is my horrendously bad blurred vision anxiety?

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Hi all, i've just turned 21, and for about 6 months now i think i have had anxiety. ive never really had it before, but i moved to university and in freshers after about a week of constant drinking alcohol, i woke up one night feeling as if i was on drugs! i woke up shaking and sweating and felt like i couldnt breathe. its been 6 months since then, and i dont feel so much anxious thoughts, but i have ALL the physical symptoms. 

I've had every single test there is to do and theres nothing wrong with me apparently but i definetly know that something is not right, does anybody else feel like this; 

- constantly feel as if im not in my own body, and that i am trapped, like someone else is living my life for me

- constant blurred vision, which literally never goes away, as if im trapped behind my eyes, and theres black spots everywhere, cant describe it well! its as though im wearing clear glasses but theres a fuzzy film over it.. (this is my worst symptom, its horrible)

- feel dizzy as if im going to faint constantly 

- tight jaw

- general tingling just all over my body, like i am really aware of my blood pumping through my body and can feel it travelling 

- numb teeth!! and tongue

- constantly ill, and always tired, sleep all the time

- chest feels really heavy

- feel like my heart is working really hard

(all of this is constant, it doesnt get worse or better with anything in particular) 

but i dont feel anxious thoughts, i just have all these physcial  symptoms!! 

does anybody else have these too? alcohol makes it worse, even while im drinking it, the anxiety doesnt seem to go away i feel worse when i drink alchol actually i feel really light headed.

ive been like this for a while now and im finally accepting there isnt anything wrong with me and that it must just be anxiety, 6 months later after MRI, HEART SCAN, ECG, ECHOGRAM, 3 BLOOD TESTS, £700 ON A PRIVATE DOCTOR!! the lot 

ive been prescribed citalopram, BUT i dont feel depressed AT ALL, im really happy, i just feel as if im not in my body and can barely see!!! lol, can someone please reply and let me know if there physical symptoms are as bad as this and if their eyes are just as bad as mine ?? THANK YOU 

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    I had all of those symptoms a while back, and there was nothing wrong with me either! I've stopped with those symptoms now which helps me realise that thy were just anxiety!

    Sorry about the quick reply I am at work lol.

    I have new symptoms now that I'm worrying about but I had ALL of those before and now they've gone away!

    Blurred vision can be from dry eyes too! I found that I sleep with a slit of my eyes open and thy get dry!

    Try to forget about the symptoms and hopefully they will go away like mine did <3>

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      Thank you so much for replying!!!

      ive had it for about 6 months now and if anything they are getting worse. its my blurred vision, did you ever have that? its constantly as if im not really here, i feel as if im dead or something!! 

      i dont feel as if im amxious though?? iim fairly confident, ive got a good set of friends, a really good family, good uni course, i just dont understand why i have all these symptoms?? 

      and its not like it comes and goes, its just ALWAYS there. sad 

      thank you for taking the time to reply i really appreciate it xxxx

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      Blurred vision was the main symptom that freaked me out because it had the most sinister reasons when I googled it! I was terrified of a brain tumour or MS, but I didn't even need a brain scan or anything in the end as once I'd accepted it was anxiety the blurred vision stopped as bad, I still get it now! But not as often.

      I also got dizziness but that seemed to go as soon as I accepted the anxiety and I also got the tingly feeling you got, I think that was due to adrenaline coursing through your body, amoungst many other symptoms

      At the moment I have a painless swollen gland in the right side of my neck and I'm terrified of a tumour/luekemia, my right eye is twitching too so that's scaring me even more but when I used to get heart palpitations I went to a&e once and they kept checking with me that I wasn't getting upper back pain and then once I knew that was a symptom I strted getting upper back pain, I know my mind can be so tricksy, so I'm trying to ignore it!

