Just about to start Naltrexone

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Hi everyone,

I have just ordered my first supply of Naltrexone ... I am both excited and incrediby apprehensive at starting it, the excitement at the moment, far outweighing the worry of side effects, bearing in mind if I carry on the way I am, the side effects of my alcohol intake will be far worse I know!! ... I want to thank JoannaC3europe for her help in pointing me in the right direction, and more via private messaging! Also others for initial advice and help with navigating this forum ...be patient with me please, I still use pen, paper and royal mail stamps!! :-D

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    From what I understand, naltrexone has very little side effects. Please just listen to Joanna/what Joanna has told you and take it as per her guidelines.
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      Thank you,

      I intend to!

      I can see from previous things that I have read that you are also a really supportive person for anyone doing this! I wish I'd seen this sooner, but can only go from now, so feeling very positive!

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    You are very welcome!  And there is nothing wrong with pen and paper, ha ha.  I still use that before I transfer everything to computer.

    Don't forget to get in touch before you begin.  I'll talk you through everything and if you wanted to skype whilst you take your first drink on the naltrexone, we an arrange that too.

    This forum is one of the best there is!

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      It all depends on where in the world you live, Sandy.  They are avaible on most country's health services.

      If you PM me where you live (if in the Uk, which county too) and I can look up some further information for you.

      Most importantly, are you understanding of this method - how and why it works?  Please read this so that you know how this can help.  This method isn't for everyone so you need to be pretty sure that you are wanting to go this route before you start looking into how to get a prescription for this medication.


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      Click the little envelope underneath my profile pic on the left hand side of the page (ha ha, RHGB, got it right this time!! biggrin)

      I just looked back on your history and am presuming this is for your partner?  I can give you information, no problem, but remember that your partner will need to be the one going to see his doctor about this.  In the UK, these medications are prescription-only, so he is going to need a physicians involvement of some sort - whether that be private or NHS.

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      <----------------------------- Here. Don't look at yours, you can't PM yourself, look at Joanna's.

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      Trust me, I shall definitely not forget!! 😂 ... I don't know how many times I can say thank you without starting to sound like a repetitive twonk ... so ... Thanks 😉

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      I know it might not seem it, but I am actually quite shy.  You are making me blush, ha ha, but I appreciate the thanks anyway.

      I won't be around next weekend as I am doing a sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for C3 Foundation Europe, but i will be home and I expect in some severe pain the week after, yikes ..... It's 62 miles up and down the very steep hills of Yorkshire.  I did it last year and it took 7 hours to do the 73 mile route they set last year.  I said 'never again', it was total agony.  Not sure how I managed to sign myself up to do it again this year, I must be crazy!!!

      But the support I have received has been amazing, and incredible, and really knocked me for six.  With the funds raised, we are going to be expanding our you tube channel to help us keep working towards raising awareness.  So, for a very shy lady, you are going to be seeing me on video later in the year. lol  That scares the hell out of me!

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      Hi RHGB

      He's not so good I'm afraid. He picked up again 2 weeks ago, told me he had stopped, but he hadn't. Starts a new job on Monday, don't know how he is going to cope with that.

      Hope you are okxx

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      Hi JulieAnne. My husband is a binge drinker and for over  twenty years now has rarely had a job, and never for longer than a few months. He admits he has a problem and says he wants todealworh if, but never follows through. He goes on a binge at least once a month, but usually about every two or three weeks. Despite his health problems and strained relationships, he just doesn't quit. I feel for you with your husband. I know just how disheartening and frustrating it is to live with it constantly. 

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      Yes I have to clamp my mouth shut at times because when he is drinking he is completely illogical.

      However, I am persistant, I refuse to give up hope. He has 7 very good well paid jobs in the last 9 years. Most have ended because of his AUD.

      Our last hope is now TSM. If he wants me and our life together that is my price. I know he is reading my posts. Just reinforcing the message there.

      Awful life for everyone isn't it Phyllis? But I mean what I say, I have had enough

      Thinking of everyone on here as always

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      I could have written that myself. I try to get my husband to visit the site, and he asked me about it and shown some I interest, but then he never follows through. My husband is completely illogical when he's drinking too, and when he is sober again he never remembers what he said or did while drunk. I think AUD is affecting his ability to think rationally even when he is sober now. The doctors have all warned him too, not just about his physical health, but also about his mental health. Please keep in touch. We seem to be dealing with the same thing and it's not the kind of the thing you bring up in most conversations. Only relatives and a few close friends know he is an alcoholic. Thank you for replying. 

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      Hi JA,

      Well, I sort of guessed that from the last post I read of yours, a few weeks ago. So, Campral is out the window and time for the naltrexone. TBH, if he sticks to the pills, it seems to work for most.

      Just tell him he'll end up like me, if he doesn't give it a rest. I now have blood tests twice a year and not like most people are used to, they run to four pages. I also from this year, have to have an abdominal ultrasound twice a year.

      I decline my free winter flu jab each year (that they have been offering me since I was 49) because I'm in the top 2% at risk (for anything) patients. The latest one I am being summoned for is the pneumococcal vaccination (mouthful) for pneumonia.

