Insomnia After 4 Weeks On Mirt 30mg

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Hi All,

Having been on 30mg for 4 weeks now I'm starting to get insomnia. I haven't slept more than a few hopurs in the last 4 days and am beginning to get concerned about this as mirt is supposed to help you sleep. Has anyone else experienced this effect?

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    I never this problem with mirt in the early days my problen was trying to wake up insomnia was never an issue

    Go see your doc

    Sorry cant be more help

    Take care

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    Hi sorry to hear you are getting insomnia. I don't know much about mirtazapine as only been on them for 10 days. I was put on them to help sleep as well as depression but as yet I've not managed to sleep for more than a few hours but I believe I may be suffering from withdrawal from sertraline.

    Has the mirtazapine helped with other symptoms?

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      Like all AD's mirt does make you feel a bit lower to start with or it did for me. Yes it works for depression but 30mg is leaving me feeling a bit too washed out and not motivated to do anything at the moment. I've no anxiety but just feel low in mood and lacking in energy.
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    Hi Staz, yes mirt should help ysleep. Did you have insomnia before starting on it? If so, it could be pooping out. Mirt is well known for that. But for me, it lasted almost four years before it stopped working and made my insomnia worse. 


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      Hi Evergreen.

      I'm glad to see you are doing well. Yes I did due to the anxiety. I've slept reasonably will since being on the mirt and it has helped the anxiety but the last 4 nights I've really struggled to sleep which is a pain as I'm due back to work on Monday. I still feel very low and lethargic which doesn't seem to be improving after a month at 30mg. When I first started at 15mg i slept well and within days my mood improved. I don't think the step up to 30mg has done me any good at all.

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      Why not try 15mg tonight and see if that's better?
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      I think I'm going to drop to 22.5 for a few days Evergreen. Then to 15mg should that go well.
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      Hi Staz

      A lot of people complain that going up to 30 doesn't work for them, you seem to be one of them sad    I think you're right to drop down gradually, I would stay at 22.5mg for 10 days if poss - see if you get a reaction before going down any further, that way you'll be able to control any symptoms better.

      You might even find that you're fine at 22.5, and if not the ony way is down hey ?  Hope it works out for you.

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      Hi Calmer,

      I hope you are well.

      Just been to the docs and his solution is to up my dose from 30mg to 45mg. However, today I'm feeling the best I've done in weeks and even fixed my fence and cleared all the autumn leaves up from my garden. I'm going to stick with 22.5 for a few days and see what happens. I did sleep better last night also but that could have been down to the 2 glasses of wine I had. No wine tonight so this will be the acid test for the insomnia.

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      Glad to hear you slept better last night - I managed a better nights sleep too but like you I put it down to the wine I drank (a little more as I had 4 glasses as we went out for a meal and ran into some friends). I am tempted to buy a bottle tonight to see if I can get another night of sleep (still only 4 hours) tonight. My doctor is normally in on fridays but he wasn;t today and I was offered an appointment with the most unsympathetic doctor who my husband has just named as part of a complaint against the surgery and hospital (long story!) so I decided I'd wait till Monday to see my normal doctor x


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      Hi Staz

      Yes thanks, doing fine on my withdrawal.

      30 mg and you get insomnia, and the doctor advises to go to 45 mg hmmm ... not sure about the logic there are you?

      So you take the Mirt 30 minutes before bed, or maybe an hour, for best results to help sleep.  Don't be tempted to drop further yet, I would stay there ... lets hope you sleep well tonight too smile  

      Today the fence, tomorrow could be interesting then !

      Best wishes.

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      Hi ssk1.

      Thanks and I'm pleased you got some rest and sounds like you had a good evening out as well.

      Insomnia is a known side effect of mirt for a minority of people. Most it zonks them right out as it did with me initially at 15mg but now I think i'm one of the minority. You may be as well so discuss with your good GP Monday. Every surgery seems to have an idiot btw.

      Wishing you and your husband all the best,


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      Hi Calmer,

      Glad to here you are well.

      The logic didn't seem right to me either as the higher the dose the less sedating mirt is.

      I take the mirt about an hour before bed and I'm going to stick to the 22.5mg again tonight. The half life of mirt is 20-40 hours so by tomorrow evening the dose should have stabilised in my system as that would be the 48 hour mark. If I'm going to get problems they might start to show  after this.

      Unfortunately my rush of activity today made me offer to clean my wifes car tomorrow. I've just been up to the garage to look at it and I think she may have been using it to plough some fieldsrolleyes

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      I did mean hear not here doh!
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      Thanks Staz - it's good to know somebody else is having the same problems with mirt as everyone else seems to have been knocked out straight away by it. 

      Our idiot doctor managed to miss the fact that my husband has chronic appendicitus (can't spell it!), a magnesium deficiency from the pills he put him on for no apparent reason and then told him the nasty cough he had was COPD although they had already found a nodule in his lung which no on bothered to tell us about and is in fact cancer! But according to the doctor all my husband was suffering from was drinking too much!! Therefore I don't have a lot of trust in any doctors at the moment - mine seems better and does follow up on everything but it's helping me far more at the moment to listen to others on here.

      Hope the new dosage conitnues to work well for you x


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      I'll report in tomorrow ssk1.

      take care.

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      Last word on your nonsensical doctor, someone should tell him/her that for some (minority) the higher doses of Mirt can cause great restlessness and hence less sleep.  Also worth noting ... for some eating chocolate/sweets whilst on Mirt' can have the same reaction - especially RLS, restless leg syndrome, twitchy legs to you and I lol.  

      Day 4 is a common one to see a reaction when lowering doses, less likely 2 weeks.  When withdrawing waiting 2 weeks for any reaction is advisable, to see how you go, but you're not ready for that yet.

      Offering to clean the car, now that's what I call having a good day, obviously feeling better, brownie points await hopefully !  Good luck.



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