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Hi, had my 1st TKR today between 12 and 2pm (now 8.30pm... Been awake all day but only just got my iPad). I'm so buzzed to have finally had it, I was so worried it would get cancelled for some reason.

The op was so cool! I was wide awake and felt absolutely everything, even the opening scalpel cut. Zero pain of course (that wouldn't have been cool) but all touch senses still worked. And could hear senior surgeon instructing his junior so I new everything that was going on. Anyone else experienced that?

My leg aches a little bit, despite the pain meds, but not enough to dampen my spirits so far.

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    Jeez you were under epidural!  I couldn't have done it that way but very pleased for you that it's over. The only way is up!  Wishing you a speedy recovery.  
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    Wow let's hope it continues. I can't imagine describing it in this way - good for you - hope you're one of the lucky ones who have a smooth op and a smooth recovery. Of course when pain block wears off it might be painful but the op is done and it's onwards and upwards - pleased to hear it
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    My surgeon always uses a spinal injection alongside a general anaesthetic because he understands not all patients want to hear all the filing/drilling/sawing hammering sounds during surgery. I personally prefer to be out for the count.

    Good luck with the coming days. You will need to keep on top of any pain in order to begin moving your knee when the physios arrive.

    I wish you well

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      I should probably mention, to avoid freaking out anyone who hasn't had the op yet, that I was offered more meds every few minutes so it was totally my choice. I just found the whole thing fascinating.

      the ache has deepened somewhat, had some more paracetamol and ibuprofen, have been promised some opioids a bit later. It's manageable though. I'm giving it a 5 or 6 on the 1-10 pain scale. 

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    Well, I was totally awake during the op but certainly had no  feeling whatsoever. . i would have found that worrying I must say!

    I hope it continues to be just an ache . . .they must be using some very good pain medication!  Keep up with the forum . .it's a great help.


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      Hi Martinarvelo

      Good to hear that you are now over the op. Welll done!

      I think you are going to be ok because you have a positive outlook, that goes a long way in overcoming several things.Positivity keeps the endorphins being produced. Codeine suppresses the production of endorphins, it also reduces our pain threshold!!!

      That is why Big Pharma make billions of dollars out of it as well as adding it to neurophen adding to the riskof addiction to codeine/opiates.

      It is big business.

      Keep well

      Jean x

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    You are very brave Saz.

    Good to hear you sounding so positive.

    Tomorrow may be different, so make sure you ask for pain relief and ice.  Have a go at the exercises that your Physio recommends, but take it steady.

    Keep in touch with us all.


    1st TKR Dec 2012, 2nd TKR Sept 2014. 2 X MUA and just had 2nd knee opened up again to remove excess scar tissue and straighten.

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      Believe this or not BUT  I was told that they do not use ice any longer in the NHS because of the risk ofinfection. Therefore ice making machines have been removed from wards and departmennts. Is this 'elf and safety' gone mad or what?

      Jean x

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      Omg that's mad. Hope they use ice packs instead maybe! Ice was a life saver for weeks!
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      It is as well to be informed before being disappointed after surgery. Perhaps we could inquire of NHs and private hospitals what their policy is in respect of this issue and what if any alternatives have been put in place.



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      Talk was made of icing once the big bandage is off so I'm guessing there's ice bags.

      Its now 4.30am and I' ve had about 5 hours sleep, which for me is really good, didn't expect to get any at all. But now I'm wide awake so hoping PT makes me one of his/her first jobs of the day NEC they get here. So over being in this bed and the horrors of the bed pan!

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      That's interesting!  My surgery was private and in a private hospital, where they are still making up bags of ice and putting in a pillowcase.  My own Physio leant me a cryo cuff last time, which is great, as it surrounds the knee and puts some pressure on too.  she's going to let me have it back again next week.

      My friend's husband had his first knee done on Tuesday and they were making little wrap around bags out of towels so that they could insert ice into them.  Very ingenious.

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    Wow, I was out for the first one and only woke up once to the sound of a hammer. Was quickly put back 'out'. Thank goodness! Going for #2 next Tuesday and more worried than the first.

    hope all works out well for you!

    From beautiful Lake of the Woods, Ontario smile


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      Talked about this with a friend and they made the point that I was over thinking it...the first time you are really unaware of all the work it really takes to recover...and it is a lot of work! My first procedure went well and the tons of physio paid off. In the back of my mind is the OMG I have to do that over again...although this time you won't see me out shoveling snow 4 weeks after the procedure (lesson learned)! 

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