Just had TURP my story so far

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If this just helps one man suffering from BPH who is considering a TURP procedure I will be happy. I’m no writer so my grammar could be choppy

Its up to you if you want to read all of this, but I just wanted to be as comprehensive, accurate, and transparent as possible.

My name is Scott (Live in South Florida) I am 57 years old, retired firefighter, and consider myself in pretty good shape 6’2, 220 lbs, with no real medical history. i.e. diabetes, heart problems, stroke, immune disorders etc.

My journey/story into having a TURP procedure is based on the following:

I’ve had problems peeing for probably over 10 plus years

Weak flow,

Pee coming out in a split stream

Having to push hard often when I pee.

Getting up multiple times on certain nights, not every night but enough to make me fatigued and frustrated.

So, before I retired (11/19) my fire department brought in a medical company and offered us full body scans. They sonogram you from your carotid arteries down to your testicles. Mine went well accept for some clouding around a part of my bladder. Ok this information concerned me, scared me the whole bit. I didn’t really know what to do so I brought the information to my primary care doctor who recommend I see a urologist (I might have some bladder damage). Well yes all those dreaded thoughts come into my mind about everything bad.

Now by coincidence a few guys who I smoke a cigar with twice a month were talking, and told me a close friend of theirs, who I know, just went through a bad prostate problem. Maybe, I should talk with him a little about this stuff and maybe he can recommend a good urologist.

OK, so I call this gentleman (he knows me) and ask him if I can talk to him about his prostate issue because I feel I may have one also. Now I just want to note this guy is well educated, successful in good shape and extremely capable of making good decisions. He is also very nice and has an incredible heart for others…. In short… I trust him… His age is 59.

He describes to me that he had BPH was taking medicine for a while and all of a sudden one day the medicine apparently stopped working and his urine started filling his bladder to a level that was almost 2 litres??. So, how did he find this out. He was traveling in another state, had dinner with friends (my cigar buddies) and as they were driving down the road he didn’t feel good, so he asked if they could stop the van so he could use the restroom. He advised as he exited the van he had severe abdominal pain and he completely past out and slammed his head against the side walk. He was helped up and taken to the hospital (Said if he was alone he would be dead). The hospital determined his bladder was filled with urine as he hadn’t pee’d in two days almost 2 litres.. So, he finally gets home to south Florida and finds out his situation has gotten so bad that he cant get a TURP or other procedures that he has to have a full prostectomy. He had to travel from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando to get iprocedure done. The doctor he initially saw in Fort Lauderdale was booked up for a month. He was referred to another doctor in Orlando by a trusted friend. So, after a lot of pain and suffering he gets the procedure done, and I’m happy to say my dear friend is ok happy and healthy. However, he told me Scott get the TURP procedure done don’t wait don’t put yourself through the massive suffering and pain he went through. One thing he did say that stuck in my head. He said he thought he was managing the BPH situation with meds, until the situation quickly changed course and managed him almost killing him.. I know lots of guys get blocked up with advanced stages of BPH, but you really never know when or where you will be when the blockage starts. So with that long term med usage is concerning.

So, I thank my dear friend for his time and the humble sharing of his story.

From here I scout out a good urologist in my area. I go in to the appointment have a cystoscopy which wasn’t a lot of fun but it was do-able had a sonogram, a CT scan and a rectal exam. He said yep you have BPH and do show some bladder damage from forcing myself to pee over the years. He prescribes me alfuzosin and mentions TURP procedure if I’m interested.

I decide to take the meds from January to May with no real improvement noted. He said there are other meds but they can have some negative side effects. I start thinking I probably need some type of procedure possibly that TURP thing. Here I start researching all of the available procedures and it just seemed that most people that get other procedures end up finally getting a TURP (Hence its referred the Gold Standard) Read and studied REZUM, Greenlight, Uro lift, etc. One of my biggest concerns is that Im very active I ride road bikes and mountain bikes and I put a lot of pressure in the prostate area, so I did not want and mechanical contraptions down there that I could accidentally loosen up because of my excessive biking.

So, I make the TURP decision and again research the crap out of it. I meet my doctor and tell him this is my choice lets get this done. He advises that with the slight bladder damage and pretty extensive blockage that this is a good choice for the long run. He’s actually a pretty nice guy I like his demeanor bedside manner and professionalism.

