Into 8th week: nausea, fatigue and abdominal cramps

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I'm into my 8th week and still having nausea, weakness/fatigue, cramps/abdominal pain, headaches, and a feeling that it will never stop. I woke this morning feeling quite sick. I am a little better now after taking Phenergan. If I stay on my feet for very long I just about give out. Anyone else still having these symptoms after this long?

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    Unfortunately, many people have this torture sometimes for many months. If you jumped off the drug too soon, which, if I recall, you did, you are more apt to have this lengthy withdrawal. So sorry you are still suffering, David. Best wishes to you.
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      Thank you Kathy. I keep having thoughts that I should be better, and that this is coming from some other health problem. I am a little scared (anxious) about this as I am in my 8th week and still feel awful at times. Thanks Again, David
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      It's normal to have those thoughts, and anxiety when you feel so horrible, but, trust me when I tell you others have felt the same. There is just not a set time limit. Some recover quicker and others linger quite awhile before they start to feel better. I hope you begin to improve very soon, David, as I know you have suffered long.
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      It is very kind of you to take the time to help others through something as painful and complex as this is turning out to be. I have seen posts that tell you to get exercise to help to get over this, but it is all that I can do to walk around the house or go out to get the mail without having to lay down and rest. I am a retired fire chief, 31.5 years service, and have been very health concious during my life, I guess one thing that is hard to deal with is that I have seen so many people who were sick and having similar symptoms, and they had life threatening diseases. Thanks again, David
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      Move when you can. Walking is excellent. So, do it when you are able to. Try for a little each day and you may be able to increase.

      It's just not fair that you have to go through this. Thank you for all your years of service. You should be enjoying life, now. Someday soon, that will return and you will be all the stronger for it.

      The withdrawals are as bad as some bad diseases, but remember, they ARE withdrawals from this nasty, nasty drug. Hope I have helped in some small way. Have you tried propranolol to help with symptoms? It is a beta blocker that a lot of folks say helps because it blocks adreneline.

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      Kathy, I am on Atenolol, and have been for years. I take it for rapid heartbeats and hypertension. That has been another problem. I have had to increase the dose temporarily due to the increased B/P and heart rate from the withdrawal. Thanks for the suggestion. And, you HAVE helped more than you know. It is helpful to have someone to talk to who knows what you are going through. No matter how much someone may want to help, this is one thing that experience is the only source of wisdom. Thank you so much, Kathy. David
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      I wonder if the propranolol or another beta blocker would be of more benefit to you?

      So glad I have helped, even if in a small way. May the sun find its way back into your life very soon. Hugs,, Kathy

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      The doctor tried 2 other bete blockers, don't recall the names as it has been quite a few years ago, and the Atenolol worked best at the time. And, I'll take a hug anytime! David
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    Hi David

    Can I ask ..1.what do you suffer from AND 2.what drugs/meds do you take AND were you feeling (mind and body) before taking Mirtazapine?

    Regards n best wishes!

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      I started on Mirtazapine over 7 years ago, and at the time, I only had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The IBS was chronic/severe at times and caused the depression. Since then, I have low thyroid, atrial tachycardia, hypertension, GERD. Meds are Ativan, Synthroid, Atenolol, Flecainide, Vitamin D, Lipitor. Other than the IBS, I was very active and felt good most of the time. I was a rescue SCUBA diver, and enjoyed hunting and fishing. That pretty much does it.
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      Hi David, thought I would share my current experience with mirt, have been taking it for three and a half years, although I was on it a long time I never really got on with it, the higher doses used to give me horrendous stomach problems and I was told constantly by the doctors that it was nothing to do with the mirt. I am now withdrawing from mirt after two failed attempts over the years. I have made it down to 15 and although the withdrawal symptoms are horrendous, my stomach pain has completely disappeared. I new the mirt was the cause but no Dr would accept it. Unfortunately the body gets used to these drugs the longer we are on them and when we try to come off the body doesn't want to let go, wishing you well
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      Hi David ...thanks for sharing...

      Seems evident that you have several health conditions ...either stand alone OR interlinking. In my opinion ( humble and no-medically qualified) I think its harder for a person to identify with certainty the effects of one type of meds has on the body ( and moreover the mind) as its difficult to know what's being caused or isn't being caused by X, Y and Z.

      I think therefore its vital you keep a diary/record of how you're feeling and when exactly your taking X, Y,Z meds.

      Close monitoring will not only better identify what adjustments need to be made to nullify/reduce the problems you've reported having:

      i.e. .."nausea, weakness/fatigue, cramps/abdominal pain, headaches, and a feeling that it will never stop. I woke this morning feeling quite sick"...


      Will prove a useful historical log when say for example you choose to reduce/ween off Mirtazapine (as I and a number of others on here have done or wish to do or are desperately trying to do).


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      Sorry David I forgot to mention that I weened myself off Mirtazapine recenrly using a slow but relatively quick 'slow reducing dose' approach. I was prepared and accepted that I would experience 'some' WITHDRAWAL (which I did but which wasn't as bad I don't think as say CRAIG'S experiences).

      Anyway, re. your [nausea, weakness/fatigue, cramps/abdominal pain, headaches, and a feeling that it will never stop] ...with the exception of cramps/abdominal pain ...I ALSO EXPERIENCED WHAT YOU ARE/DID. Small consolation I know ...and no one can walk in your shoes ..BUT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

      Please do your best to take care of yourself...

      Best wishes and peace!

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      Thank you, Karl. I expected to have this happen. I was told by my doctor and pharmacist that it should take about a month, and it is going on 2. This forum's members sharing, and replying to posts, is what has helped me keep my head straight and take the pain with the knowledge that it will get better, as others have had the same issues. Regards, David
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      David ...believe it or not, your posts are helping others too. We are not alone!

      Hopefully things will ease off for you very soon. Sincerely hope so.

      Best wishes ....and a good peaceful day/night to you!

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      God bless you Karl, and everyone else who takes the time to be a part of this venue for helping others, others who in most cases are in torment with no where to turn for valid information! Godspeed to all of you, David

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