Irritating & insipid instructions for chronic pain.

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Don’t you hate it when the able-bodied try to encourage you with cliches that no longer apply to chronic pain patients?

The one that irritates me most is, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. or, "the power of positive thinking" ... Here's one of my favorites

just keep moving and be "Mindful" of your tolerances.

It makes me want to reply, “Really? I’m dreaming that you would feel my pain”.

What at are some of the irritating response you receive from those who do not suffer from chronic pain? And what do you tell them?

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    Hi hope4cure, 

    mine is "try gentle exercise and work within your limits." My limits used to be competitive contact sports. Now I'm lucky if I can get out of bed and dressed without help. Grrrfrown 

    another is your pain will feel worse if your mood is low, but conversely chronic pain makes you feel low. So which is it? Kind of a chicken and egg scenario 😳 

    i can't wait to see what others will post, great question. 

    Gentle hugs xx

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      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you you for taking time to help out with ideas to help cope . Some days it's harder than others . Pacing is important. 

      I have those days too just getting out of bed is tough! 

      Yes I agree when I am down and no exercising even a short walk I have to move and if I don't the results are I become a bit negative. Which doesn't help my mood. The chicken egg thing is just keep movin no matter what it takes. Good theory comparison.

      What gets me is getting change out of my curled arthritic hand to give to the cashier. I have had instances where the cashier grabs my sore wrist then dumps all the change from my hand into theirs and get the change needed for the purchase and throws what's left over back at me. Mainly because I held the line up.  

      Vey difficult tell these people how rude they are. If they knew the efforts it takes just to get to the store.I simply say thank you so much for your help and then I get a dirty look in return. YIKES. 

      Crazy rushed lives some people live. Slow down and smell the roses.

      They will have medical issues some day too.

      Gentle Hugs back at ya! Xxx


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    Hiya hooe4cure, when having hirrid symptoms,  I guess the common one was 'you'll be right' ...this is what I do now....I don't allow any comments to get at me..I have had plenty over the years..but I've learned that its really not good for me to take them on board now..many years of it once, I come to realize that no one would ever say anything like that, if they really I used to just well, they don't know my pain..over the many years if .I just pretend I have oil all over my back and allow those  comments to roll down my  back, under my feet and stamp on them...where they belong...there not mine, so I don't wear them....hate to think what I would be like if I had to worry about that blessed hopec4cure, have a lovely day.:-) xxx
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      Hello Christine,

      Thankx so much for you advice. That is a wonderful attitude. There are just some times I just want to scream. I would never do what some have done to me and other who have been treated poorly in public. I think we'll mabe they are impatient and rude but we too who live in chronic pain don't know what is going on in their lives. 

      Times have definately changed most most are impatient and rude. What happened to just being polite?

      Hope you are doing well today . And have many good days ahead!

      Many healing blessings sent your way . 

      HOPE xxx

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      Hiya hope4cure, just reading back my post to!! How on earth you understood that..sooo many typos..grr.....yes times have certainly changed alright, but some things never change..there is always someone out there to be nasty...but your right, we don't know why they are like that....beautiful day here today..25 degrees Celsius and very very sunny, a lovely winters's blessed hope4cure...:-) xxxx
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    I feel your pain hope. I don't discuss it with anyone anymore because it is too frustrating. Even my husband who says he gets it doesn't really. Most of us hide our pain & trudge along as best as we can never letting on just how much of an effort it is to get through the day. Thank God we can vent to each other. Until fibromyalgia becomes common place like diabetes no one will know what we go through each & every day. Don't give up the fight!
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      Agree there Casper, no one will ever know the pain we go through for sure. .that's why I had to make a decided not to allow others thoughts to bother me..until they get a day of Fibro pain..etc...which will probably not happen, hope so anyway....they will never understand hey? Once it's more  known about,  people will wonder how we ever blessed..have a lovely day..where do you it's unusual to get posts in here this time if day..I'm in Australia..:-) xxx
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      Hi Casper,

      I really get the hubby thing. Sometimes I feel so ignored. Most of my family members are so involved in their own struggles it's hard to bother  or burden them with my issues. Especially when I do need their help at times. 

      I remember when I was always in so much pain with arthritis years ago the docs would say well there's nothing I can do for that. The past few years have really changed and there are more meds on the market to help. 

      Even when a rhumey 10 years ago told me there is no such thing as Fibromyalgia. It's just a catch all name for something they could't find any reason for. Now they understand it and my rhumey has helped me with meds. Some help and others I have bad reactions to.

      Your right this is a fight and I will fight the good fight as we all try to do every day.

      Hope you have many good days ahead. 


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      I always wanted to some day see Australia. So much history and so many things to see. I never dreamed that when I retired I would no be able to travel.

      thank goodness for the internet I have seen many amazing things in Australia. It a beautiful country. 

      I live on the west coast in the U.S. 

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      Yeah!, no what you mean about travelling..I hate taking planes niw, but we have an overnight ferry trips on a beautiful ferry to the mainland..that's about it for me now....when We were younger and bringing up 3 girls we often camped..lovely days to beautiful we can afford to go anywhere we like...grrr...STOP...but yes I'm happy staying in Australua it's very beautiful..we have been to a Daydream Uskand a couple of times ....lovely place...everything done for you...absolutely beautiful-snorkelling  on the Great Barrier  Reef......awesome beaches....etc...I am originally from the UK..immigrated here as a child, now that's  a place with a heap of history...we are only about 250 years old....interesting enough..but not like the blessed hope4cure, have a lovely day...:-) xxx 
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      Will do, my brother and his family -wife and son...have been there so has my mum...they had a huge camper and went all over the US for few months..

      they absolutely loved it there also Collarado...:-) xx will google it

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