Is anyone in the world still taking Dosulepin??

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I was wondering if anyone can help me here? I have been taking the tricyclic antidepressant dosulepin for the past 12 years. Last year I started reading stuff on the internet about it causing heart problems for people and that it wasn't being prescribed anymore. My doctor had never mentioned this to me. But I was worried so I went to my doctor to ask if I should change to another newer pill. She said she thought it was a good idea and switched me onto mirtazapine. To cut a long story short my anxiety and depression rocketed and I thought I was going to die so after a month I had no choice but to go back on dosulepin again. I had deteriorated so much that it literally took 4 months before I started to feel in any way well again.

Anyway I have now been back on dosulepin for 5 months and I know that I will have to take it for the rest of my life as it is the only drug that can help me. But I am starting to worry about the fact that NOONE seems to be prescribed it nowadays and everything on the internet seems to relate to how dangerous it is. I am frightened that I am on a drug that might give me a heart attack.

The doctor says I can have an EGC to check my heart but even if it comes back ok I think I will still worry about the fact that I have to take it daily for ever.

Please is there anyone on here that Is on dosulepin or another of the tricyclic's and if so do you have any information on the associated heart risks?

Thank you


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    Hiya Lisa

    sorry never heard of it....i am on mitazapine 30mg and 40mg of propananol for panic and anxity have a word with your phamasist they seem to know more about drugs than most g.p's i've found... if the drug was that unsafe it would of been took off the market or you would of been offered regular heart check up's if there was any doubts about it.....take care x

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      My doctor told me it is dangerous and that it is being taken off the market, but slowly otherwise there would be loads of us going nuts! I have regular check ups and my heart rate is rising, especially in hot weather. I have to stay indoors when it's hot and on advice eat loads of salt, as my blood pressure has dropped a lot. My next appointment with the psychiatrist isn't until 21 June. I'm 67 and once I turned 65 I was passed to the 'older people's' care. Nobody seems to want to treat older folk though. This will be the third change of psychiatrist in two years and every time we have to start again!  It's got to the point on Dosulepin where I can only clean one room and have to rest for half an hour. It's frustrating to say the least. I'm hoping there will be a suitable alternative medication. I completely agree about the pharmacist. My doctor recently put me on a medication which, with Dosulepin, freaked the pharmacist out and she strongly advised me not to take them. Quite scary really. I really wish everyone on Dosulepin the best of luck xx

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      My dad has been taking Dosulepin since he was in his 30's (now 87) with no problems. I took it for 15 years then slowly came off it. Since then I have tried 5 different antidepressants none of which have worked. Now back on dosulipin and fine again.

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      Hi ann

      I take this for anxiety and depression i took to my bed and stayed there for 3 months.

      I tryed many others but this was the only one that worked. Ive been on it over 15 years.

      I take 25mg am and 75mg pm

      I was on 225mg but ive managed to get it down.

      I really think i could not manage with out it now.

      I do plan to try an come off the morning dose in the future.

      Good luck.

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      I am anxious with low mood and agitated, feeling anti social etc.  Been on mirtazapine three years and got nowhere, now gp has suggested this to try to buck me up.  Would you recommend it against the modern ssris which give me trouble. 
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      How did you drop from 225mg Prothiaden to 75mg.

      Ive been on 225mg for a long time but ive dropped 75mg and now take 150mg a night.

      Its only been just over a week but i was wandering if there is a better way of reducing/coming off the tablets.

      My plan without advice is to drop 75mg to 150mg until stable, maybe about 4 weeks.

      Then drop a further 75mg from 150mg to 75mg until stable and then drop 25mg at a time (every month) and see if i can come off.

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      Hi Bilal

      I just did it very slowly over several weeks. Using 25mg capsules.

      I just can't seem to get it down any more. At the moment,

      I have a lot going on in my life.

      I will try again In the future.

      I do worry they are not giving them out to new patients any more because of the side effects. My Gp has never given me a blood test. I am going to ask on my next visit.

      You always need a back up plan.

      I'm not sure if I will always need an antidepressant, If and when i do come off them.

      My back up plan is venaflaxin on my Gp's advice.