Two weeks before:

Pre surgical physical tests and chest x-ray at primary care doctor passed

Covid19 test done passed.. Hospital requirement

Surgical date set for 6-8-2020

Day before surgery nervous anxious but not too bad “It is what it is”

Watched a bunch of positive video stories on YouTube “Sunrise Urology” Turp patient testimonies (made me feel a little more at ease).

Really praying for good outcome. I feel young for this at 57, but Dr did see some bladder damage and retention with blockage present

Wife going with me. She’s been great I’m very lucky… 33 years married.

Lots of thoughts funny how our minds worry more than they stay positive…

Slept ok last night woke up early 4:30am little nervous praying for the best.

Just got to hospital ...South Florida Plantation

West Side Regional Hospital 10:30 am

Paper work signed sitting …. waiting to get called in….

Going in now….

Everyone at hospital was very nice and professional “That helps”

Anesthesia went really well woke up in no pain, no nausea but groggy… Normal ….. Good job Anesthesia Guy.. 

Yep, there's that catheter funny as “I reached down there to check”

A small very slight pain at penis tip... scale 1 out of 10 told nurse she gave me liquid tylenol it helped pretty quickly. I didn't want to ignore any pain and have it get bad.

The slight pain went away never worsened

They were gonna keep me overnight but since I was young 57 and procedure went well with little bleeding they are sending me home...

Going through discharge process IV out, catheter a little uncomfortable 2 out of 10 more uncomfortable than painful. Penis tip a little sensitive.

Ok going home still groggy a little hungry hoping things at home go well

Have two prescriptions

Phenazopyrudine 200 mg tab every 8 hours for any burning in penis

Nitro furantoin mono mcr 100 mg twice a day Antibiotic

Tylenol for pain every 4 hours

Ok catheter info:

Tube coming out of penis positioned off to my right side so I changed to right side of my bed. Looks a little weird but you get used to it.

Blood in Urine in catheter bag this is normal don’t freak out.

Some blood at penis tip too. Normal don’t freak out.

I had my wife stick a clothes hangar between box spring and mattress to hand catheter bag on. It worked pretty good. You gotta keep it lower than your bladder or it will not drain. A little uncomfortable but it's ok

Wipe blood at penis tip away gently with damp tissue paper so it doesn't dry up and make my penis stick to my leg.

Again no need to freak out… Really no need….

No real pain just penis tip sensitive at this point it's been 9 hours (8pm) since surgery 11am


Chicken soup

Ritz crackers

Good amount of water keep bladder irrigated

Pee is slightly pink and orange from Phenazopyrudine it's normal.

Watching TV trying to stay still don't wanna move catheter around too much. Dr. said don’t worry too much catheter is in place.

Only surgical procedure I've ever had is colonoscopy so it isn't like I Have a lot of experience with this stuff.

I was able to lie in bed and relax actually napped for about an hour my body is relaxing a bit more. Situation is understandably stressful in the mind it's normal, it's ok. This is do-able.

First night leaving hospital catheter is difficult to adjust to didn't sleep very well. Finally got some rest around 1am (Just more emotionally tired lots of wasted emotion and energy worrying way too much…..)

Second day still no pain from surgery and my body is adjusting to catheter a little better. Haven't had bowel movement yet. A little nervous pushing down there mostly eating chicken soup and toast.

Ok second night my body feels a little more relaxed and I'm going to have a small amount of spaghetti and salad for dinner it's Tuesday night I had TURP on Monday morning at 11 am. I am going back to doctors on Wednesday at noon for catheter removal. Yes of course I'm a little nervous about that. Again normal…

I slept pretty well Tuesday night woke up a couple of times with just the awkward catheter arrangement. I am hanging catheter bag next to bed from the hanger a placed between box spring and mattress. Ok Wednesday morning got up and did my walk through my house just “house laps” I call them to keep my body moving. Keep blood flowing

After about 5 laps I felt I had to go number 2. Oh boy a little scared to push. Number 2 not so bad but I did have a bladder spasm for about 20 seconds it is like a pain where you feel like your pushing to pee but it goes away when you focus on relaxing. It's ok it's not a sharp pain just a pushing sensation in penis. Don’t freak

