It’s just hormones!

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Does anyone have any tips on convincing yourself the horrible symptoms are just homones? I can’t get my head round all the changes happening to me are perimenopause. I am convinced in a daily basis that I am dying. Why does your mind always jump to the worst conclusion. I have a vibration in my stomach and convinced myself it is a aortic aneurysm it’s crazy. I am totally self absorbed with my symptoms nothing else seems to matter at the moment x

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    Hi my love

    I’m the same I’ve been in peri ten years

    Every day I feel like I’m dying with one symptom or another 

    It’s absolute hell 

    I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore 

    Anxiety is driving me crazy

    No period for 8 months

    But not holding my breath cause went 13 the previous year without one

    Had thyroid surgery got a period the next day

    Yep that’s another story!!!!

    I’m just so sick and tired of this crap!!!!

    I can’t get out of my own head or off my symptoms 

    Breathlessness has reared it’s ugly head AGAIN

    And awful bloating and acid

    And the list just goes on and on

    Sending hugs x

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      So sorry your suffering Michelle, I can’t believe hormones can do this too us. I am currently feeling so sorry for myself just started my period today and feel shocking, it’s either every two weeks or 5/6 weeks I can’t keep track xx
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      To Caroline and all the rest of you beautiful ladies that have replied

      Things that help

      I pray a lot read my bible ( not sure if any of you are believers) but it helps me

      Lots of positive thinking books

      Inbox me if you want titles as I’m not sure if I can say on here

      You have to tell yourself every day this shall pass eventually 

      I know that is easier said than done when you are full of anxiety or feel so ill you think your dying 

      I hate the tight chest feeling it’s with me most days now

      I’ve been checked out all ok

      I am astounded at the amount of symptoms this menopause can bring 

      I’ve been in this ten years now I’m am 50

      You would think I would be used to it by now but no

      Every new symptom is a disaster in my head

      I’m starting a new job tomorrow and my husband who is a pastor has just opened his new church two weeks ago

      So no pressure loool

      He couldn’t have timed it better could he?

      I’m sure as it gets bigger people will call me the crazy menopausal pastors wife 😂

      If I don’t laugh about it I will cry

      Thank you all for being so great

      God bless you all and have a symptom free day or night where ever you are in the world

      I’m in England Kent x

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      Hi Michelle

      ?I'm like you .... I'm a Christian writer and wrote about the changes in my book and I don't know where I would be without my faith as it has kept me sane through all of this! Blessings to you there! CK

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    Hi Caroline....

    Ditto EVERYTHING that both you and Michelle said. Trying to get outta my head and enjoy this day...what say we all literally shake off any symptoms that rear their heads just for today?? Just shake them loose!!

    I need to know that someone else is trying this approach or I fear I will go mad...

    So I'm just going to be happy today. My blanket, fuzzy footies, fireplace n funny television shows..

    Hugs through cyberspace, ladies...😘

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      Sounds like a good idea Katy, I wish we could all get together and give each other a big hug, Nobody I know is going through this, thank god for this site and all the wonderful ladies from around the world xx
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    I'm totally with you! I am the exact way!!  It's so annoying I could scream AND cry!!!  I always tell my mom, I'm so sick of thinking about myself!!  I'm so glad I found this forum it makes me feel less alone ... many prayers for all us ladies going through this!  🙏🙏🙏. One more thing... the fatigue!! So sick of the fatigue 😪😪💞

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      I do scream and cry Pam My partner comes into the room and I’m just sobbing, he’s used to it now! I am lucky because he is really understanding even though sometimes I think he thinks I’ve gone a bit crazy xx
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    After a year of being convinced I was dying I’m now resolved to the fact that every new or continuing symptom is indeed related to hormones. 

    I try not to google symptoms anymore. It’s hard, because you do hear stories of people having certain symptoms and they turn out being something awful. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve had every test under the sun and I’m ok. It helps to know other women are experiencing the same symptoms, it did for me. 

    I also take note that when all my symptoms hit,  my periods started getting funky after being very regular all of my life. Can’t be a coincidence. 

    I know it’s so hard to believe one can feel this bad from hormones alone. But so many people feel fine and don’t know they have cancer until some wayward test shows something. So I also try and tell myself this as well.

    Hang in there!! 


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    Yes I know exactly what you mean.  I had a bout of diarrhea this morning.

      In my 20s: “I need to stop at drug store and pick up something so I can make it through the work day.

    At 46: “I’m dying.  I have some horrible disease that is going to incapacitate me so much that I can’t take care of my family.  I will be dead in less than a year, but I will have a miserable existence until then.  Everyone will be crying.  My parents will be sad.  Etc etc. lol

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      This is exactly how I feel, what has happened to us? Everything has to be a fatal disease! Everywhere you look news, internet,magazines are telling us we are going to die of something awful if we are not the correct weight, drink too much, don’t eat organic vegan food, exercise enough, sleep enough, it’s exhausting and just feeds my fears! I’m sure it never used to be like this, when I was younger if I felt unwell I would go to the doctors and he would sort me out and that would be the end of it, now everyone has a million tests and no answers x
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      I think you are on point about everything we read and see in the media.  I am very careful what I watch, read or listen to.  I try to remember so much of that is fueled by money.  ((Hugs)). Thankful you ladies are here
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