Is it possible to breathe with the pain of an anal fissure and reduce the intensity of a spasm ?

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I have been using rectogesic for almost a week in an attempt to relieve the pain of what my GP thinks is an anal fissure .

There had been a worsening of symptoms in what is only a problem of 11 days duration

The main in my rectum prior to a bowel movement is immobilising and I am fearful of leaving the house and being caught short

Afterwards the spasm buring and pain continues for hours and nothing brings relief

I am having 3 Epsom salt baths a day and am not constipated .

I have a very high fibre plant based diet and have also added psyllium husk to my diet

I routinely have 3 movements a day so am in agony most of the time

Is there a way of using breathing to reduce pain and spasm as I am finding myself becoming increasingly tense as the time to return to the bathroom approaches

My GP has referred me for investigation and I am convinced I have anal cancer

Any advice gratefully received

10 days ago I was walking 6 miles a day going to Pilates as well as 2/ 3 spinning classes a week

Now there are times in can barely walk

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    Hi Jennifer, If I were you I would cut down a lot on the fibre, that's why you are going three times a day.

    Start taking laxido/movicol/miralax, all same thing, every day without fail. After about two to three days it will kick in, and it will be easier to go, no straining, all done in one bm a day,, and hopefully on the way to curing the fissure.

    I stuggled for years with high fibre diets, laxatives, a healthy diet, nothing helped until my colorectal surgeon told me to use laxido every day, and cut back on the fibre to give yourself a chance to heal. 

    Rectogesic just made my pain worse, and burned like hell.

    Like you I was convinced I had something sinister due to the severity of the pain.

    I've been good for six months now, on the odd occasion when I forgot to take it, I struggled the next day. I think I'm on it for life now.

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      Thank you Laura

      Good to hear that things are very much improved for you

      Difficult to know how best to proceed on the laxative front as I have a bowel motion 2/3 times a day on my usual vegan diet and dont want to introduce a laxative until I have a chance to discuss with a Consultant .

      I'm told I will see someone within a fortnight so I guess I will hang fire until then but maybe take out the psyllium husk which is the only new thing I've introduced

      Thank you for responding

      Have a good day 🌻

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      Laxido isn't a laxative as such, and if you could reduce your bm to once a day it will give you a chance to heal.

      It introduces fluid into your bowel and makes passing it easy. It might actually be better if you cut down on things like cauliflower and cabbage, insoluble fibre. I am veg so eat much the same diet probably as you.

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      i used to go several times a day, and ended up with a fissure, bleeding and a rectocele. After surgery for the rectocele I was told not to strain, rectal muscles didn't work prooerly, thats when I started taking laxido.

      My fissure healed although it was chronic, I had it for years.

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    Hi Jenifer sorry for what you going true. Just read Your story everything refreshed in my mind. Exactly a year when my terrible experience started.i also thought I have anal cancer. First of all you don’t have cancer. As cancer not painful as anal fissure. You seems do everything ok. The cream you use not always helpful I used anoheal wich help, but never cured. I would say try to go once a a day for bm. If your fissure is over 6 weeks then it becomes Chronic fissure. The pain you going true tells me you may have chronic anal fissure. At this stage don’t panic wait for cream to get the grip normally it’s effective after 2 weeks. If not then go for anoheal. Advise if the creams don’t cure, make sure you not going for injection. Go for opperation caled Litheral internal spinchromy wich what I done. Sorry for me been direct this what help me and I read alote ppl treating different way but this one is 95% cure . The other options are 50% don’t waste your time. All the best
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      Hello and thank you very much for your response

      Although I think I have been googling far too much this last week I am going to Google Anoheal as I have by heard of it and happy to try anything which might help!

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      Hello again

      I have just goggled Anoheal and wondered whether you experienced any difficulties getting it prescribed by your GP ?

      One website said it wasn't licensed in UK for usage in treatment of anal fissures

      Thank you for your time

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    Hi Jennifer, I’ve had a chronic fissure now for 8 and a half months I got this whilst giving birth to my son, I was initially told it was piles for 3 months (doctors didn’t think to check and just assumed)  I was given a variety of treatments that did nothing. 

    The pain is by far the worst pain I’ve felt (after my Labour I assumed nothing could be worse but I was wrong)  I have now been referred and am due to have Botox soon as mine is not healing. (I too thought the worst like you)

    A lot of people advised me to take baths etc but what worked for me was an ice pack (wrapped in a towel) to numb the area most people say the heat helps but I suppose everyone is different. At times I would sit on an ice pack to drive or do simple things like feed my baby. Maybe it’s worth a try just to see if it could help you slightly. It won’t and doesn’t ever take the pain away fully but I think t either stops you thinking about it or just numbs it enough to cope. I’ve spent many days crying in pain and struggling to explain to anybody just how painful it is.

    I really hope you get seen soon. My doctor is amazing and has been very understanding.  X

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      Thank you Emma

      I have tried both an ice.pack and some crushed up cubes and they both made things worse

      Sitting on a hot water bottle has given me some minimal relief

      Really hope your Botox works for you

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