      Good luck.

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      HI Lesley

      Its always difficult to come off or cut down when you have a lot going on. ive been on 225mg for years....ive now decided to cut down although its not the best time for me but 225mg makes me feel doped during the day, not alert, weakness, fatigue etc.

      i came off Diazepam from 30mg to 10mg few years back so i know i can do it......going through withdrawal symptoms.

      i'd be happy to reach 75mg and then reduce slowly.

      They dont prescribe it anymore not because of the side effects but because its a very old drug and theres a lot of new alternatives plus younger doctors would prescribe the newer drugs not focusing or knowing much about old drugs which are now hardly prescribed.

      Prothiaden took me through some very rough times with depression so im thankfull for that, no regrets but now i dont like the way i feel and decided to at least drop to 75mg and see how i feel.

      Every individual is different so it depends how much you can tolerate the withdrawal symptoms when cutting down.

      i dont have a back up plan......I hope i dont need one.

      ive been on anti depressants since 21, Im now 43.

      What is your age, how long have you been on them ?

      Thanks for your reply, I thought the forum would be dead....Lol.

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      Hi I'm 51

      I've been on them for over 20 years for depression my gp at the time tried 4 others which made me so unwell.

      I was really bad for about 3 months.

      I have learnt now when I'm low and i try to manage some of it myself, with exercise gardening an me time.



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    Hi Lisa, I've just joined the forum because this morning 30 May I've been to pick up my repeat prescription for Dosulepin and the chemist has told me it is no long available except in 25mg capsules and they are likely to run out!  I have been taking it for almost 20 years without any particular side effects and no recurrance of the condition I started taking it for.

    Luckily I have an appointment next week with my GP so I can discuss it with her. You would think the doctors would know if a particular medicine was being discontinued, your question as to 'is anyone else in the world taking it' is yes and yes, my husband has been taking it for over 12 years successfully for migraine, again no side effects.

    I am really worried now as I don't see how you can suddenly go from one type to another.  I once was given Prozac, it was horrendous, I only took about a weeks worth, I can't describe how I felt.  

    So you are not alone, but that's not much consolation to either of us.


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      Hi tiawhitecat,

      I'm really sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to this.  I didn't know that I had another reply until now as karmaqueen replied today.

      Anyway thats not important.  I'm really anxious to know what your doctor said to you when you went to your appointment the following week?  As just last week the exact same thing happened to me.  I went to pick up my repeat prescription and i was told that there was manufacturing problem with the 75mg tablets I didn't get too worked up about it because i was told that there was no problem with the 25 mg capsules so i could take 6 of them instead.  i'm worried that if they are stopping the 75mg then they might stop the 25mg too. 

      I like yourself have been on dosulepin for a long time (13 years) and i know it is the only pill for me.  When i tried mirtazipine i thought i was going to die i felt so bad.

      Please reply and let me know what your doctor said.  i am going to ask a chemist tomorrow if they are aware of any problems with the production and i have looked on the internet and there is no talk of it being taken off the market.

      Anyway i really hope that you are okay - and your husband too.

      take care,



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      Hi Lisa362, I am so sorry I never replied to you, my only excuse is part of the reason I take antidepressants is due to me being sole carer for my 86 year old mother, I am an only child and we don't have children.  She came to live with us 2 years ago, our plan is to remove to a house to suit us all, my husband as well.  Cut a long story short it has been a disaster and my nerves are in streds.

      I am actually going to see my mum's GP with her today, same practice as mine, and I am going to ask if there has been any change on the Dosulepin situation.  I have had no trouble getting them in 25s so far but I have to take 5 at a time and I am hopeless at swallowing meds so it is very time consuming!

      I have read through the rest of your conversation, so far as I know there is no chance of them being withdrawn completely but my GP wasn't at all forthcoming about why the 75s have been taken off prescription.

      This morning I have been doing a bit of Googling and found this site _______

      This suggests you can still get them, going to take a copy of the page to the GP as well.  