      I must say, I am heartily sick of GPs, hospital/consultant appointments and pharmacies, it seems never ending.

      Anyway, best of luck for him with his new job.

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      That is incredible Joanna! I can just about manage 15 mins on an indoor bike! You certainly find out where your 'sit bones' are !! Always wondered what the yoga tutor was talking about when she referred to them - then I decided to try a bike for exercise 😳 .... Wish you all the best for next week, and also doing a video later omg!! Not sure what sounds more scary 😧

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      Hi RHGB.

      Well it looks as though the new job has gone. He decided to quaff a bottle of wine before he set off, fell asleep in the bike shed in the garden. I would laugh if I could muster a smile. Don't know how he is going to taper back now, tried before Christmas and failed hence the medical detox. Am at my wits end with it all. He won't get another detox in hospital now the last one was in January only a scant 3 months ago. Any ideas apart from ending it all

      Thank you for your support

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      That sounds just like my husband. If he can drink, he will, no natter what is at stake. He is scheduled for a CT tomorrow and is still drunk now, so I doubt he will be able to have it then. 
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      Hi JA,

      Tapering back is extremely hard. There are those that will say, oh it is easy, I did it, are usually light drinkers and are not really that addicted.

      If you are say, drinking 10 pints a day and trying to cut back to 8, to start with. By the time you have had 8 pints, there is no willpower or common sense left to tell you to lay off the last couple.

      I have previously done it, but you have to want to. If you need a drink in the morning, you drink the minimal to keep the withdrawals at bay and as much as you can, the same in the afternoon. In the evening a little more, which is your treat for taking it easy during the day. Then, tiny bit by bit reduce amounts, by only having a set amount in the house.

      Benzos for detox are one of the hardest medicines to get prescribed, many doctors run a mile at the thought of prescribing diazepam as if it were Beelzebub itself. But if the GP was willing to prescribe, a home detox with a responsible adult is an ideal route to take. The question that would be asked is, what has changed that will make it work this time?

      Smiling is better than crying, I know for women, crying can be cathartic, but smiling triggers endorphins.

      As for ending it all, you know, men can be f*ckwits and great companions, the trouble is you tend to get them all rolled into one. And having read a great many of your posts, I don't think that ending it is an option for you.

      Has he started on the naltrexone yet? Just out of interest, how old is he?

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      There is no reason that someone can not have a CT scan with alcohol in the system. If he were to turn up drunk, that would be another matter.
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      If the doctors are sayin that, has he been prescribed thiamine, vit b complex, folic acid and perhaps B12? But out of all of them, thiamine is the most important.

      If he has his CT scan tomorrow, it may show brain atrophy through alcohol.

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      Thanks for your reply. He is still drunk right now at 7:40 pm here. I will be driving him so getting him there isn't the problem. I really don't think he will be sober and in any shape to keep the appointment for1:45 pm tomorrow.  I'm sure he has done some damage to his brain that can never be reversed. He has been binge drinking that this for over twenty years now.


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      Ah, West coast. If he doesn't drink in the morning, he will be fine.

      I've had it all and I drank for longer than he did. My CT scan showed brain atrophy and I had an acute brain haemorrhage at the same time as liver failure, when I was admitted to hospital.

      Once people stop drinking and start eating properly, it is amazing how well they recover their senses. In the mean time, he should be taking thiamine, it is a non prescription vitamin and helps the brain and memory.

      Like most heavy drinkers, he probably has gastritis, which means the stomach lining is damaged and can't absorb the nutrients properly, plus people who consume lots of alcohol, generally don't tend to eat well.

      Anyway, good luck for tomorrow. My advice is to let him drink tonight, so he doesn't wake up in the early hours and start drinking or feel the need to start before his appointment.

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      Thanks again for your reply. He is actually having the scan for his stomach. He has already had one surgical procedure on his heart to help prevent blood clots and stroke. He has a fib brought on by the continuous bingeing. His liver function is also considered compromised. He knows all of this and also that there are resources to help him with his addiction. He says he wants to quit, but everything he does proves he doesn't really want to quit st all. What made you finally decide to get help? I just can't understand how he can keep doing this when he knows what it is doing to him and everybody close to hm. I'm beginning to think that the damage already done to his brain makes it impossible for him to think rationally.

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      Yes, I often forget that the US use CT/MRI scan for abdominal, rather than the ultrasound that we use in the UK. I much prefer the ultrasound.

      He probably does want to quit, wanting to quit and being able to quit are two different things.

      Me get help? I ended up in hospital for nearly two months. Was told, between my stroke (bleed on the brain) and liver failure, that I shouldn't have made it. But I'm an awkward sod and never do as I'm meant to.

      You don't get a much bigger warning sign than that. It still took me awhile and I did start drinking big time for a period, before I got medication to help with the temptation. It is hard and you do have to want it, or have had a big wake up call like I did.

