Implant & Weight Gain.. Help???

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I'm 24 and I am on my second Contraseptive Implant the first implant i had for 3 years never really caused any trouble I was stilll energetic,I manintianed a healthy weight and my mood swings were managebale... until the last few months, i expected this though as the implant was due to be renewed.

So I thought getting the implant for a second time would be a piece of cake (mmmm cake!)....Boy was I wrong!!!!!!

I had my second implant inserted 4 1/2 months ago and since then I have gained 24lb (10.8KG) no matter how much exercise or healthy eating i do the weight will not shift! I am constantly tired, my skin in spotty and dry, My sex drive...pfffft! what sex drive?? my hair is thining, my mood swings are ridiculous and because of this i hate myself.

I find it astonishing that such a small thing can make such an impact on my life.

I have been to the doctors and had a full MOT everything else internally is fine (apart from my weight) so my GP & I have both agreed that it is best that the impant be removed as it's the only possible cause of all of this..

How long will it take to get back to normal & lose weight once the implant is removed?

Has anyone else suffered with these side effects?

Will this weight ever go away (of course i will work hard)?

Am I a crazy chick?

Thanks in advance for any advice xxx

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    Sounds like it has messed up you thyroid function
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      I know I thought exactly the same but i went to my gp and had some bloods taken in connection with Hypothyroidism and they came back all good, it's so frustrating as i know there is something not right with me =( the sooner the implant is out and i can focus on getting myself back to full health the better. x
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      Below are article extracts and a link that you might find usful confused.

      "Symptoms of Low Thyroid

      The most common is fatigue.

      Skin can become dry, cold, rough and scaly.

      Hair becomes coarse, brittle and grows slowly or may fall out excessively.

      Sensitivity to cold with feelings of being chilly in rooms of normal temperature.

      Difficult for a person to sweat and their perspiration may be decreased or even absent even during heavy exercise and hot weather.

      Constipation that is resistant to magnesium supplementation and other mild laxatives is also another common symptom.

      Difficulty in losing weight despite rigid adherence to a low grain diet seems to be a common finding especially in women.

      Depression and muscle weakness are other common symptoms.


      Thyroid function tests have always presented doctors with difficulties in their interpretation. Laboratory testing is often misleading due to the complexity and inherent shortcomings of the tests themselves. Many doctors not having an adequate understanding of what the test results mean, will often make incorrect assumptions based on them or interpret them too strictly. A narrow interpretation of thyroid function testing leads to many people not being treated for subclinical hypothyroidism.



      Hope this helps

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    i feel the same hun. gained 2 stone despite going to weight wathers for 2 years.

    not happy at 13st 7lb. especially at 5ft 1 in.

    i am having mine removed today. lets hope the weight starts to come back off. unfortunately it wont be quick enough for me

    good luck with your weight loss


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      Hi girls after reading all your posts it seems I may have the same thing !

      I have hyperthyroidism anyways

      But in December I had a second implant in and within 4 months I have gained a stone and no matter what I do I can't shift the weight I am usually the sort of person that eats like a dustbin and never gain a pound but right now I weigh the same as when I did 9 months pregnant !! I have also got bad anxiety now of which I have to take happy tablets as I call them , do you girls think this could be the implant ??

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      My weight gain was definitely because of the implant. Anyway I've taken it out and it's been a month. I'm not putting on any more weight any more (I was putting on like a pound a week/2 and was frustrating!!) but I've not lost any weight either. Slowly getting back to my old self. I feel less bloated and my mood swings have gone so a plus so far :D

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      I get mine taken out on Thursday this week wink so hopeing the get the old me back to what ever that may be and hope the weight comes off as it's really getting me down I feel like a beast lol

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      Well I have had mine removed for about 6 months now and I am still the same size I at least thought I was gonna lose something I'm still the same size 😞 I really regret getting it I have very low self esteem now.

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      Yeah I read all these reviews online saying that people lost weight straight after removing the implant but I didn't sad I've started a t25 workout programme though and that's definitely helping. I've still not come on my periods though and it's been 40 days to be exact. How long did it take you to start your period after the implant? Not sure if I should be worried about it at this stage.

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      My cycle actually came on the same day and it's been on track since then.

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      Had it out Thursday so going to weigh myself on Thursday this week but so far so good as all my bloating has gone smile and my stomach already appears a lot smaller!

      I'll post the results when I weigh myself

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    I find it so fustrating! I have had the implant in for 11 months and I gained 1 and a half stone within 6 weeks of having it in and it is really getting to my self esteem. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week; eat half the amount I used to and it won't shift. I went to the clinic yesterday and they don't want to take it out based purely on weight gain as their is 'no evidence' that the two are related. Hit a wall a bit because the weight wont budge. So I definitely understand your fustration as it is the same story regarding weight gain with nearly every other person I know who has the implant. A couple of my friends had it out and lost masses of weight within weeks.
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      Hey char. I've had mine in since June last year after baby number 3. I was loosing weight during my pregnancy and once giving birth was in 12/14 within weeks of having implant went to 16/18. I went back said not linked. I've been bleeding since November now on the pill as well as implant to try and stop it before they remove it. I wanted it out there and then they said no try this. I have been on a strict diet for last 4 weeks. And not shifted 1lb. I had a bad diet take aways most nights fizzy drinks weight stayed the same. Went on such a health kick and weight still the same. And sex my husband has forgotten what that is. sad xx

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