Just diagnosed with copd a week ago.

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I was a pack to pack and half a day smoker , started feeling tired and tightness in my chest. Went to a family Dr and told her my symptoms she listened to my chest and said actually sound clear.. Then commented it's probably copd, we will do a chest X-ray and make sure there are no masses . After reading the X-ray it was confirmed COPD. Im 55 and now worried SICK.. I quit smoking started excersising more . I don't even know the stage I'm in or the other numbers everyone talks about. I want to see a pulmonogist and be evaluated .... I'm just curious if any one else was my age when diagnosed , with same symptoms and how old are you now? Thanks for listening

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    Hi Teresa , I was diagnosed 11 yrs ago aged 55, I have emphysema and bronchiectasis , I now have severe copd, and I'm on oxygen 24/7 ,but there are people on here who have stayed in the early stages so we are not all the same as I'm sure you will find out with the responses you get to your post.  Just try to stay positive and keep off the cigs. Good luck , warm regards julia 
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    Hi was diagnosed back in 1992 ,I'm now aged 69 ,an ex smoker ,gave up after being blurpe lighted into ICU. ,so it's good you stopped smoking ,I go to the gym twice a week ,and on Thursday I managed 3& 1/2 Klm on the treadmill in 46 minutes ,

    ask your GP to refer you to PULMARY REHAB. They are specialist nurses who run a light fitness and medication  education course , and breathing technics ,You'l find a lot of us on here have done the course ,and that's what got me / us into exersise , yes you will have your set backs like chest infections etc ,but if you eat well ,take your medication ,and exersise you should do ok ,as for the numbers ,,,I haven't got a clue what stage I'm at etc I go by how I'm feeling ,numbers mean nothing to me ,like if they said you've only got 50% lung capacity I'd be worrying about the 50% I've got left etc !so until I need to know ,,,,,they can keep in the dark ,

    you've come to the right place for comments and some will offer advise ,

    the worst thing you can do is worry about it !so don't just there in your chair !the best thing is to get out and about !you'll be ok !I wish you well ,


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      Thank you so much for replying to my post. I do excersise .. But will push for more I'm calling my Dr Monday morning to be referred so I can at least know what they think... I am willing to do whatever it takes to stay here as long as I can.. Thank you
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      Hi again ,well you seem to have the right attitude ,I was only 46 when diagnosed  ,now 69 and going to the gym ,the thought that pushed me ,,,and still dies today is,,,,,,I didn't want to be the old lady sat in a  arm chair  in the corner attached to on oxygen tank , I know that wouldn't be the case as things gave improved greatly over the years ,,,but you know what I mean ,

      it's not the end of the world ,you've seen on here already that people who were diagnosed years and years ago like me,are still here enjoying life .

      i do know that if I had kept on smoking I wouldn't be here now ,I wouldn't have seen my daughter get married in the beautiful Lake District ,and I wouldn't have  had the happy times I've spent with my Absolutely gorgeous grandaughter Lois ,she's 12 ,and just returned from Florida on holiday ,she gave gifts of beautiful bath bombs that smell of the ocean and done of berries ,and some beautiful hand wash foam ,,,,as for grandad ,,,,well he got another fridge magnet haha ,,,this one is a crocodile ,,,,,he's scared to death of them so that should keep out of the fridge for a while ,hahah,

      ive gone a bit ,,,,that's because I wanted you to realise how good life still us after being diagnosed ,it's not the end of the world ,

      I have  Asthma,,,,,,,Chronic Bronchietis ,,,,,Emphasyma ,,,COPD ,

      check in on here from time to time if your unsure of something ,one of us will probably gave the answer ,good luck and best wishes ,


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    Hi teresa10735,

    I'm 55 now and was diagnosed almost a year ago come Sept. Don't freak out or worry too much...with good care you can live a long time. But you do need to see a lung Dr and have a lung function test done so you will know where you are at and learn about some of those numbers. I was depressed and devestated at first too but I quickly learned after researching and talking to people on sites like this that it's gonna be ok. I smoked too until the day I was diagnosed...for over 36 years, but I quit that day and my COPD numbers and symptoms actually got a bit better bc of quitting. But, please keep in mind when you stop smoking is probably the only time you may see better numbers bc this disease normally does not get better. You can hopefully maintain where you are right now for as long as possible with medication or oxygen if needed....but it can also go downhill if you dont take care. But now you know...and you quit smoking and the Pulmonologist will get you the right meds and you'll learn so much to help stay where you are. Please keep us posted...this is a good site to share on. Ladyjack51

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      Thank you so much for replying, I know there are going to be people worse than me and better than me. That's why I joined I want to know as many stories about copd experiences as possible. Believe it or not all of the replies are making me feel better. I will be going to a specialist as soon as I can . I will never touch another cigarette. I will be in touch with all of you. Again thank you
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    Hi Teresa10735:

    I was diagnosed several years back, can't really remember how many.  I was in total

    absolute denial about it due to also finding out that there were several other chronic

    diseases happening and being diagnosed one after the other, which I am not going to get into here as this site is for copd.  For some unknown reason my system/body cannot tolerate many meds., ie. the majority of them, pills, inhalers, etc. make me worse rather than better.  In some cases much worse.