      Alcohol gets a hold of you and the medical profession don't understand it or just don't care. They should be giving him plenty of vitamins, plus either detoxing him for something like Campral or giving him naltrexone. Alcohol (drug) affects the brain, you need medication (drugs) to put it back the way it was.

      Honestly, he needs medicstion to help him come off of it, and if he does, you would be surprised at how different a person he would be and how his brain would pick up.

      The stomach/abdominal scan will be to check the state of his liver and other internal organs. You need to look up the different types of medications available and get him on one.

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      I have tried but he won't follow through. He's an adult soI can't make him do anything he doesn't want to. His whole family and I are so frustrated with him. The doctors all wan him to that if he keeps abusing alcohol his health will keep getting worse until nothing can be done to reverse the harm. He just seems to think he can get away with it. I've tried to get him to use this site, talking to you himself might help. Again he seems interested and then never follows through. 

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      Hi RHGB

      He is 57 and has been drinking for a very long time. The GPs at our surgery will not prescribe Benzos, even with me looking after him. Last time he asked for help he got the usual response referral to the ARC. Hopeless, as we all know. He was doing so well on Campral. He should never have gone after another job, right in the middle of his danger time-3 months after detox. It just pushed him over the edge I think. He is his own worst enemy.

      He is back up to 1 1/2 bottles of wine in 24 hours about 13 14 units? Got him to start a drink diary again. He can taper back until he has reached about 4 units. He could safely stop by then but this is the final hurdle he cannot overcome. He reached this stage, 4 times before xmas.

      So, I believe he has two options now; another medical detox which we will have to pay for privately then start TSM or he can (hopefully) manage to taper back to 4 units-ish and then start TSM. Apparently, you cannot start taking Nalf/Nalt until you are not in danger of DTs as the meds can bring you down too quickly. He is mindful of this. I am going to clarify this with Paul or Joanna. He has sent an email to Joanna, but was not in a fit state to check them yesterday.



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      'He just seems to think he can get away with it. I've tried to get him to use this site, talikng to you himself might help. Again he seems interested but never follows through'

      Hi Phyllis

      YES YES and YES that's us exactly. We have reached a point now though that is non negotiable. The AUD I have empathy, although obviously I cannot fully understand. I have supported him for many years. Hoping this doesn't sound as though I am describing myself as indispensable, but he would be dead by now if it wasn't for me.

      So I have given him an ultimatum, start TSM or we are finished. I have had enough. I do not relish the thought of losing my home my cats etc but I will enjoy the peace. I am very stressed. I love him but I can't live like this anymore.

      It is a very big tough decision to make but one I am determined to follow through. I don't know where both are in your relationship at the moment, but perhaps a shock like this might get him to take some action? It's so hard isn't it.

      Kind Regards


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      Your situation sounds lIke a mirror image of mine. My husband will be 56 in June. I am taking her m for a CT today and he is just sobering up, so at least he won't have to reschedule like he so often has to do. I feel for you so much as I really do know exactly how you feel.

      Take care,


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      It would be cheaper to get a private prescription from a private doctor than pay for a home detox.

      That's the only thing with Campral, it does need a fair amount of stability in its use. On the bright side, that's three months that his liver got a break.

      Although all people react differently, a bottle and a half of wine (male) is not a huge amount to come off. If he came down to a bottle a day, I would have thought he would be fine with nalf/nalt, as you don't come to a complete stop, you taper down through lack of interest. There are some people who come here, drinking a bottle of vodka a day and want to jump straight on TSM.

      As you have said, Paul or Joanna will confirm this for you. But I would suggest that he takes up TSM asap, before all the good work of the Campral is lost and alcohol has a firm imprint on his brain again.

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      He must taper back at 10% a day. If he reduces any more than this, he starts getting shaky and has hallucinations. Very sensitive to alcohol now.

      Lying again to me about how much he has had today. Why does he still lie? Only fooling himself, I can see where he is just by looking at him.

      Thanks for listening RHGB

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      He must have had several detoxes/cold turkey over time for him to be that sensitive.

      Why is he lying? Well, it is easier than telling the truth. That doesn't make him a bad person, it is just human nature. If he tells you the truth, probably one of two things is going to happen. One you will get angry with him and perhaps have a row or you will show major disappointment. Either leads to an uncomfortable emotion and tends to be avoided.

      And the way to avoid it, is to lie. Most men don't like confrontation with their partner. Someone at at work, someone in the street, someone in the pub, fine, but not with their partner.

      That's my short answer, I will give a longer answer tomorrow when I have more time. But I have one question, what makes you think he is only drinking one and a half bottles of wine a day? Because he told you, because that is all that you see evidence of?

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      Hi Joanna, I've just had notification that my tablets have been shipped (on 26th) I'm assuming that they won't be here before the weekend? I know you're away then so wondered if I should check in with you about starting them before then, or leave till they actually arrive?



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      No chance before the weekend and of course there is a bank holiday Monday thrown into the mix too, so everything gets slowed down in terms of postal services.

      Definitely, please get in touch with me before they begin - whenever they arrive.

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      Yes of course, I'd forgotten bank holiday! Will do, and wishing you all the best for the weekend!

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