Infection....I'm worried :(

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Sorry, I just have to sound off a bit. I am 4 weeks post op and my knee is really hot, swollen and painful. So what's new?!?  Well, I have been diagnosed with a superficial wound infection sad My GP has started me on 500mg Flucsoxacillin x 4 daily for a week, and hopes this will do the trick. 

I am terrified that the infection will get deeper into the knee.....I gather then that the replacement has to be taken out, infection cleared and then done again. Help!!!! Has anyone else had this superficial would infection, and lived to tell the tale? Please???

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    I have read of several people on here having an infection and taking antibiotics.  They came thru that well.  


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      Thank you Pam smile It's one more worry I can do without, but I hope it's been caught in time.....I had to go back to the surgery three times before my own GP finally saw it and started the ABs. 

      I've got my first physio session tomorrow so I'm hoping a) she identifies a problem if there is one and b) that the physio can go ahead

      Oh heck......

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    OH, poor you. Of course you're worried. That's what we do! Get you meds into you. Keep your wound clean, wash your hands, wash your hands! Do you have a dressing on it? You should be fine but watch it. Be careful at physio for germs etc. It's foolish to say try not to worry, but I think you'll be fine. Stress is hard on the healing. I'd keep it covered with a sterile bandage while at physio. Good luck ank keep us nformed. 
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      thanks so much Anne for such good advice. I have to say I have never in my life washed my hands so much....and I've been obsessive about clean sheets and clothes etc. Ironic therefore that this should happen....but on the other hand, I have had a lot of other health issues to contend with as well...

      can I ask you a question? What kind of sterile bandage would you suggest? I'd go into the pharmacy and ask but that gives my hubby yet another job, driving me there !

      thanks again x

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      Just some plain long ones. Stick a bit of tape on it to keep it covered. But if the wound is all healed it's just precautionary. When I came home from the hosp they gave me some to change. You seem to be doing everything you can to cut down on infections, so just keep it up. You will be fine. 
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      Thanks Anne for this. Will have to go to pharmacy anyway so will get the appropriate thing! Nothing seems to be provided, goodness knows what happens to people with less support ....

      Also thanks for the pep talk, I will try to stay positive! smile x

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    I got an infection at 5 weeks in my scar, put on antibiotics for a week and fine now...9 weeks now. My gp got in touch with consultant after giving me the antibiotic for him to check which he did and was happy it was just in my scar. He checked it again 2 weeks later and feels i have had a very bad reaction to dissolving stitches. I am all fine now.

    Just drink plenty and rest and if you get a temperature or feel fluey get in touch with gp again. Keep us posted and hope you feel better soon x

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      Thank you thank you Sue for this very reassuring reply smile I'm pleased all has worked out well for you x

      My GP hasn't so far as I know contacted the consultant or hospital. Did you actually go and see the consultant or did he offer advice on the basis of the GP's report? It worries me a bit that it seems so hard to get to see a specialist. If things don't improve in the next week I guess that might be the next step though.

      I also had my outpatient 6 week follow up appointment come through today. It's actually for seven weeks (ie three weeks from now) but that's better than I'd expected as the hospital is overwhelmed with work.

      once again, thanks, and great to hear from someone who came through okay x


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      I saw my gp on a tues, who said if no improvement in 48 hours to get in touch with him again. On the Thurs my temp had gone up to 39 and I was achey and miserable, I rang my gp who told me to come down, I saw a different gp this time who when he saw me immediately rang hospital and consultant got in touch with me and arranged to see me on the Fri. Hope you feel better on ab's. Keep me posted please x
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      Thanks Sue

      So, if I don't feel it's any better by tomorrow, I'll get in touch with the surgery again. Poor man was fighting emergencies all over the place (even someone  who had collapsed in the car park and he stayed with them until an amulance arrived), so maybe he simply forgot to give me the 'come back if....' advice.

      Sounds like you had a really excellent response from the medics and your experience does give me a bit of a benchmark to go in.

      Will certainly keep you posted x

      Many thanks again x

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    So sorry to hear about all your side affects from your tkr..  Have not experienced any of this, so can only blow healing prayers your way.  If u have questions or concerns ask ask ask. If doc not available ask to speak to a nurse or staff member. Sorry, all I can offer. Hang in there n believe things will get better 🍀
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    I hope and pray that it's not deep . They found mine when I was in so much pain and Hot . They had to drain it as soon as he did he said I know what the trouble is and he was right . But some only get it on the skin and yes keep it very clean . I really hope your feeling better soon . Ice , rest , talk to the doctor if your worried . 

    Just try not to worrie I just wanted to let you know things can happen . 


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      Thanks Deb smile I hope you're okay now? What was the problem, did they say? Was the draining difficult and was that all they did? ( Not sure I want to know the answer to that......but I need to, I think)

      How were your symptoms different from the usual swelling and heat that everyone on here reports???

      Thanks a million x

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