Is it normal for one's blood pressure to rise over time in the same way that

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diabetics' blood glucose readings detiorate over time and they eventually have to take nsulin. i ask because my BP has really rocketed over the past 3 weeks for no reason I can think of.  Morning readings of well below 110 systolic are now a distant memory; nothing less than 140 and more often between 150-170. Diastolic doesn't fare much better either - frequently in the 90's and over 100. It was never like this. I am now getting readings on a par with the time I was diagnosed which was March 2013. I take Losartan 25 mg, having had it reduced from 50 mg a year ago last July, with no noticeable decline until now. 

I'm having a 6 month review on Monday and expect to have the meds increased. sad.

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    Hi could it be linked to outside influences, mines been reading a little higher of late and I'm hoping it's related to my personal life being more demanding.

    I have upped my exercise and refrained from eating so much rubbish smile not sure I can add anything else

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      I have kept a diary of readings from more or less diagnosis, 2 in the morning and 2 at night, with the averages alongside. It's interesting to see the pattern over 2 years [now into third] that come September each year the BP has risen substantially then dropped back somewhat over the next month or so and dropped even more between April to end August. Roughly. A sort of continual wave if you were to draw a line.

      .  The BP seems much higher this September than the previous 2: I have been on antibiotics thanks to a tooth abcess i wonder if that is anything to do with it. The last 2 readings have been better - marginally.

      Tomorrow is the day and I dare say the reading in the surgery will be sky high as usual! Will keep you posted!

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      I do wonder if there's a correlation in bp and the time of year, I'm the same I look at bp monitor and it rises lol hope it's better and no more added drugs, relax before if you can of course.
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    I would like to know why you think diabetics blood glucose deteriorates over time so you have to take insulin. I have been type 2 for 2years and both my GP and diabetic nurse have both told me I am unlikely to ever go on insulin as long as I keep my blood sugars well controlled. I also have many friends who have been type 2 for more than 20 years and they are not on insulin. I know you cannot be referring to type 1 as they have to go on insulin from the start. What you gave said has made me very worried as to whether I will have to go on insulin at some point despite what my GP said.
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      Sorry Gill I certainly didn't mean to upset you. I'm not diabetic but did have rather a high normal HbA1c reading when I was diagnosed with hypertension so read all I could about type 2 as dr at that time said my numbers would rise and I'd be on metformin in due course. Some drs of course like to frighten you  as he did me.  I was led to believe that was the case from what I read. Many folk of course don't keep their sugars well controlled, if they did there perhaps wouldn't be such a panic in the media about it.
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    It is true that numbers rise with time and almost all Type 2 diabetics will eventually go on to some form of oral medication, indeed I am on 2 different types - I take 4 tablets of metformin and 4 of gliclozide every day but the important thing is that neither of these are insulin. Insulin is almost always injected and is mostly used for Type 1 Diabetes (usually diagnosed in childhood). I think you may have misread or misunderstood the research and got confused between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes which are quite different and with different causes.
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    Hi Jane has your bp settled down yet hope so!
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      Well no actually and thanks for asking. I had my 6 month review today and went armed with my notebook of readings together with the page of readings the surgery asks you to fill in for 8 days prior to the appt. The average over the 8 days was 148/85 so I knew she would raise my meds. Then she took the BP herself and it was 200.  i just had to laugh at that -what else can I do !!

      She has put me back on to 50mg Losartan and said to have another check in 2 months. So I hope that does something as I really don't want a cocktail of all sorts.

      She was surprised that I took the BP twice a day and said it wasn't necessary, just to do the 8 day sheet before going to the surgery but I said that had I not done that then I would have been unaware that it had only recently risen and by so much. I pointed out that it had done the same a year ago and she found that interesting.

      I have to have a blood and urine test though, and cholesterol and a diabetes test too. Hope they are both OK. Don't you just hate these things!

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      Yes it is a real bind hope all goes well for you , ittis amazing how our bp goes up in the docs the harder you try for it to be lower the more it goes up can.t win can you take care
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      What I especially hate is being on their radar all the time. I was brought up in the stiff British upper lip era with a 'Don't make a fuss attitude' so find all these regular appointments and blood tests really alien. [Still wishing I'd never gone for a health check - ignorance is bliss and all that!] 

      However the dr was going to leave things as they were in the short term particularly when I said the BP did similar things last year, but then she did a check herself and it was over 200 so thought it wise to raise the dose immediately. Instead of giving me a bigger pil she has said to take 2 of the lower dose, not sure why.  And to go for another check in 2 months ....rolleyes.  Meanwhile off I go with my urine sample for a kidney function test. Hey Ho !

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      hopefully you can go on the lower dose again soon just a little temp you know I have said it many times but taking bp in docs gives such a false reading not worth letting them take it have you heard from

      mrs o   and fisherman  on here hav.nt heard in a while ???? hope you all ok folks


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      When I checked my notes online my dr had mentioned about  reducing the dosage if the BP comes down, presumably that is why she put me on 2 x 25mg tablets instead of 1 x 50mg.

      I don't have the HbA1c and cholesterol test until Friday and I go away for a week on Sunday so will have to wait for the results.

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      Hi Helen, MrsO reporting in!  I'm sorry I've been quiet for a while but thank you for your kind thoughts.  Been quite busy with my charity work, not to mention first grandchild - now 12 weeks old!  To be honest, I've been in denial with my BP - fed up with all the different pills and my awkward body either refusing to respond to the meds or throwing up side effects, especially the deleterious effects to my sole kidney function, making higher dose BP meds out of the question. 

      ​Hope you're ok, too, Helen - at least the weather has perked up nicely for this time of year.

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      Hi Mrs O  lovely to hear from you congratulations on your first grandchild priceless that,    enjoy the indian summer we are having while it lasts 

      take care of yourself ...


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      Many thanks Helen.  You didn't say how you were doing - I do hope that means that all is ok.....or as ok as is possible!

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