    Going to get to the positive part now; I have copd, not sure what wording to use

    here, caused from?  due to?  chronic bronchitis growing up.  I outgrew the bronchitis at approximately 19 years of age or thereabouts.  I too smoked a least

    a pack of cigarettes per day for many, many years.  I have one puff of ventolin

    (inhaler) upon rising in the morning and that's it as far as meds for me!  The

    doctors have tried many different inhalers, meds. etc. but none of them agree

    with me, the majority of them make my breathing worse and come, for me, with

    many other terribe side affects.  The point I am going to get to is that as, think it

    was Nanny said, this is an individualistic disease, meaning that it affects each and

    every one of us in a different way.  I don't exercise a lot unless you count looking

    after a large home and yard and running up and down 14 stairs at least 10 times

    a day!  When I finally accepted that I have copd I too was devastated - for a while.

    Now I choose to live my life as best I can and not concentrate on the many chronic illnesses that I have.  I eat well, sleep well and try to remain positive.

    When I first accepted my diagnosis I was on this site A LOT and it did help me;

    however, I realized that I was focusing too much on it and choose now to be

    discriminating in my usage of this site.  I wish you all the best. 



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      Wow I'm really surprised at how many people do still use this site, at first I thought most of the posts were at least a year old.. But still for now I just need to hear as many experiences as possible. And thank you so much for replying! I'm sorry I haven't said this in my other replies I really wish each and every one of you the best in your many years to come! Thank you all!
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    Hi I am sorry to hear that.  I was diagnosed with mild copd at age 56.  I am now 61 and still mild - in fact my lung function has actually gone up a bit.   COPD can be managed by leading as healthy a life as possible,  a good diet.   exercise and  not smoking etc, 

    When I was diagnosed I was very worried as well but the doctor said something else would probably get me first like old age!  So while I understand how you are feeling about such a diagnosis,  once you come to terms with it you will realise that you can still have qualify of life.  

    You need to ask what your lung function is - FEV1 and your FVC - forced vital capacity.   Then ask what stage you are at.   There is mild,  moderate,  severe and very severe.  You are probably only at the mild stage and as such it will be unlikely to will get a referral to a consultant.  My surgery certainly has a policy of only referring to a consultant if they can no longe handle my care. 

    Lastly please don't google indiscriminately as you will just end up scaring yourself silly - stick to recognised sites like this one and NHS etc.  (providing you are in the UK that is!).    Bev x

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    Hi Teresa

    I was diognosed with mild copd in April this year I had smoked for many years I am 55 years old

    At the time I was of diognoises I was in bits I have stopped smoking and finally getting on with my life I am still working as domestic in a hospital and hope to continue you will be fine do not let it worry you copd is a umbrella term for many things I do not need any medication at the moment witch is good all I can say is leave the cigs alone and don't dwell on it you can probe by do everything you could before beingg told you have copd

    Many years ago it was just diognosed as chest complaint it's being labeled as copd that scares us all

    I find reading the comments on here helps me a lot my brother is 54 suffering with server copd and I have promised myself and grandchild I will never get like that do think positive and you will learn how to control this terrible dieses in your own way

    Take care and keep in touch xx

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      Hi zoozoo01,

      I'm concerned that you aren't on any medication at all. You said years ago it was just a chest complaint...now its COPD. You will only get worse with no medication at all to maintain you at the level you are at now. Am I missing something? You seem glad not to be taking anything but that's not best for you if you really do have COPD.....


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      Hi ladyjack

      What I meant in my post was years ago the doctors didn't use the term copd they used to say chest infection sorry if it read wrong

      I was only dioagnosed in April this year had my spirometry test and that was 79% my doctor prescribed a inhailer to use if and when but haven't needed to use it so far as no s o b

      I'm a little confused myself that I don't need meds but thank you for your concern and take care xx

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      Hhmmm...well 79% is better than my 50% but I guess he only wants you to have an emergency inhaler much like an asthmatic. So good for you for catching it sooo early. You can maintain at 79% for a long time...maybe forever! I hope so sweetie! Keep us posted!Ladyjack51
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    Hi Teresa,

    So pleased you made the sensible choice to quit.

    My Mother had COPD, and sadly didn't listen.

    As others have said here, you can hold it back for a good long time with exercising your lungs and eating good food to help your body fight back.

    Good luck with the Doc, and let us know how you get on.

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