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Hidi Hi Campers!

Most of this week has been tough regarding sleep. I just cant seem to nod off - infact I am rather awake! :shock: I lay there for ages trying my hardest to 1) get comfy (Fibromyalgia) and 2) sleep. For example last night I was still laid in bed AWAKE at 3.50am! :shock: Only to awake at 7.00am. I haven't even had an afternoon sleep. It seems as though my body refuses to rest and I really need to. Even if I sit quietly reading a book or watching TV the insomnia is still there in the evening. I had an hours kip on the sofa yesterday and woke up in agony! Tonight I am meeting some girlfriends from the stables so I am going to have a little tipple to see if that works ( Any excuse!)

Anyone else suffering with insomnia at the min?

Donna x

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    Hi Donna

    I was going to start a post about sleep but you beat me too it!

    You are not going to like this but I am going to brag :ok:

    Do you know what time I slept till yesterday (Friday) ?!

    10am :zzz: :sleepy:

    I had a full 12 hours sleep, out like a light and no weird dreams :shock:

    I had no headache or kaleidoscope lights. In fact, dare I say it, I felt normal (or what passes for normal for me!) :o

    In fact, Ally came to check I was not dead cos she was up before me :whistle:

    I then spent all day trying not to do too much cos I had some energy. :run: Saving energy for my hols :star:

    If only I could work out what I did differently on Thursday I would do it again :twisted:

    It was not even a Mogadon overdose! Could have been the reflexology.

    Anyway I was awake before 7 again this morning (Sat) which I would have classed as a lie in last week! :wink:

    Usually the more tired I feel the harder it is to sleep. :evil:

    Dale xxx

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    Hi there guys and gals

    Reflexology really can help sleep - I used to go regularly years ago (originally went for insomnia :zzz: ) and nearly always slept well on the night of the session ( reflexology, that is :oops: )

    I have actually been sleeping like a log lately (but still with the weirdest of dreams :weird: ) and consequently have been feeling better all round.

    Anything to do with the magnetic band that I have been wearing for the last month I wonder??????

    Or maybe just a coincidence :?

    Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine.

    Katie xx smile

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    The jury's still out here on that one Katie, I am afraid. I have found as many negative reports as positive ones on the Q Link so I'm not sure if I am willing to invest so much money in it. :roll:

    I sleep on and off but I don't get more that 3 -4 hours at a time. Sometimes I cannot get back to sleep after waking in the early hours for ages.

    Last night my little dog had me up at 2 am because he was restless. I think it was the het and he didn't have a proper walk yesterday so he was not tired.

    I had him running round the rec (him running, not me) at 7.30 this morning whilst it was still cool to make sure he had some proper exercise. :roll:

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    Well I went out for a few - Yeah 3am I arrived home :oops:

    I was 10 sheets to the wind and full of beans! :bubbly: Hence when I got into bed I laid there W I D E awake. :shock: When the room is swaying this is not very nice! :hangover:

    However, at around 4.50am I dropped off and continued my night out with friends :diva: - or so it seemed. The dream I had was SO real that when I woke at 9.00am I felt like I hadnt been to bed. :shock:

    I am starting to get VERY fed up with the lack of sleep because although I feel to be well in myself (ish) I caanot get any sleep and know that it will come back and bite me on my bum!


    p.s I am going to rack my brain and see if I can identify what may have triggered this episode of insomnia

    Donna x

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    Hi Donna smile

    I think if I were in your position, I would seriously think about asking my GP to prescribe some 'sleepers' just to be used occasionally. They are always loathe to prescribe them because they seem to think that we are all going to become addicted. Used sensibly, they can be of great help and often break the episodes of insomnia.

    I always have a supply of Nitrazepam (used to be called Mogadon), and if I have several really poor nights then I resort to taking a 5mg dose which usually does the trick. You need to find a drug that suits you, but there are loads on the market - though obviously your GP would have to be prepared to prescribe them.

    I think a decent nights' sleep is absolutly essential for the sanity and well being (or should I say well-ish :roll: ) for any sufferer of ME, and particularly for you with your work load.

    As a fellow nurse, I'm sure Dale would agree that a 'sleeper' every now and then is not going to hurt - it need only be a tiny dose - you can find what suits you.

    Maybe worth a try, Donna.

