Infection, tried quite a few antibiotics to no avail, prescribed Cipro

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Hello I have had prostatitis or some sort of infection "down there" for months now, and tried all sorts of antibiotics. Amoxicillin, bactrim, doxycycline, rocephin. They all showed slight improvement at first but then the infection came back full swing.

I recently went to a urologist who prescribed Cipro. I've taken it twice, but my prescription is for 30 days, once a day. I have shown marked improvement in the infection/pain. More so than any of the other treatments.

At the same time, I came across all this data online about tenden rupture, toxicity, retinal detachment, and loads of other scary side effects. I feel OK, but I've only taken two so far. I'm afraid to take more, but it is the only medication that has shown real improvement so far.

I am going back to my doctor tomorrow to ask for a different antibiotic that is safer. Is there any reason why this particular antibiotic seems to be working and not the others? Are there other antibiotics that fight similar bacteria that I haven't tried that aren't in the class of these scary flouride antibiotics!?

Also, in your humble opinion, if I have taken 2 pills so far and noticed no side effects, only improvement, is it safe to stay on cipro and finish the course?

Would appreciate any advice.

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    I can only find horror stories online about this medication. Is there anyone out there who has taken a months supply and everything is fine? I have been struggling with this infection for months now.
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      Hi, James,

      I’m so happy to see that Miriam has joined the discussion. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to quinolones (Cipro is one of the quinolone family).

      My previous message was a little short as I was out of time. I am quite prepared to share my “Cipro” experiences with you, if you agree to this. Please let me know.

      Warm regards,



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    Hi, James,

    I think you have gone about this the right way. Give your doctor a list of all the antbiotics you have tried without success; he or she may be able to suggest some that you have not yet tried. Like all these encounters, there are those who are affected very badly and there are those who seem to thrive on the stuff.

    The down side is that there are cases where symptoms and warning signs do not show until months have gone by since the medication was stopped. This gives one no chance to back out before damage is done.

    I'm not medically qualified to give you specific advice other than to tell you that  I have just begun to take defensive steps after identifying the first signs of trouble from my use of Cipro, prescribed in good faith.

    Perhaps we can keep in touch until you develop a firm plan of action.

    I hope you find a way out of this unfortunate situation.

    Warm regards, Alan.


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    Hi James, Alan is right, you're doing the right thing.  There are many scary stories - and also many more people who don't realise that their long-term fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue etc was caused by Cipro because doctors don't realise that symptoms may not kick in for some months.  It's all to do with how Cipro and the other fluoroquinolones kill bacterial DNA and also damage human mitochondrial DNA - it can takes months for the damage to manifest itself.  Many people can happily take 3 or 4 courses (maybe more) then one more pill just tips the balance and you're in a world of pain.

    You say it's 'some sort of infection'.  Has a doctor ever found out whether it actually IS an infection or are they all just guessing?  I ask because a paper was written a few years ago saying that a lot of men's stress manifests as pelvic pain which then gets diagnosed as 'suspected' prostatitis.  There are a series of exercises that sorted the pain problem for over half the men on the trial.  Many men find they are suffering from terrible pain and even disability when they didn't even have an infection in the first place.

    I am not saying all this to scare you further, I'm simply stating facts and confirming what you have found out yourself.  I would say never take any more of the Cipro or any other fluoroquinolone and always ask for an alternative.  Actually, the fact that you've already tried so many alternatives makes me think your problem isn't an infection!

    There is a discussion on here started by the moderator which gives links to useful addresses (I can't give them):

    Both you and Alan should find out all you can about this terrible group of drugs.  You may also be interested to know that the European Medical Agency have started a review of them to bring us in line with the US.  The FDA announced last year that the warnings on packets will be strengthened and that their use for some infections will be restricted as "the risks outweigh the benefits".  Take this seriously and be glad that you stopped after two. I know many people who are very ill and/or disabled after taking this drug.

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    It is definitely not safe; you should stop it immediately.  If I had been told this years ago, I would not be wishing for my death every single day.
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      Hi Nabur, you sound like you were hit pretty badly.  Are you in a support group?  Which country are you in - there are several groups who can give you support and advice, some addresses are in the link that I gave in the post above.
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      Hi Icecool, sorry to hear that.  Have you joined a group for advice and support?  The link I gave in my post to James (about 4 posts up!) leads to a discussion on FQs and the first post gives links to different groups (US and UK).  This is hard to get over alone - many others have been here before you and can give advice and support.
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      No problem!  The link leads to a post by the moderator as us mere mortals aren't allowed to give links  -this is the only one I can give.  The addresses as for support groups in the US and UK plus about reporting side effects via the Yellow Card system  If you report things than MHRA will know - if you don't, they don't get any idea of how bad these drugs are so my advice is to always report it and also update it if things change or get worse.

      Read the discussion under the link to find out useful stuff about FQs

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      Hi Miriam

      ​I will join the appropriate groups listed by EMIS Moderator also Report this to the MHRA and my GP and pharmacist, hospital consyultants as an  adverse reaction .

      I am truly shocked as to why this toxic substance is allowed to be prescribed. Truly shocked.  I have severe tendonitis, housebound plus other side effects thanks to cipro in particular. Like many others I was prescfribed a steroid of five days duration at the same time. I wish I knew then what I now  know about thid dreadful failed chemotherapy drug. Did you know the macrolides and some other antibiotics are as unsafe?

      Sorry tto kep going on about it but.....

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      Hi Ice,

      I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier.  You sound like you've been doing some reading about it - that's good, as the more you know the better equipped you are to deal with it.  I'm very pleased that you've sent in a Yellow Card - it's a poor system that isn't very well known or understood amongst doctors let alone patients! 

      It's a good idea to write and inform your GP and pharmacist as well, they really don't know how widespread this problem is.

      Good luck with joining some groups, I'm sure you'll find out a lot plus get advice and support.  Perhaps mention that you found out about them here as these forums are read in both the UK and the US (and everywhere else!).

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      Hi again

      ​I have explained about the fluoroquinolones time and time again to various doctors including very senior consultants and politivcians in the hope of the message getting through eventually.

      Most drs etc now appear to take me seriously but it has been a hard task.I have producd unequivocal evidence from mvarious reputable sources to substantiate the damage that fluoroqunolones do.

      As you know the FDA have now issued a black box warning.

      However having said that I understand that new fluoroquinolonesare being manufactured and marrketed despite several having to be withdrawn!!

      I constantly inform and remind my own family and friends etc about these dangerous antibiotics.

      However there is ample evdence out there to confirm what I am saying .

      I do not understand how they can manufacture new fluoroquiniolones in the knwledge that they are so dangerous.

      All I can say that everyone should research every drug that is prescrubed for them or indeed any otc drugs as well.

      In conclusion I can only tellmpeople about this then it is up to them to make their own mind up also to research any and every drug prescribed or bought otc.

      It is so frightening but somehow we as patients have to survive.

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