issues with liver?

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hi everyone. going on 15 months with ebv. im 19, eat healthy and never drink. my liver enzymes were elevated on my last blood test 3 months ago. so my doctor is retesting my liver function to see if they went down. i get pain under my right rib cage and im just so scared because i dont know why i would have liver issues at such a young age. is this ebv?

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    i have that pain and so does my brother. ive had so many tests most have come back negative apart from slightly elevated liver function and mild gastritis. theres also part of your bowel under right rib where theres a tight bend so any inflammation there can cause a back up of gas etc and create a lot of pain. also inflammation in the bottom of stomach can cause pain on the right apparently.

    im no doctor and these are just theories but after living with the pain for nearly two years thats what ive come up with!

    EBV does mess up the balance of your body but your liver is very good at regenerating so keep eating healthily and drinking loads of water, it will get better with time

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      hmm thats good to know. the pain happened after a big meal and a glass of wine. my doctor retested my liver function and i should be getting it back in a week. just nervous but he told me ebv can cause it, so thats most definitely what it is

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    Hi Nicole,

    It definitely can be a common thing for liver function tests to be affected when you are going through and recovering from mono / EBV. I had the same thing, blood results which showed my liver function test was slightly off. Please don't panic this is usually just as a result of the mono virus and it does in the vast majority of people settle down and go back to normal as your body recovers with time.

    I just hope you can see some real improvements and breakthrough soon Nicole, you've been through so much and still thinking about you and empathising remembering the horrible time I went through with this also many years ago. Just remember you are young and your body has amazing powers of recovery, sometimes it can hit young adults very hard and take extended time to fully recover from, this can be normal Nicole but things do get better, have read a lot of stories of folks who maybe didn't see that real change until about the 18 month mark or so and then made full recovery. It's a horrible virus, you're doing the right things checking in the with the doctor regularly and getting blood tests done.

    Hang in there Nicole, thinking about you and still believing that you are going to get back to full health again with a little more time. Keep checking in with the docs and ask them to monitor things for you and hoping they can put your mind at ease.


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      thank you craig. your kindness never fails to cheer everyone on this forum up. happy to hear i am not the only one who experienced this.

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      Thanks Nicole you have been such a great support too. I remember only too well how much reassurance and encouragement I needed from others daily when going through this thing - you know you can post on here any time you are feeling concerned about something and just hoping that things with the liver enzymes settle down soon.

      That's some good info / reassurance from Sweebee too, it just seems to be such a common thing with this but usually with time this settles and hoping very much that happens very soon - hang in there and still thinking about you Nicole, you are going to overcome this tough time in your life.


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    Hi Nicole

    Im currently on month 17 and also had still raised liver enzymes on my last blood test back in Nov. Although one had come down into the normal range the other one was still high. From whats been explained to me about it is that our livers are busy cleaning up the mess left over from the EBV virus party. It takes time for our bodies to get on top of the damage, and all we can do is support our bodies during this time.

    Eating a healthy diet that is full of things that are good for liver health (one thing that google is good for) and staying hydrated helps.

    Stay strong, we will all get through this eventually....time is a great healer so Ive been told 😃

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      thank you. this made me calm down about it. i was hoping it was ebv and nothing more

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      Hi Nicole

      How are you feeling anyway? Got many symptoms left?

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    ebv can rarely cause problems with the liver and it did with me and put my in hospital for 6 weeks including intensive care. I'll copy and paste a article I posted on my own discussion about what happened to me. it is a long read so if you don't want to read it you obviously dont have to. at the end of the huge paragraph I'll write a little bit about your liver test concern.

    so this happened a year an a half ago to me

    So, a week after my 17th birthday, I woke up and had quite severe stomach pain, a long with that my face looked slightly yellow, I was throwing up and had no appetite as well as diarrhoea. At first I thought I may have appendicitis so we decided to dial the none emergency NHS line, and after telling them my symptoms, I got given an appointment at the walk in centre. Upon arrival , they did my blood pressure and heart rate and they were both through the roof. My heart rate was around 130 and I can't remember what my blood pressure was. After an ECG that came back fine and blood tests, they came to the conclusion I had an infection around my liver so was put on an iv drip and antibiotics. The 1st week in hospital involved ultrasound scans and more bloodtest and they found out my gaull bladder, spleen and liver were inflamed and my liver function was slightly lower than it should have been. And after a week of none stop antibiotics they noticed only a minor improvement In my blood tests. So after the 1st week I was (wrongly) sent home with an appointment in 3 days time for blood tests at the hospital. While at home, I deteriorated and continued without eating and had really bad diarrhoea as well as throwing up. 3 days later I went back to the hospital for blood test, but while there I threw up everywhere in front of a passing doctor and we explained everything to him, and he advised we to go back to a&e. After again, more bloodtests they found the liver function was worsening as well as my infection markers dropping and low blood platlets. They ordered a CT scan, as well as a camera..... both ends. Everything came back clear other than again.... the inflamed organs. After 3 weeks in hospital, the doctors still had no idea what was going on, and i seriously deteriorated so they put me in intensive care, and then later that night, blue lighted me to a specialist liver unit in Leeds. While at Leeds, my kidney function started to drop, which intern caused fluid build up all over my body which made moving almost impossible as I put on around 3 stone overnight. They also inserted a cafiter which is extremely unpleasant. At Leeds, they decided to do a lymph node biopsy, liver biopsy and bone marrow biopsy and everything came back fine which left them again.... baffled. After not eating for 4 weeks they decided to feed me through a tube. while inserting it, I threw up in the doctors eye and the tube came out and I refused to have it re fitted. at this point they were considering dyalasis and liver transplant. They eventually decided to give me an extreemly high dose of steroids which eventually made my liver and kidney function go back up and I was discharged from intensive care and put onto a normal ward for a week until finally being fully discharged. After being discharged I was kept on a dose of steroids that I had to cut down every week until I was completely off them and I also had regular check ups until around 4 months ago where I was also discharged from outpatients.