    Katie xx smile

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    I have found that the herbal 'Nytol' does work for me, however it made no difference to my son so that is another matter for trial and error but wouldn't hurt to try. :roll:
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    Hi Folks,

    I too am having a terrible time sleeping, i can normally fall over easy enough but i wake up alot during the night and sometimes can take a while to get back to sleep sad as a result i am shattered. sad

    Before ME i never had any problems sleeping :zzz:

    With the nice hot weather yesterday i had a few too many :bubbly: It reminded me why i can't have more than a couple . I woke up at 4am for the loo and i felt so dizzy and staggery and was still awake at 6am and the room was spinning :cdouble: :ill: When i eventually got up at 9am i felt rough. :ill:

    I told my doctor about the erratic sleeping pattern but she never offrred anything :roll:

    Since returning from holiday i have felt awful sad Very achey, i think i have fibromyalgia but doc not commiting herself.

    I feel now when i go to see her she just writes me a sickline. I want help to get back on track not stay off work sad

    Although, i have my appt in for the homeopathic hospital on Sept 9th. It's called the Wellness Enhancement Clinic and it offers programmes, so hopefully it will help. smile Will keep you posted.



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    Hi guys

    I am due to see mt GP next week so I will mention it then. Unitl then I am continuing to have dreadful nights of sleep! Last night it was at 3 o'clock ish when I dropped off only to wake not long after!

    The quality of sleep is poor in itself I seem to be getting to the dream stage and remaining there. My dreams are so real that as preivoulsy mentioned in another posting I have to look at people in a differnt light. It is so unfreshing and at this very moment in time I feel I am ready for my bed but know once I get there I will take a while to get to sleep. I have previously used Lavender which helped but to no avail throughout this episode.

    MY Fibromyalgia is still here so gettin comfy in bed is a hassle in itself and hindering my sleep. I really could cry with sheer frustration

    Donna x

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    Yes Katie, I agree that the occasional sleeping tablet does no harm. :zzz:

    Most GPs seem reluctant to prescribe them cos they can be addictive :weird: I think you will need to ask for them rather than wait to be offered Donna :wink:

    I have tried Temazepam which was ineffective, Zimovane which seemed to aggrevate the ME but I have found Nitrazepam to be the best. It gives you a really good deep sleep. :magic:

    However, it is quite an old fashioned medicine and my GP was reluctant to prescribe it until I had tried some others. I used to "borrow" my Mums, so thats how I knew they worked :oops:

    It really does make a big difference if you get a good sleep. What I do is take one if I am extra exhausted and ratty :twisted: or if I know I have a busy day I need to get through :whistle:

    Taking a supply to Florida :ok:

    I know what you mean about the dreams!! Sometimes I am so sure that something I dreamt is real :P

    I once dreamt Allys dad was being human but I knew that was not for real :devil:

    Dale xxx

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    They don't give me any side effects, Alicia - in fact, when I wake up - they give me a bit of a 'high' :wink:

    But I only use them occasionally as they are in short supply!

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    Alicia, they leave me a bit woozy but that passes. It is a better feeling than the headache and lights I get with the ME when I am feeling bad.

    Like you Katie, I have to ration them cos my GP is not too happy about me having them but she is prepared to trust that I will be sensible with them :roll:

    Dale xxx

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    i dont know if this is a good thing but this sympton (insomnia) is my biggest and hardest sympton from my illness, theres nothing worse for me than to be wide awake during the lonely boring night for hrs on end, day after day, week after week and month after month, oh, and year after year, sometimes i wonder how ive kept my mind blaah blahh blindygly blong :? :? :? :?

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    Hi everyone

    Today I have had a really busy day. :oops: (thats me sweating) The physio came to my daughters pony so I had to help out! I am sat here at 11.42pm and not one ounce of me wants to go to bed. I was exactly the same last night. I slept with my daughter in her room last night to give my hubbie a break but I still laid there til all hours wide awake. :shock: When I did wake up I was in pain...again.

    I really dont know how I am coping without any sleep or true rest!

    How much are coffins nowadays :lol:

    Donna x

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    Hi donna,

    Me too, its 3;20 am and after the day ive had i though id be out like a light, but no im sitting here watching telly feeling rarther wide eyed and awake, :roll: even thinking of putting a film on :shock:

    oh well, as for coffins, im a chippy by trade, if i made you one now, by the time you would need it, it would be full of wood worm :D and a vintage (so would cost you alot more) :wink:

    take care

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