Now it's 10:30 and I'm trying to figure out how to use leg strapping catheter bag so I can go to doctor. I don't want to walk into waiting room carrying big catheter bag. Although it may be funny seeing peoples reactions. They'll definitely give me my space. Bunch of red pee in bag from medicine and light blood. Ok I have leg bag figured out off to doctor with wife. Man, I'm nervous and I'm scared about my stuff working after catheter removed. This s**t is definitely a head game, but you can do it stay positive.  So as I'm sitting in waiting room it's 1230 and the food delivery guy comes in Dr. office with a bunch of food bags from Cheesecake Factory. So I think great I gotta sit and wait while they eat or their gonna rush me through catheter removal so they can chow down. My name is called and I go in to room number 3. Now I'm getting more nervous and the office nurse who's very nice says welcome sir pull down your pants, put this cloth around you doctor will be in in a minute. Dr. comes in he's very nice and says man are you ok you look nervous. I said I am nervous if course. He smiled. He said no worries taking out catheter is really no big deal. He said my procedure went great and I am going to feel like a million bucks. He said I needed procedure lots of blockage and some suspected minor bladder damage previously seen but not bad.

Ok here’s the catheter technique he used. I’m lying on my back he holds the tube and my penis and says take a deep breath and exhale slowly. He did this twice and removed ¾ of catheter the third breath the catheter just rubs against the sphincter muscle a minor pressure feeling for literally one second and I’m done. Really a lot less than I thought, again a lot of needless worry. He said go home drink lots of water. Take it easy. No lifting weights or riding my bike for 6 to 8 weeks, I will see some blood in urine its normal. Peeing will burn a little but he gave me a medication for that which really works pretty good. He did go over retrograde ejaculation with me and I understood it. However, the meds I was taking was causing a lot of that anyway. So, I’m hoping for the best sexually.

So, Day three I’m going home in car catheter free and now hoping I can pee normal and my biopsy comes back negative for cancer. I’ll take any prayers if you have them

Ok I’m home and I feel a pee coming on. No incontinence. I go to pee and no real pain maybe a real slight burn 1 on scale from 1 to 10.

I slept very well third night got up to pee around three times still no real bad burning or stinging. Medicine I believe helps with this (Phenazopyrudine 200 mg tab every 8 hours).

Day four Thursday. Feeling better eating better, peeing normal, very slight spasm at end of pee (I’m able to control this. No big deal) a pushing sensation.

Fellas, I know this is gonna take weeks for me to fully heal, but I hope and pray for the best. I intend to take care of my body best I can and drink a lot of water…. No Beer fellas… for a little while at least. I hope my story helps someone. Listen Its normal to be nervous and confused, but like my friend said BPH can go from you managing it, to it managing you in a bad and painful way. If you are a candidate for this procedure strongly consider it after you find a solid Dr. Check all Dr. ratings and use good trusted references if you have them. If your in this BPH boat I feel all your thoughts and worries, but its treatable don’t ignore it. Make your life as long and as great as you can, and don’t worry about stuff as much as I did You can do this

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    Scott thank you for the story. Very good information. A Turp is not for everyone it is a last resort procedure and there are good and bad story's on here. I do hope you do well that was your choice. Some men do not come out to well after and it take them a long time to get back to normal.

    I have red 8 week or longer for sex. Some men have problems with erection after a year You have to make sure the blood is going to that area. All men have different concerns. I know that the doctor told you about retro but did he tell you that it may change in your orgasm. It may go down to a 3rd of what it use to be.

    I live in Orlando.At 58 I had around the same problem.My prostate was closed tight plus a stricture which I did not know about ) Had slow steam and infections. I just thought it was me getting older. In 2014 I had 7 UTI's and sepsis. That is when I had to get a Urologist. Great guy he is only 40 now

    He found out I had the stricture. He put me on Flomax and Rapaflo worst medication. No ejaculation and a flat orgasm. I stopped and called the doctor. That is when he told me about the Urolift It was only out 6 month's. I told him okay after he said that there is no side effects. At my age I may not be having any more kids but I feel that they both go together.

