Is this anxiety?

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Hello, i'm new here and don't really know if this is the right place to post it but here it goes.

About a month ago i started feeling somewhat bad with general feelings of choking and what not. My doctor said it was gerd gave me something against it and it was mostly fine.

From that point on however it started something that has lasted till now. Me believing that I have every type of cancer there is. Most of the fears went away but one hasn't. My constant fear of me having a brain tumor.

I don't know anymore. I've had some troubles with my vision for the past 3 weeks or so. Started with ocasional blurryness which went away after a while. The it went to me just feeling like my eyes are heavy and that i'm constantly tired. Which now, again, changed to my eyes feeling sometimes tired and other times either fine or just a little blurry/like i have a white haze in front of me for a few seconds which mostly get's away when i blink a few times.

Apart from that my left ear feels full. I mean, every time i swallow both of my ears make this static/crackling sound which is more noticeable in the left ear.

And the one thing that is really getting to me is my memory. I've always been known to have really good memory. Now, for about a  week and a half I feel like i forget things i did around 2-3 days ago. Right now i can somewhat remember everything up until last thursday with me being able to tell exactly what happened today. But as soon as i go to bed and sleep the next morning is me again, going over everything that happened in the last 4-5 days with me barely being able to remember what i did for example yesterday from 7-10pm.  On the other hand I have no problems remembering things that happened before that one and a half week time period.  

Also i feel as if (this happens sometimes. Some days it's more noticeable than others) as if wherever i go i'm not there mentally. Like, i have this weird brain fog that is just there. For example just went somewhere for 1 hour but that hour felt 1. really short (days seem to go by way too fast for me. I end up wondering how i'm already awake for 9 hours when i barely did anything today.)  2. it feels like i'm not there mentally. I talk with people but it feels like i tell my body to do something and then my mind wonders off elsewhere. 

Now, this post might not be the most well versed and i might have not articulated myself very well, but all i'm really asking is that if it is possible for all of this to be caused by anxiety or my fear of brain tumors that makes me imagine all of these symptoms. I had none of them 4 weeks ago when my throat acted up. It mostly started when i started reading about brain tumors. And since then regardless of what anyone tells me i can't seem to stop shaking/being afraid to no end about the possibility of it and me dying.

Is it really possible that this is anxiety/depression ? Severe one at that ?

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    Are you male or female?
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      I have/had these symptoms. I am still having some, but had an MRI of my brain, because I thought I might have a tumor too. Came back normal. I have head other medical issues, was diagnosed with Gerd and gallstones, had gallbladder removed, but I have terrible medical anxiety now, and still not 100%. My GP prescribed me 2 different anxiety meds, but the side effects looked worse than the anxiety itself, so didn't take them. Try to work through your anxiety first, and If it doesn't work, than opt for the medication. There are a lot of natural things to try to combat anxiety too!
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    Wow. I get all of those symptoms. Yes, it is anxiet . And it's a nightmare.
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      Thanks for the reply. Been somewhat better in the morning around 12pm i got random pressure at the base of my head/lowest part of my skull in the back and had a sudden case of looking up, looking down and suddenly my room started spinning for a few seconds. It was horrible which made my fear really bad.
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      Yeah, had something 2 hours ago where i was so dizzy that i could barely move. Felt really bad. Other than that 1 cervical vertebrae has been hurting when i push my neck back and down at the same time. Now, because of that and my leg weakness (around knees for about 3 weeks) i've developed a fear of a spinal tumor. Gotta love myself in times like these rolleyes
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      Yeah, was at the clinic. They basically looked at my blood tests again and said that if something was up there would atleast be some form of difference from normal results but mine were basically flawless. also went and had my eyes checked, they said that they are practically fine. 

      This relaxed me somewhat but i still have symptoms that worry me. 

      right now it's

      -weakness in the arms/legs (mostly near elbows and a bit above my knee)

      - dysphagia  just this morning i was barely able to eat bread and had to vomit right after that and i have something that feels rather sharp stuck in my throat (which, of course, brought up the oesophageal cancer in me ) my mother thinks it's because of anxiety.

      Sorry to bore you day in and day out with this. It just feels good to talk to people about it.

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      Yes you are not alone.

      Ive had depression for 16 years the anxiety only started 4 months ago,I did not believe my symptoms were anxiety I thought I am having a stroke or a heart attck also really bad stomach pains but Ive had lots of tests cat scan camera down my throat everything is normal.

      It wasnt until I came onto forums like this I realised it was anxiety and talking to people in the same situation helps.

      I am now in the middle of a medication change and it is hell

      Stay strongsmile

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