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Internal shaking


I’m 7 months into having glandular fever and like everyone on here. It’s been full of ups and downs. I’ve found by changing my diet, no,gluten, diary and refined sugar has helped.

 I’m also having acupuncture which has been amazing a real eye opening - it’s helped with achey joints and mind set.

The fatigue is horrendous,  1 1/2 ago I was running marathons so I’m

A little frustrated. 

One thing that I’ve found tricky is internal shaking - the only way I can describe it is I feel like my nervous system needs to be reset - gets especially worse when I’m hormonal - does anyone else get like this.  Think we just worry that it’s something else.

I just wanted to say thank you for reading this.


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  • catherine34136

    Hey Catherine,

    Thanks for sharing your story, really do empathise having been through the virus over 10 years ago and experienced the same ups and downs myself. It took me about 10 months to see a real turning point, so I just want you to know there is hope and recovery still will come - after 7-8 months I thought it never would but it definitely will. I was like you, used to do long distance running and thought I would never get back to that, but I did get back to it - it took a bit of time but let me reassure you that full health does return after this and I do believe you won't have to go through another spell like this 7 months, that will be by far the worst you will experience and the next 7 months will be a cake walk compared to that. But recovery takes time often so just go slow and remember you WILL get there - 100% I believe that thanks to God.

    I used to worry it was something else too, the virus does that too you because it goes on so long and causes so many symptoms. Just checking in with the doc and getting bloods done used to reassure me a bit, although it was frustrating because I just couldn't explain or understand why I wasn't getting better - but it was just the virus Catherine and it most like is with you too. Hang in there and you will get better.

    Taking vitamins and herbs really helped me - a good strong multi vitamin per day, Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), B complex (great for soothing nervous system and energy levels), and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng and echincea. Evening primrose oil and co-enzyme q10 also great for nervous system and energy levels. The tremors will settle, I've had that kind of thing before with nasty viruses, it can be common and really hoping it will settle soon.

    Thinking of you and hang in there Catherine - you are going to get through this and make a full recovery, I truly believe that having been there myself and went through the same ups and downs and emotions.


    • craig07920

      Thank you so much for your kind and reassuring words Craig it certainly means a lot to me.  I think it’s one of the most powerful things reading a success story - we are all a bigger picture and someone has always walked the same journey we have.

      I’m taking loads of vitamins and eating a whole food diet - I’ve found that helps. I’m currently working with an amazing acupuncturist and going to discuss herbs next week.

      Did you see a specialist about your herbs or just order them online?

      Thank you so much for your support and aiming to have a lovely slow jog in the near future - it’s something I miss massively but found yoga and mediation helps.

      I’ve been a bit of a tourist on this site but aim to get more involved 

      Kind regards and happy healing everyone x

    • catherine34136

      Hey Catherine,

      Thanks for the kind words, I just know how frustrating this virus is and want you and everyone on here to be better. I do believe that you will get there, it's just so frustrating the length of time it takes for many. Glad to hear that the acupuncture is helping, finding something that works with you and sticking with it really makes a difference. One alternative therapy that has worked for me for many conditions, including sciatica and other pain, is Bowen Therapy - I am convinced it can be helpful in mono too and definitely worth looking into and giving a try - it's very gentle and non-evasive, totally safe and can do no harm.

      I just got herbs mainly from shops that sell them or online as you say. I did see a herbalist too and that could be worth a try too if there is someone with a good reputation.

      Hang in there and good to keep an eye on the forum here as soon great people on here with some good advice and encouragemnet.

      Good to hear from you Mono too and hoping things are settled for you and your family at the moment - goodness knows you deserve some respite for what you've been through!


    • craig07920

      Thank you Craig, I really appreciate it. I've never heard of Bowen Therapy​ - will defiantly look into it. I am absolutely loving alterative therapy, I've just had a really helpful hypnosis session today, and it's great to keep a balanced mind and helps you keep in control. 


  • catherine34136

    Hi Catherine,

    I had this too, it is a horrible feeling, It eventually went away,

  • catherine34136

    Hi Catherine,

    I'm glad you are doing better. It looks like you have been very proactive and it has really helped for the better.

    I can really attest to the power of acupuncture! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and PCOS/endometriosis about 10 years ago. After all kinds of tests and seeing doctor after doctor, I finally found my osteopath and the acupuncture treatments really turned my life around! It's a shame it isn't covered by insurance. sad 

    And yes, I have had the internal trembling you describe. And it is definitely worse when I am tired.

    I too have improved my diet and been taking lots of supplements, and feel like I've really turned the corner (at least for now). I am about 4 months in.

    I hope you continue to feel better! Keep up the good work. 

    • phacelia

      Sorry for the late reply, I've just had 3 days at work so a little shattered. I'm so pleased to hear that you have managed to find something that helps your symptoms, It's fascinating how this ancient method can help such medical mystery. I am all for holistic treatment now and defiantly think that diet and controlled exercise helps.

      ​Here is to another improved 4 months, there is only one way to go now which is having good health and recovery.

  • catherine34136

    Hey Catherine. I too am at 7.5 months in. And yes I get the interval shaking too. Not all the time but it comes in bouts. 

    That’s great about your diet! I’m on a paleo type diet and it does help with energy. 

    The relapses are the worst. I look forward to the day I can go for a run or swim at the pool! 

    • lisa29739

      Hey everyone,

      That's great to hear that things are going in the right direction for you Phacelia and that osteopath and acupuncture are helping. Glad that the alternative therapies helping you also Catherine. It's definitely worth trying these things and different things work for different folks, sometimes there can just be a nugget you find in these therapies that really makes a different. Yes Catherine definitely do look into Bowen Therapy, it's less widely practiced in the UK and USA and more so in Australia, but there are plenty of practitioners in the UK here too and have found it helpful in many ways.

      Mono I know you've been through such a tough time, still thinking about you and believing you and your daughter will definitely get there - glad things have improved for your granddaughter - the day will come when all your family will be free from this horrible virus, it really will Mono I truly believe that 100% even if it's hard to see right now.

      Thinking of you too LIsa, I know it's been such a tough 7.5 months for you, totally believing in your recovery too without any doubt - that day when you can go for a run or swim will come again - remember don't push things too soon though, it's hard to be patient I know (especially after such a long time). God's working through and will get you back there, so don't worry about a thing (hard as it is I know).


  • catherine34136

    Hi Catherine,

    I am about 9-11 months in (not sure what to count as my "start date"wink and I also experience the internal shaking that you are describing. Has it improved at all since your post? What are your other remaining symptoms? 

    (That is SO impressive that you have run marathons btw! I had actually started training for my first marathon just a couple of months before I got sick, so didn't get very far on those plans. That's ok though, at this point I would be grateful just to be able to do hot Yoga again =) )

    • isabelle54481

      Hi Isabelle,

      Just wondering how you are doing? I am 5 months into EBV and still have neuro symptoms that are really troubling....dizziness, leg and arm weakness, body tingling (esp one hand), insomnia, neck pain....I know you had some of these symptoms over the course of your mono journey. I want to get back to yoga too but am feeling so discouraged. sad I hope you are well on your way to recovery. 


    • kikisan

      Hoping that Isabelle is well too her words have been such a great source of help and comfort to me, thinking about you Isabelle still and remember you will get there. 

      Same for you Kiki trusting God to pull you through it’s so hard I know but this won’t last forever it really won’t and you will be amazed at how well your boy recovers from this virus despite it being so severe at the time.  Hang in there and thinking of you today. Praying for blessings and healing in your life and peace. 



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