    It is over 5 years still wide open and my orgasm are just as intense.

    It is up to the man to do what they feel is right. I believe in starting with a procedure that will not have any side effects because that was my concern.

    I do hope all goes well for you. Why did you decide on the Turp when something else could have worked with less problems.....

    GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST...I will say a prayer for you....Ken

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      I indicated my lifestyle activity of aggressive road cysling and mountain biking. I did not want to take a chance of hindering or damaging the urolift devices (Inserted in that area). I have also read many many men who get the Urolift end up getting Turps in the long run. I am hoping and praying that my sex life works out in the best manner possible, but my baldder damage and my lifestyle lent more toward the TURP.To question my choice and indicate that its wrong shows a lack of maturity and respect. You might want to think about your posts before you post them. Thanks for your prayer Ken.

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      I do not feel I showed you any disrespect. Like I said that was your choice and you have your own concerns. I did not question your choice. It was just my opinion.

      I have stood by many men on here that have had many other procedure not just Turp because that is what they picked. It was up to them. We are all different

      Yes they are many men that have had the Urolift done that it did not work but after reading there post you fine out that there doctor did not take care of a median lobe problem so of course the Urolift will not work because you still have a blockage. Also some men had it done by doctor and it did not work because they were in retention. And it even tells you that on the site that if you are in retention a Urolift will not work

      We can go back and forth. I can go on many sites that has 50 men or more that wish that they never heard of a Turp. Some even said they wish they could put there doctor on the table and do the same to them.

      I have never felt my clips when I go to the gym and get on the machines They have never given me a problem

      You picked the procedure that you feel is right for you. I'm happy for you And I hope you heal well and you have no side effect that you can't deal with.

      Life goes on and we all deal with what we pick. God Bless

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    I had a TURP 16 months ago at age 71. I was in the hospital overnight but went home without a catheter and resumed all normal activity after 3 weeks per my doctor's instruction. Best thing I ever did for my BPH. (I was on an alpha-blocker for 5 years or so but eventually it lost its effectiveness.) My doctor said it takes 3 months for the prostate to heal completely. Expect to see some tiny scabs in your pee after a few weeks. That's normal. I get up once a night 6 nights out of 7 (was 2 or 3 times pre-surgery.) If I have to pee and there's no bathroom around, I can hold it and not worry about it. Stream is still strong. Best wishes for your recovery.

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    Thanks Scott for that great write up. I had a failed Urolift in 2015 and was scheduled for a TURP in November but because of some other medical issues I had to reschedule it for March. The March procedure got scrapped because of Coronavirus and I'm thinking about doing it in the Fall. I have done my research and talked to many doctors and I feel that the TURP is right for me and that my doctor is the right one to do it. There are risks and benefits to any procedure but for me the TURP seemed the best way to achieve the best results. At age 60, I'm willing to trade Retrograde for the ability to sleep better at night, hike in the mountains without stopping 100 times, and not to have to worry about always worrying about finding a bathroom. I've been dealing with this for probably 20 years and my doctor told me that 95% of the men that he operates on love him after the procedure.

    Best of luck.


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      Hello Lee,

      It is only reasonable that the procedure one picks for their advanced BPH is personal and should be an educated one. I do not doubt the effectiveness of other procedures, I just had a discomfort with the Urolift regarding its lifespan and potential problems. I was concerned about the lack of studies pertaining to the prostate growing around the devices (The prostate will keep growing after any procedure). The ability and tools necessary to remove any faulty or malfunctioning devices. etc. My hobbies which include aggressive mountain biking are very strenuous and highly impactful to the prostates region. The gym I was not so concerned about but a bicycle seat slamming into my rear end at the rate of 36 plus times a week concerned me. I am not real excited about the retrograde ejaculation issue, but I did already experience it with the pharmacological treatments. It wasn't life shattering to me. Some people do place a huge emphasis on this part of their personal physiology and thats fine. Me personally. I have been married for 35 years have a great wife and I feel my sex life is great. At this stage of the game I'm chasing around a lot more important things then my next orgasm 😃. I'm 9 days after my TURP and thankfully I feel great, no pain, peeing great, getting up once a night. Just really bored because I cant pursue my physical hobbies yet, but I'm being patient and listening to my doctors advice. He's been really great. I pray your procedure goes as well as mine. Keep on hiking 😃