    That came to the uncertain conclusion that all this was caused by an extreemly rare case of glandular fever. Although my outpatient consultant doesn't believe that was it was. Thankfully tho, there was no lasting damage other than huge stretch marks everywhere that have left me extreemly self conscious.


    so here is the good news, I somehow, very luckily recovered with no lasting damage to any of my organs. although I do sometimes get pain from the general area they're in for some reason.

    so if my organs were failing to the point they were considering transplants, I wouldn't worry about it. ebv can often mess with your liver function slightly and mine took over a year to get back to normal. so the chances are there is nothing to worry about. and ebv often causes liver problems but very rarely serious ones.

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      Hi Kyle,

      Just wondering how you are doing now, I remember your story and just thinking how awful it must have been to go through that, to get through that you must have shown such courage and just really hope and pray so much you are doing much better now. Your story is a reminder that we are all at the mercy of God and our health is so precious and just so pleased you managed to get through that dreadful time in your life and hoping things are looking up and feeling well now.

      Definitely agreeing with your words for Nicole that it can be normal for EBV to cause liver function tests to be slightly off - thankfully for the majority of people don't have to go through anything as severe as what you went through with this, that is very rare indeed I think. Most people's liver function and tests return to normal as they start to recover from mono so very much hoping that is the case for Nicole and everyone on here.

      Hang in there and just a word of hope for today - don't lose hope or encouragement even if it takes a while to recover from this thing, because truly full recovery does come for the vast majority of people with some time. Don't give up and remember just cope with one day at a time and keep resting and finding the right balance between rest and doing some small, stress-free things that help with mood, distraction and hope.


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      thanks a lot of the kind words, and yes, as far as I know it is extremely rare for it to be as serious as mine. I've done quite a bit of research, and can only find a couple of cases like mine. we were never 100% sure that is was ebv, but that's what the doctors are assuming it was as they thought about every possibility and ebv was the only one that made sense. and in a way, I think I am quite lucky, I might have had serious complications from it, but I don't think I ever suffered with the after effects of it like everyone else seems to, and from what I've read that seems to be the worst part.

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      You're welcome Kyle, what you went through sounds so frightening and I'm just pleased that you've come through the other side of it and very much hope you are feeling well again. It certainly is a possibility that it could have been from the EBV virus, this thing can cause so many problems and everyone's reaction to it is very unique to them and can be different I think depending on various factors.

      Thanks again for taking the time to post and encourage others - hoping your story and reassure and comfort people who are going through intense and dreadful times with mono at the moment, knowing that there is hope and believing there is full recovery ahead thanks to God.


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    sorry about your pain

    im on month 7 with Epv

    i have had & am having •many•issues whole body wise_

    but these last few days i too have been having pain under right rib cage area-

    i figured it was my kidney with all that is going on~

    my bloodwork was fine, just checked one week ago-

    i had nausea in beginning

    now its back ten fold bad-

    and + the stomach pain/

    pain under right ribs ?


    i guess its all a part of this.....

    try not to worry, just get your bloodwork checked again......

    this virus affects your whole whole body is so beat up im not surprised im having "liver" pain if that whatbit is^*^?

    are you having other symptoms at this point as well?-.......

    hope you feel better soon...-:-)

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      Just a word on the pain under the right rib cage Starr / Nicole / all - it can be very normal this as that whole area where the spleen is like a nerve centre for your glands if I understand things correctly. Often it can be worrying thinking maybe your spleen is swollen or whatever, and of course always wise to check that out with the doctor who can usually tell very easily just by examining you, but in most cases anything like that only happens in the early stages of the virus and it can be normal to have pains in this area and for it to be just a symptom of the virus that will pass with time. I know that doesn't help much when in the midst of it and going through pain with it all - but just a word of hope and reassurance that this is a very normal symptom and for most people it passes and goes away completely as your body recovers over time. But of course always wise to ask the doc to check your spleen area for reassurance.


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      thank u

      i dont think ive experienced it until recently

      i feel as if im going backwards


      my bloodwork didnt idicate anything on my liver enzymes etc

      so im not concerned?

      unless it changes

      but it is a dim ache/dull pains

      so seems more mild at this point?

      hope you are well Craig

      thank u for your help with all this

      dont know what id do w/o you and your wisdom.....

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      Thanks Starr your kind words always give me encouragement and a lift and I do appreciate it. I wish I was as good at following good advice sometimes, it's much easier to give advice than to take it. The other day I heard a great quote that Churchill made:

      "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen".

      It really is encouraging that your liver enzymes and bloods are good Starr, take heart from that - even though I know that feeling that it is baffling and almost frustrating because you think to yourself 'how can these show normal when I'm feeling so off and unwell'. Not that you want anything bad to show up or anything just sometimes to have an explanation or even something minor show that can be remedied. But it is a good thing Starr truly it is, it is an indicator that it is certainly likely that mono is the cause of this and nothing else. But you're doing the right thing checking in with the doc and getting blood tests, keep doing that for sure.


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      I thought I already replied but I don't see it so my bad if I've already posted this. but do you only get the pain under the right rib cage or do you get it in different areas each time? and is it always the same pain or is it sometime different? sometimes I get it under the right rib cage and it's either a cramping or stabbing pain, but then other times I can experience it in the lower right abdomen or left side under ribcage or lower left abdomen. I sometimes even get it in the middle. I also get the feeling as if something is in the right side of my stomach and rarely the left, but I've had scans and they never found anything

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