IBS or something more sinister? Anxious.. help please?

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I'm 29 and have suffered IBS for a while but its normally just a day of being on the loo after eating something that my stomach doesn't look or if I'm anxious.

For over 2 weeks now I have had frequent loose stools (I started with a pain in the upper centre of my stomach but that seems to have eased slightly), I'm going up to 5+ times a day even though I am barely eating, loss of appetite, nausea and stomach cramps.

I went to the GP who pretty much shrugged me off and said its likely to be either a stomach bug(?), IBS or anxiety. He's sending me for an ultrasound for gallstones which even he says he doubts it will be.

Its really getting me massively down now as its been over 2 weeks and I'm scared to leave the house.. I just want to be able to and want to want to eat a full meal! And I'm fed up of constantly needing the toilet and not having  normal bowel movements. 2 people my age have recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer so that is always in the back of my mind.

Anyone else have similar experiences to this, or have any advice?

Thank you.

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    Well as you know diarrhea is a symptom.... it can be simply a upset tummy... yes it can..try to use over the counter medication like immodium and see if it helps....

    And think positive... its most likely nothing serious...

    It can be your ibs shooting at you....and anxiety can cause indigestion and even diarrhea...

    Stay calm my friend and smile

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      Thank you :-) I’ve just never had anything like this last so long and with 2 people I know been diagnosed with bowel cancer recently it’s just really worrying me! x
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    Sounds more like an IBS flare up.  The more you worry, the worse your symptoms will be. IBS pain can move about all over your abdomen.  Try Imodium for the loose stools and that will help.  Try a food diary to see if you have an unknown food trigger.  Have you eaten anything you would not normally eat?  Have you had any stress recently?

    Remember, although two people you know have been diagnosed with bowel cancer at 29, this is still very rare and doesn’t necessarily apply to you.

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      Thank you Pippa. Can an IBS flare up last over 2 weeks straight though, and would it cause loss of appetite? I literally don't fancy any food, I'm eating the smallest portions and still don't feel hungry. I aren't eating much to say it can be caused by food if you know what I mean. I have had some stress lately with my cousin being diagnosed with cancer and a few other things.

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      IBS flare ups can last for hours, days, weeks or months.  My first flare up lasted three and a half months.  Continuous stess will keep fuelling your symptoms.  Your revent bout of stress would tie in with your flare up.  IBS can cause lack of appetite too.  Stress itself can also cause loss of appetite.
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      When you say you had it for 3 and a half months.. did you have symptoms every day? It just seems so abnormal for me if you know what I mean.
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      I had symptoms every day for three and a half months until my IBS diagnosis.  After this, my symtoms changed and I started to have come and go symptoms with long remissions. Sometimes food can seem unappetising with IBS.  Symptoms can change with IBS for better or worse.  It is often dependant on stress levels and or food.  Everyone is different. Sometimes I get pain without bowel habit change, or bowel habit change and no pain or both of these symptoms together.
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      Pippa forgive me..but how did it changed? I mean when they diagnosed you with IBS....then did you take any medication or what would you say improved your condition?
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      I started taking Buscopan for the pain and oranges to help my constipation.  Both of which helped enormously.  But in the main, the relief of being diagnosed with a non threatening condition that could be treated took away my health anxiety.  Once I felt more relaxed, my symptoms began to subside and I don’t have to take Buscopan so often.


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      Did the buscopan helped you immediately or after few days regular dosage?

      Thank you for answer

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      I’ve tried buscopan and mebeverine but nothing helps :-( and I just feel like the doctors aren’t interested?
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      It helped within fifteen minutes of taking it.
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      Thanks...that must have been such a relief i imagine.. 3 months and then pill that helps you in 15 min.... amazing

      I have still bleeding gastritis....and cant get over it... today i tried a panfried fresh trout i caught.... with courgette..with tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil...and my guts are almost talking to me.... i mean cramps and bloating present... no pain...but just indigestion....

      Getting of the omeprazole this week on Wednesday.... so hopefully it will improve

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      The bleeding was an expression i am not bleeding..sorry for confusion there
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      I was initially put on Mebeverine while waiting to be diagnosed. However, they disagreed with me so I switched to Buscopan because it helped my brother’s IBS.

      Fried and oily foods can be a gastritis trigger; maybe try grilling the fish instead.  Sometimes omeprazole can cause bloating.

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