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      Rob, your timeline is remarkably similar to mine. I had a UroLift (5 implants) in 9/16 which gave me effective relief for about 18 months. I've had to delay treatment twice for similar reasons. Unfortunately my prostate continued to grow and during 3 subsequent cystoscopies 3 different urologists were unable to visualize any of the implants. One was able to point out an area where it appeared that an embedded implant was pulling the lateral lobe in some but overall it was a very temporary solution in my case. No regrets, it was the right decision at the time for me. I will add that in my case I have a significant median lobe that is protruding into my bladder and creating what they call the "volcano effect." At the time UroLift had no way of addressing that and I am unaware of how effective or risky the so called "MedLift" is at treating a problematic median lobe now that that variant of the procedure is available. I'm scheduled for an Aquablation (which is a form of TURP) in mid September and hoping I can "limp across the finish line" as my symptoms have become mush worse recently. Good luck with everything.

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      Hey Russ, yes, it's interesting to see many of us here who have similar experiences with similar procedures. When my Urolift was done in 2015 it was not yet FDA approved for the Medlift to address median lobes and my whole problem is my median lobe, which like yours, is poking into my bladder. As a result my Urolift should never have been done but that is water under the bridge but I don't want have anything to Urolift/MedLift and I don't believe that my doctors (UCI here in Southern Cal) even do Urolifts any more. I am familiar with Aquablation and think it is a very promising surgery and had a full workup (scope, MRI, urodynamics test) at USC last summer with Dr. Desai who led the clinical trials in this country. I was ready to do it but Dr. Desai didn't recommend it as my platelets (blood clotting blood cells) were too low from other medical treatments (if it ain't one thing it's another!). Best of luck, I hope to get TURP'ed at some point soon. Good peeing to us all! Rob

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    Its been two weeks and one day since my TURP.

    Urinating like a 15 year old (seriously)

    No real pain after surgery getting catheter out was not bad (1 second pinch) Pain scale 2-3, agian for 1 second

    Was worried about severe pain when urinating but never rerally experienced it. Some real real minor burning sensation. I was prescribed drug noted above for pain when urinating and it worked like a charm. Only took it for 4 days.

    No incontinence

    Peeing once a night already

    Once in a while I get an urgency to pee, but I can hold it.

    Getting erections during the night, but I know sex is not ok for 4 to 5 weeks. Bummer

    Really miss working out and riding my road and mountain bikes.

    Been walking around neighborhood a lot. Did 3 miles yesterday.

    Have follow up appointment next week.

    So far very happy with things. Praying for good results on biopsy results next week.

    "If you dont manage your BPH it will manage you." My friends quote 😃

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      Scott, I'd like to commend you for your extremely thorough and well thought out posts about your journey and also for your showing how this decision is not a "one size fits all" type of decision. It's very personal and very much dependent on one's lifestyle and particular circumstances. You did your due diligence and selected the best alternative for you. I think it's unfortunate that there seem to be some here who question the decisions others have made even after the fact when what is really needed is support and encouragement. I hope you enjoy getting back to your mountain biking and active lifestyle. As one who used to be an avid road cyclist I can fully appreciate that.

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      Thanks for your kind words.

      I would like to update my status. It has been 2 months and 3 weeks since my TURP. I am what I would refer to as symptomless. The big concern presented about retrograde ejaculation is mostly gone in my mind. At first a little weird but at this point I don't really think about it too much. To be transparent I engage in sex about once a week and it pretty much feels normal most of the time. Sometimes the sensation seems slightly reduced but when foreplay is focused upon the sensation seems the same as before. I have been back on both my mountain bike and road bike and have had no pain or other symptoms. The recovery process was a little long as I went 8 weeks before riding hard again just to be careful. I really did not want to go through multiple procedures or have any type of implants down there, but that just me. I have been married to a great wife since I was 25 and am now 57. She has reported no issues or problems with our sex life. Remember women go through a lot of urological stuff too. Love helps us all be more understanding. I have two great sons and at 57 don't plan on any more kids, thats for sure. It is my hope that men who go through this stuff seek out information like you and others have and then make the best educated and personal decision possible. I am aware the prostate continues to grow and my father had prostate cancer so sadly I will most likely have future challenges. In my past profession of 35 years (I just retired Yayyyy!!) I saw peoples Lives cut short everyday. We must live in the best ways possible and we can face our challenges educated, confident and with a positive attitude.

