Just started week 13

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Hi all

It's week 13 20mg and I'm really struggling woke up this morning with that fear feeling anxiety and my mind going at a million miles a hour what's happening to me why has all this come back I feel so scared again like I don't want to leave the house (but got no choice working)surely this can't be normal. week before last ok week last week bad week now this week even worse surely if these meds were going to work they would have by now 😠 Frustrated !

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    Recovery is not a linear process. 2 steps forward and then suddenly 2 steps back.

    The medicine is working, otherwise you would not have had any benefit of it.

    Either you need to give the 20 mg more time, or you might need an updose in order to get all the way there. No one but you and your doctor can make that decision.

    In my case, my doctor wants me on 30-40 mg, as her experience tells her that her patients often need more than 20 mg to fully recover.

    An updose might present side effects before the effect kicks in, so this is something you have to bear in mind when deciding which route to take. Updosing by 5 mg instead of 10 mg took the edge of my last updose from 20 to 25 mg.

    You will get advice of both giving it time and updosing, but eventually it is up to you.

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    Morning Don,

    Time is the healer here Don and you have to try and give it time.

    Most of us have been where you are and I even still get knocked back from time to time however, the difference is I am at 13 months where you are at 13 weeks. We cannot click our fingers and if by magic make it better (OH! How I wish I could), but we can support, advise and help you in any way we are able to.

    I cannot remember everyone's situation (and I'm on a jobsewarch at the moment as I've just been signed "fit" for work! Which is a struggle) however, what was it that put you on the meds?



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    Hi Don

    As the others said, it's often small progress followed by setbacks.  You may wake with that dreadful anxiety and full,of fear, but that isn't always an indication to how the rest of the day will pan out.

    When I was recovering I'd wake like that, and often find by the evening I'd feel quite good.  Happened each day.  The early morning anxiety was the last symptom to disappear for me.

    It is frustrating, and as Noolie says the medicine is working or you wouldn't be having this up and down phase.  This is normal, and yes it's so annoying, upsetting and disheartening, but you are healing and this seems a normal process most people follow.

    Next week you could be feeling great.  Recovery is a strange time and you never know where you're at.  But things are happening for you and it is just time.  Lots and lots of time.

    Mark progress is months, not weeks.

    You will get there xx

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      hi Kate

      i have been on 10mg escitalprom for 3 mths(equal to 20mg citalopram) in morn while most of the day i am ok but on waking depression or anxiety is bad and i have a fuzzy head. Is this normal or do i need increase Cheer


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      So it's just the morning when you wake that you get anxiety - the rest of the days is going ok?

      If you wake full of anxiety, but it wears off during the day, this is absolutely normal and will settle eventually.

      When I recovered I always woke with anxiety, but it wore off over the course of the day and I'd feel quite well by the evening.  Happened every day.  Early morning anxiety was the last symptom to disappear for me.  The first time I woke up with no anxiety felt quite weird!

      So no, I wouldn't increase.  The medicine is still working, you're still healing, and in time this morning anxiety will stop.  Alas more patience ...... it really is a slow process.

      But it will stop.

      K x


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    My very well informed and experienced GP, who over the years has started hundreds of patients on Citalopram says the exact same thing as Katekogs.

    Recovery is more often a question of months than weeks.

    When I phoned in worried that I felt really bad at 6 weeks, she said that her patients averages 3-4 month before noticing an effect. This means that a patient might see very good results after 1 month, while another patient have to wait 6 months to feel a lasting effect.

    She is persisting that she wants me on atleast 30 mg when possible, and this is where she differs from Katekogs, who believes that you just need time.

    Both can be right though.

    What is the advice of your doctor?

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      Hi Don

      Yes I think give that dose a bit longer.  Seems things are beginning to happen.  When I recovered, it happened so slowly I hardly noticed it.  I didn't see the little changes as improvement, and didn't know I was recovering - I had nobody to discuss it with and nobody to compare with .... so recovery crept up on me.  Even when I started getting good times I still didn't know what was happening.  I only know it started to feel good.

      Even when you up to 30mg you'll feel the same for a while - you still have to wait.  Would it happen any quicker?  I don't know, though from what I've read it seems not.

      Whatever dose you take you'll still get waves of anxiety coming and going, still get the early morning anxiety.  All of which will ease in time.

      Personally I'd rather try and recover on the least dose as possible - but of course we're all different.

      Since recovering on 20mg, I then reduced to 10mg and stayed on that for years, and as this is now my second time on the meds I've reduced to 5mg which I've been on for around 5 months (maybe?) and I still feel good.

      Yes give it some time - when do you go back to see your doctor?


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      Thanks katecogs

      She told me if things don't get better in 2-3 weeks to go back and see her then she would up my dose to 30mg I said I'm going to wait another month if things don't get better then I will up dose she said she doesn't want to rock the boat just yet as she thinks thing are getting better for me JUST LIKE U SAID your advice is so good your a star xx she said it takes time just like you 😃 Hope it ok to keep in touch with u when the bad times happen thanks so much xx

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      Yep, sounds a lovely doctor :-)

      Yes these meds are weird how they work.  You often see no progress for months and fox you into believing they're not working.

      Yes absolutely keep in touch - whether things get tough or good.

      Fingers crossed x

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    Hi Don:

    Ron here, absolutely understand whatyou're going thru, I'm going through the same things, Don.  I have been on cit for four weeks and my Dr. has backed me down to 20mg.  I have also felt really "down", probably for the past two months.  It's really hard to understand what is happening to us, Don, I wish I could explain it.  It is very nice to have this support thru Patient, it has helped me try to stay a little optimistic.  You hang in there, Don, with everybody's help we will persevere.


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      Don, I started a little over four weeks ago, first week 10mg, second week 20mg, third and fourth week, 30mg. It's been pretty tough, Don.  My depression and anxiety really snuck up on me. I go to my Dr. on Friday to discuss.  I have also suffered from OCD and a little panic attacks too. It all started around the first of the year. Had a very bad morning, today, but, a better afternoon.  Praying that it works, but, a little scary putting so much trust in a little pill. 


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