      I am the Same as you though I have everything I could want in my life and nobody apart from my husband knows about my anxiety and they cannot tell but I am jut terrified of dying for some reason :-/ xx

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      I get twitching in my eye too!

      yessss i feel like im dying all the time, im 21 and think i wont wake up everytime i go to bed. with your blurred vision was it like fuzzy, as if you had just woken up, and rubbed your eyes?? 

      do you reckon we'll ever get better? also i find it so weird how it just suddenly happened as well, no build up... 

      what do you do to cope xx

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      I completely can relate to your post, Thanks for sharing.

      My anxiety started after a short (literally 2 hours) of blurry vision followed by a few months of eye pressure. Went to every doctor, Blood tests- brain MRI to rule out MS etc etc. The only thing that came up with Dry Eye plus a ton of stress from thinking I had a brain tumor or MS.

      Its crazy how much stress can take a toll on our body. I still have my doubts that something was missed but I try (everyday) to find comfort in the good news I've received from big time tests so far.

      Are you getting your new symptoms checked out??

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    Jade, sorry to hear of your problems.

    I'm afraid that depression and anxiety go hand in hand.

    Your symptoms do denote a classic anxiety problem.

    Citalopram is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drug, so maybe it is worth you trying it.

    It does take a while to kick-in which maybe you should allow yourself.

    If the symptoms persist I would recommend a trip back to your GP to have the matter investigated further.

    Best wishes


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      Thank you for replying, i will try it and see how it goes. 

      ive had all the tests there possibly are, and apparently im completely healthy. i just need to accept i have anxiety even though i really dont believe i do ! 

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      Anxiety problems do not make anyone less of a person. 

      Initially it can be a bit of a shock to the system and difficult to cope with, but I believe that the process of overcoming these difficulties makes us much stronger people.

      The first part of the healing process is recognising that we are afflicted  with it, and certainly in my case was also the safeguard of devoping a silent mantra telling myself that I was no different to anyone else. The second part of the healing process is time and not expecting too much of oneself. 

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    First of all try not to drink a lot of alcohol. It will only add to your problems not make them go away. Secondly, have you been to an Opticians. They have equipment that can see the back of your eye and what is going on. Go to somewhere reputable preferably NOT Specsavers, try Boots. Finally, go back to your Doctor (See Optician first) Personally I think you are suffering from severe anxiety but you just don't think so or realise it. How much sleep do you get? If you get a broken nights sleep ask your doctor for something to help, something non-addictive for just a couple of weeks. Hopefully if you see an Optician and then see your doctor again you might get some helpful treatment.
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      thank you for replying !

      ive stopped drinking alcohol as it made it worse. yeah i went to specsavers! and they couldnt find anything wrong at all. 

      I really dont feel like i have anxiety, like i know i do because everyones telling me, but im not scared or worried about anything ?! obviously now im scared about all these physical symptoms! but im happy, ive got a good set of friends, good family, good uni course, i just dont understand why my body is reacting ike this, and its not just sometimes its ALL the time it never goes away, i feel as if its not me living in my body anymore? 

      id say i get about 6 hours sleep a night, not sure if thas enough, but i am constantly in bed, because im exhausted

      thank you for the reply xxxxx

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    Jade, how were you before you started Uni.

    We're you at home with family.? If your symptoms are new to you,

    could it be that deep down your feeling insecure and it's manifesting in this way ie physical symptoms can you get help through Uni. They usually have something in place. £700 could buy you a good therapist for a while!

    Just my thoughts, I hope you sort it. I think you wishes.

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      before i started uni i did have depression about two years ago, but then i was fine. ive always been a tiny bit shy, if i had to go on stage or something, or read to the class, but nothing major. and for some reason ive come to uni and for 6 months ive just been a mess!! have no idea why because i love it here and made amazing friends and love my course, i honestly have nothing to be anxious about but i have all the physical symptoms of anxiety!

      i really dont think i am anxious, as in im not scared of anything, but I seem to have all the physical symptoms of anxiety constantly ! 

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    Hi jade

    If you were on meds when the blurred vision started then its a good idea to ask the doctor to change them as a side effect to med can be vision changes

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      hey tanya, no i havent been on any medication yet at all! it all started in freshers week when i was drinking alot of alcohol, but ive stopped and i still have terrible vision x
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