Is Sertraline really the answer?

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My ex partner died a few weeks ago leaving his two children. I only found out he had been taking Sertraline amongst other medications. Without being told of his state of mind I found out he overdosed on 18x 100mg Sertraline previously to his death and was admitted to the warneford only to find out he was given 200mg Sertraline tablets and left to rot in his flat!! This was an added contributing factor to his death, this anti depressant makes you have suicidal thoughts it doesn't help you!!! What you need is people around you to know what your going through so they can help you break out of the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Medication doesn't treat you it masks the problem. Please please tell someone you are struggling and find alternative ways to get you through life for the sake of your loved ones. If you have no one then counselling sessions and being with qualified people can help. Medication has side effects!!!!

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    Is Sertraline really the answer? For that matter, is ANY medication the answer for folks with some form of depression, anxiety, OCD or any version of mental imbalance?

    If I could but take a few pills and have it address ALL of my symptoms, and then feel "normal" again, that would be a blessing. That said, the reality is that for most sufferers these issues/symptoms are a complex mixture of brain chemistry and life experiences or conditioning.

    In my humble opinion, the medication is a tool to help address any of these conditions; but I would be the first to caution anyone who  believes that mediction alone is the answer. I will say that many of these meds have literally been life-savers for a myriad of people, but I also believe that those who've been "rescued" via medication would agree that other forms of therapy and lifestyle adjustments are as necessary as finding the right combination of meds to balance the brain chemistry that has played a major role in each instance of suffering.

    I am sorry to hear about your partner. Blessings to his children, his friends, and to you.

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      Thank you, we're completely distraught and the worst thing is we didn't even know he was taking the medication or how bad it was. I undetstand a patient has to have discretion but when a life could be on the line surely the medical professionals need to let family know? It feels like he was left to rot and not have appropriate treatment for his past childhood sufferings, his lack of self acceptance and lifestyle. There was danger written all over his situation that only the doctors, Police and various support workers knew. I don't think he went to meetings or had follow-ups but this will come out in the inquest. I just want people to find alternative ways to medication if there's something more deep rooted to why they need anti d's.

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    hi, im very sorry for your loss, and i hope you can be strong for your children . i also hope that out of this sime good will come? perhaos you can help raise awareness?

    in respinse to this duscussion i have to say im for and against antidepresants, ill tell you why.

    last september i was feeking a vit down and sleeping a lot, didnt feel my self, some people even said i lost that spark in my eyes?? but i was ok , i was able to laugh and get on with things, just a bit diwn in the dumps!! anyway i went to the dr just fir her to check if i was ok, i suffered anemua in the past , so perhaps i was thinking thats why im so tired.

    The dr had a chat with me i was a littke teary but it was goid to talk! I WAS NOT DEPRESSED . she prescribed me 20mg of citalopram!!

    i realky didnt think i needed that and ger words exactly were, " you might feel a bit crazy when yiu take them but,it will be ok"

    i took one and 4 hours later, disaster struck, i was sooo high, i vomited , had the runns, became all hot swaty and suffered a major major panick attack , i fekt i was not in this wirld and thst i was in a dream land and i panicked so bad and fell to the floor.

    i webt to a&e under blue light.

    they coukdnt do anything.

    from then on i suffered back to back panick attacks 24/7 1 week went by, then 2.

    still back to back panick attacks , stopped eating stopped sleeping i was a wreck couldnt stay home couldnt stop crying i was suicidal.

    i couldnt take care of ny kids cook talk i couldnt watch tv, everthing scared me. the AD ruined me. after 1 month i couldnt cope anymore. i wanted to go to a mentel hospital. or i wanted to die.

    different dr now said i needed AD. as you can imagine i was tooo scared, but then i thought well i have to try or im going to die!! i plucked up the courage and i got worse but stuck at it!

    i got better and better. im still on them now and im way too scared to ever stop! i was in a dark hole i couldnt get out of , stuck in my own mind, all because of AD. BUT ALSO AD MADE ME BETTER!

    i dont understand it but thats what happened.

    so ithink drs shoukd be very carful when prescribing they shoukd only be used when somone is already deeking suicidal.

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      That sounds an awful sutuation to be in, now you feel scared to come off them. I just wish doctors wouldn't prescribe pills without covering other angles first e.g counselling session, activities, life adjustments that could help like work, people around you, telling loved ones and much more. I understand people feel that anti d's help but longterm they don't, surely it's unhealthy to be taking them for long periods. The NHS here in UK need to change their procedures and spend more time in getting people therapy, counselling etc not this short fix 'here is some tablets and be on your way' they need to address the issue first, evaluate thoroughly and not just medically. Once that's done then make a decision of what's best for the patient. It's so easy to dish out tablets.

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      it is awfull, and i agree with you, family or close friends should be told.

      I wasnt deppresed and there was no need to dish me out AD, AND A FAIRLY HIGH DOSE FOR SOMEONE WHOSE NEVER TAKEN THEM, 

      That Dr ruined my life, i feel like i want to take legal action? and then on the other hand im a lot better since taking the sertraline.

      the mental health in the uk is an absaloute load of rubish, i remember being in a state of despair, thinking im going crazy, wanting to kill my self ! and ide already visited my Dr on a daily basis, she even got fed up of me. it wasnt my fault i was feeling so unwell and so deperate, but there was no one to turn to, no one to help apart from the samaratins, ill never forgrt that kind caring voice that listened to me cry in absaloute despair of my self.

      Thank you God that im better now, but how will i ever get off these meds i do not know?? 

      I know i should try th 10% taper, but im just scared of the withdrawl.and so many people who taper  off, then get well, and then get unwell, the meds dont seem to work next time???

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    Hi Nic,

    So sorry for ur loss. I'm on Sertraline 100mg, I started on 50mg last October and my doctor upped the dose this year. I think it's the state of mind b4 the person takes it, and Sertraline can heighten it. The only side effects I have now is tiredness.

    I hope everything goes well with you. All the best.

    Angie smile

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      Thanks Angie, it definitely shouldn't be given to people who already suffer deep trauma from childhood. Do you have regular checkups by the doctor while taking these tablets?

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      Hi Nic,

      Ur welcome! Although everyone on meds should read the instructions first, especially the side effects. Doctors shouldn't give any antidepressants to anyone who's suicidal if that's one of the side effects!

      No I don't see my doctor regularly, and I'm able to get them on a repeat prescription without seeing her, which I find odd. My previous doctor always saw me b4 my pills ran out, and he always made sure I was ok. All the best,


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