and if you cannot tolerate fruit then eat veg instead, I know it's hard especially if you are not keen on the taste, but it does help. Hard to fit in too but a raw carrot is easy for example to eat any time, and some fruits are less gassy than others, like melon and grapes My doc says you shouldn't have more than 3 a day not 5 for IBS but personally I cannot go to the loo unless I have 5. Good luck!
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    The cough can be to do with acid reflux and is often a side effect of such medications. The pains and coffee thing sounds like your gut flora is all imbalanced. The doctor cannot help you with this. All he can do is give you antibiotics to wipe it all out to start again - which is a terrible idea. You are far better off keeping the gut flora you already have and growing the good ones more so that they push out the bad.
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    Other symptoms I noticed is at the beginning of September my stools had white spots all over it. As the constipation gotten worse this has seemed to stop which is why I am worried this is more than ibs.
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      I just read everything and from what your telling me is that you have a tape worm or a parasite. The white specks on the stool is a sign along with the constipation. For it to be colon cancer you would have a dreadful pain on the upper right side of your abdomen (colon location) along with intense pain on the side. Your stool would be very bloody. So relax its a parasite. Most doctors cant detect this because its not common but they happen. I just found out right about now that I have some sort of parasite after a few days of odd constipation. I checked my small stool and I also saw these white sesame like spots. After researching I found out its actually a parasite. Normally colon cancer you wouldn't have white specks but other shades like Grey or very dark red or black. Although having a parasite for a long while can be an issue it can infect intestines over time and other parts of the body. So I hope you have checked yourself now since its been a year. But from all the symptoms you've state it does seem like a parasite. I might have gotten mines from my puppy (I normally kiss him in the mouth which I know its disgusting but he is freaking cute) but that also means he may have some worm going on also.
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    Hi I have the same symptoms the doctor's just told me to eat more fiber and drink water and eat fruits and have a bland diet I have been doing this but it's pritty much the same they told me I have IBS and acid reflux and said thats why I have a cogh but I just don't know I can't help thinking it's something else havd you found any thing out?

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