      Respectful Regards...

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      Hello Scott

      Glad everything worked out for you. I'm happy that there are other procedures out there that do not cut at anything.

      Yes we are all different and we all have different concerns. That is way not all procedure are one side fix all. At 58 I had the Urolift done I was not giving up my ejaculation for anything. All they had to do is open my prostate up because it was closed tight. Doctor could not get the camera though.

      It has been over 5.5 years and still wide open. At 65 I'm doing great never feel anything. I had 4 clips put in and my PSA is 0.7. I do a lot of research on BPH and Prostate Cancer. I found one that targets just the tumor and leave the rest of the prostate alone. So there is a less of a chance of side effects. Not giving up anything to cancer either.

      I still am glad everything worked out for you and happy your happy.....Ken

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      Hi Ken,

      Again... It feels like you are stalking all of us who choose to get a TURP. I'm beginning to wonder if:

      A. Your work for or have stock in Urolift

      B. You think that none of us who chose to get a TURP did not do our homework.

      C. Your orgasm is your lifes priority and you want to share that with everyone.

      Really not sure??

      I'm really glad and happy you are healthy and happy, but your kind of acting like a troll. Kind of weird just sayin...

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      Hey Scott

      I'm not stalking anyone I want all men to make sure they are doing what is right for them. There has been men on here that there doctor over look some of the side effects and they do not find out till after. I'm here for them to BIT?? and vent

      No I don't have stock n Urolift If they can have it. Good for them At 65 I do enjoy my orgasm and I would not do anything to take that away. That is my choice

      We all have a choice what procedure we have. You picked a Turp more power to you. I hope it works for you

      Thank you for calling be a TROLL. All I'm doing is making sure men do there research on what every they decide.

      I have many friends and acquaintances on here that I have been in contact with for 2 3 or 4 years. Being on here for over 5 years. I have heard a lot I get email all the time asking if I have any information that I can give them

      They have had a lot of different Procedure. Urolift, Rezum, Button Plasma Turp, Holep, Greenlight Laser, PAE and FLA and some others. I have help them all

      All I try to to is get men to do there research and make sure they are sure that is what they want. There are some men that have procedure that they know nothing about. You have to do you research. I'm happy you did your

      Thanks again for the kind words. That is you opinion God bless and stay safe

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      It is pretty clear your happy with your urolift and thats great. To continue to ask people why they would choose a TURP over a eurolift after they have had a TURP performed can be disturbing or troubling to individuals. Maybe your not a Troll but you continue to fail at exercising common sense. After someone has done their homework has a better understanding of their medical condition, and decided on this procedure takes a great deal of thought discussion and emotion on their part. If you really wanted to educate people on their options then provide all the data that pertains to each procedure. There are other medical factors that a person may use to determine if a TURP is appropriate for them. Your assumption that a Urolift is best is a very general assumption.

      Here is the first response you posted following me sharing my story right after my TURP:

      ""Why did you decide on the Turp when something else could have worked with less problems.....

      GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST...I will say a prayer for you....Ken""

      If you think this statement would help anyone your pretty clueless...

      If you want to help men which is a great thing to do, you might want to refine your communication style and thought processes. You can do better...

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      I'm happy with what I have pick and I never have push a Urolift. And if you really what to get down to it none of the men I have talk to over the years have had a Urolift procedure

      Why can't I ask that question All I'm trying to find out if you did the research on it before you had it. It is your right to have anything you feel would be best for you. I assume your doctor explained everything to you

      I have talk with many men that there doctor did not tell them a lot of things. Some doctors down play the side effects. They did not find out until after the surgery was done. That is on them for not doing there research

      You have to do your research when you are picking a procedure. You have to know the pros and cons of it and all the side effects that will or could happen

      I wish you well and I will take the prayers. I will say one for you to

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