      I also have a very limited supply of diazepam for sleeping but this past 2 weeks have been horrendous one way or another so I am going to have to 'beg' for more.  I only get the 2mg ones but often have to take 2 or 3 for any effect.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the link as it was to a site unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

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      Am replying to myself as I am sorry to say my GP has told me on Tuesday that Dosulepin is no longer being prescribed to new patients and all patients on it are going to have to start looking for an alternative as the 25mg capsules are to be withdrawn but she didn't have a timescale!  She has given me a prescription for 2 months and we have agreed I will try to reduce my dose slowly.  I take 125mg at night.  She has also said I can space the dose out over the day as I find taking tablets difficult at the best of times and 5 capsules takes an age for me to swallow.

      I am going back in three weeks, although I am scared about reducing, now I know Dosulepin is being withdrawn I am going to try to cut down.  I have the option of increasing propranolol as I take less than the dose I was originally prescribed.

      (Admin sorry I didn't know the link wasn't allowed but to be honest I think it will be useless anyway, the 75mg aren't available anywhere now I don't think.).  I was a bit disappointed though that I seemed to be more clued up on why Dosulepin was being withdrawn that the GP.

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      Hi hannah,

      Its lisa here.  This has happened to afew people over the past few months but everyone i ask tells me that dosulepin isnt being withdrawn and i have no trouble obtaining the 75 mg capsules from chemist.

      I live in scotland so i dont know if that is why.  I cant understand also why there is no information on the internet about it being withdrawn surely there would be some sort of documents about this.

      I am going to go into my chemist yet again tomorrow and ask if they are aware of anything but they always tell me that there is no problem with the supply of it.

      Anyway i am really sorry that you have had to reduce it and i hope you have no problems but as long as i can get a hold of it i am going to keep taking it until told otherwise

      take care lisa

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      Hi Lisa, thanks for your reply.  I've made an appointment for the GP I see most regularly in a couple of weeks.  I think if there is going to be a problem getting it they should be making patients aware, not us having to ask.  I'm alternating now between 4 x 25mg one night 5 x 25mg the next, can't say I've noticed any difference either way.  Going to try just taking 4 a night next week.

      As a ps last week when I took my prescription to Boots, they only had one packet in stock!  Had to go back for the rest the next day.  My husband has to get his next week so he will ask the pharmacist if there is a problem.  Our Boots regularly has short supplies of everything though!

      Take care. H

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      I may have well written this reply. I'm 35 now and been on Dosulpen since I was 22. I was first given Saroxat and I wanted to die. Only way I can describe it is that I felt I could have chewed house bricks.

      I have heard similar regarding the use of Dosulpen. I tried a couple of other drugs but none worked. Ended up going back to Dosulpen. Works well for me. Do occasionally get random heart beats but never passed out or felt like passing out. I would rather a dodgy heart than the shear anguish of my untreated condition.


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      Hi to all on dosulepin

      brilliant medication BUT DID CAUSE MY HEART TO BECOME WEAK. And with atrial fibrillation

      they then took me off But the after affects the anxiety etc I've still got

      I believe it has a long term mental health effect and leaves you in a mess

      6months after a huge instant withdrawal I took my first overdose and now later am still suffering huge deep holes

      I was on it for many years I felt good it regulated my sleep etc but I'm paying for it now

      Antony get those flutters checked today

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      i have had the same problem, since my thirties have taken prothiaden then after a break down seroxat withdrew from them after 5 years, tried sestraline and went back on dosulpine(prothiaden) been on them 6 years until g.p flagged up some health risks as i am 64 she put me on citapram and side effects are horrendous came off them and started to have panic and anxiety attacks back up to see my g.p and he said g.p.,s are requesting their patients to try the newer anti depressant, however as you said tony i would rather take a risk taking them than live like this.  the upshot is he has put me back on dosulpine and now functioning normal, g.p. does not know if they will be taken off the market. as a added note the leaflet that comes with dosulpine is a third of the size of the ones that come with citalpram. why does the n.h.s not listen to patients and wish the could access this site then they would be aware of what patients feel.  i am happy but managing 25mg daily.


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      I have had terrible troubles trying ssris etc and washoping to ask for dosulepin as it has worked for my friend well and many on this site.  I am afraid psych will say its not used now and try to palm me off with something else.  How do i get round that?
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