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So I'v been diagnosed with diverticular disease. I haven't been able to sleep or eat well in a week.

I don't have a fever. I just have abdominal pain on my left side. Bloating and constipation are also an issue. My symptoms will come and go throughout the day and week. I'm starting to lose hope. This is just too overwhelming for me.

I'm only 28. I am really depressed right now. My wife keeps crying because she can't handle me going through this for life. I'm staying strong but it's hard to fathom going through the rest of my life being scared to eat certain foods or not being able to drink wine. I feel like I'm 50. I just feel like my youth has been cut short. I'm trying to be strong but it's definitely breaking me.

Anyone else feel like this? What should I do?

Any advice is helpful. I just need some people to talk to.

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    First thing for you to do,,,, is calm down,,, you belong to a very large  community

    of owners ov Divi... And it is not terminal,,, just a nuisance, It's a pain,,, that you can, and will control. The constipation is easily controlled,,, and necessary

    Eating  is only a problem whist you are having a flare .liquids ,and sloppy foods if you get hungry   Paracetamol,,, everyones best friend, will help with the pain 

    STRESS is your worst enemy . I know it's a bummer, but it will get better.

    Now ,,have a cuppa ,get dressed pop to the chemist and buy a bottle of

    Lactulose , and,, stick to the dose recommended.

    Write again if you need more Use the private message if you prefer.. it's 

    the envelpoe under your name


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      Thank you for replying. I know it's not terminal or anything. And for that I'm grateful. I'm finding a bit of peace with this community. I've been reading around for a few days and decided to join today. For anyone that's on the younger end and going through this, please feel free to share your story or comment on this thread.

      I'm already making some major diet changes. I bought a cold press juicer today and some organic produce. It's expensive but I've been reading about the benefits of cold pressed juices for a couple days now. I'll be posting my status throughout the flare up. Hopefully this will help someone else in my position.

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      I am brand new to this. I got diagnosed two days ago through a CT scan.

      Sorry if I came off as trying to advertise... I've been reading all I can on this and since I needed a bland diet for now, I decided to give juicing a chance. I figure I have nothing to lose.

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      I was diagnosed a few months a go and have had 2 bouts. Stress is major! I am very limited on what I put in my mouth now, I juice a lot, keep a food diary and just keep pushing forward. I take a good probiotic and drink lots of water. Going out to dinner isn't the same as it used to be, but it is manageable. Keep your spirits up! Take care -

      ~ Tammy

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    Stress is a problem ,makes things worse. Try Buscopan pills (from chemist) to help with the pain can be taken with Paracetamol.
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    HI. MItch,

    dont lose hope, I know it's easy to, my story started at about 30 I am now 53,  you will learn what things may be triggers for you, we are different so it's trial and error really. I take probiotics every day to give your gut much needed support, maybe try keeping a food diary and you may notice some patterns, stress I believe. makes it worse so exercise when you can, I have tried a diet where you don't mix carbs and protein, it worked for about three years really well but recently I have had a bad few months, it's easy to get down about it and people that don't have it don't understand how it impacts on your life. You will get bouts but hopefully in between some really well periods, it takes time to get your head around but you will. Good luck

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    Look on the bright side, you have the opportuity to eat better than before!  I had a similiar episode at 28 but at the time they did not do CT or colonoscopy (1988) just put me on a low residue (anti inflamatory) diet and then candida diet (for all the antibiotics) along with psyllium.  I was good for years and then not at all for the past 5 where one or two glasses of California wine a week became 2 multiple times a week and junk food.  I am just getting through my 5th week post seriously painful attack which was confirmed  via bloodwork and CT.  Today there are tons of gluten free foods, sugar free almond milks, and lean meats, ready to eat/cook fresh vegies.  Best advice I got was "rest your bowels" which for me also means not a whole lot of torking movements. Sounds like you are smart - compare all the diets, keep the food diary and eat one type of food at a time so you see the reaction.  Get gut specific probiotics.  Maybe you will be healthy and fine when you realize what you are eating and not have another problem until you are 52 like me! 

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      Wow thanks Ann that give me a lot of hope!

      You're right about the eating healthier part. Even my wife is taking up healthy eating. Though I suspect she's doing it to not exclude me from lunch and dinner lol.

      I feel better today. No real pain, just anxiety and some constipation. I'm hoping to eat some salmon with cooked carrot and potatos (skin removed) today.

      Juicing has been a good way to get calories and vitamins while on a bland diet. My favorite juice recipe so far is:

      4 carrots

      1 apple

      1 peeled orange

      1 celery stalk

      1 1-inch piece of ginger

      This makes about two 8 ounce cups depending on the size of carrots and apple. It's about 300 calories for all of it.

      I want to be clear that I am not advertising any juicers to anyone. I just want to share this for anyone going through this crap.

      I'm also going to start walking about 30 minutes a day. I read it's good for the digestive system. Obviously I want to jog but I don't want to be too hard on my body right now.

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      I save anybones from chicken or lamb and put them in the freezer. When I have enough for a large pan I just add water and bring to the boil then simmer for an hour. I let go cold then do the same the next day. When the stock is solid at room temp it is ready. The cat loves any bits of chicken left on the bones!
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      This sounds fairly easy!  Someone was asking about bone broth on another group I'm in (it's so good for everything apparently!).  Do you mind if I nick it and post it in my other group- people were saying about boiling bones for days and the smell is terrible!

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