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Come on girl you can do it - keep fighting it hun - you are strong enough.

Everyone here is pulling for you.

Stay strong Katy

Missing your posts on here :cry:


Melbi xxx

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    I'm with Melbi. Missing your posts TT! You know, be alert! The world needs more lerts! Or something. Talk to us, we miss you. xx
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    :shock: Thanks Melbi and Breezman. I might get up then! :shock:
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    Might? MIGHT? What is this word you use?

    My goodness woman what is this world coming to? :roll:

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    Yo, even Lazarus with a triple bypass could get up! Cheers, TT, we care for you because we've been there and will be there again! And we still miss your posts! xx
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    [quote:28df9431e1=\"Breezman\"]Yo, even Lazarus with a triple bypass could get up! Cheers, TT, we care for you because we've been there and will be there again! And we still miss your posts! xx[/quote:28df9431e1]

    amen to that and there are no mights to even consider in the process.

    S'cuse me Mr Breezman.....you do realise sleep went that way


    So why are you facing that way


    Melbi x

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    Just coz I feel like I am in the middle of a triple bypass without anaesthetic, :lol: does not mean I cant give out sweeties, :lol: 8) thank guys, but still in my pjs.

    Going to speak to Kimoli now :shock: Dont know though....feeling like I might pass out!

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    Hi Tiny Tears

    Hang on in there girl it's nice to have you back..... Remember we all know how you are feeling try & think positive, sending you good vibes, go on get up & dressed you know you can do it - we know you can do it otherwise you'll be the only one eating cream cakes in your pjs lol

    Lots of hugs...

    Nicky Jane xxx

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    :nahnah: :nahnah: :nahnah: :nahnah: Not so fast! I'm in my pjs too lol :nahnah: :nahnah: :nahnah: :nahnah:

    Saving on the washing LOL

    Trying to be green :wink:

    Lovely cream cakes b y the way Nicky. Just what I needed before my snooze.

    Thanks :D

    Melbi xxx

    Katy, what sweeties hun? You hullicinating? :oops:

    Melbi xxx

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    Hi Nicki Jane, Melbi and welcome back Tiny Tears,

    Nicky Jane, thank you for your post. Melbi, perhaps I'm facing the wrong way to sleep, but I must admit posting to this forum beats tossing and turning in bed counting the lines in the cornice work. Tiny Tears, great to have you back!

    At some point I intend to sleep. If I drop out suddenly it may be because I've fallen asleep. Or trying to. Or making coffee.

    How come I'm the only bloke posting here? C'mon fellas, admit you have a problem and discuss it with these wonderful girls here and you will find you have a lot in common and just maybe you might learn something while you give of yourself.

    And for you girls, thank you for caring. xx

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    Hi breezman, Nicky jane and Melbi, how are you all?

    Sweeties..wine gums :lol:

    Being driven nuts...going insane,

    No one is there

    I wish I coud drive away

    Instead I dive

    in my pain

    away in vain

    in my hive

    bees hum

    bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzz

    IAnd I cant

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :lol:

    [b:10573d60a9]Yeah, Melbi, im no poet either :lol:

    God, maybe I should take my pill now! Take care all of youse!

    Nicky Jane thank you too.[/b:10573d60a9]

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    And i cant

    SLEEP, not in that room

    someone give be a broom

    or a room




    me peeps :lol: [b:b38696367b]

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo........anybody there?

    Definately no poet, But it was fun! :lol: [/b:b38696367b]

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    Hi all. TT, I think it was you who mentioned in another thread about whether there is or is not an invisible cat in the chair. I was wondering if a blind horse is the only four-legged animal who can see equally well from both ends? Now I know I'm nuts! Humans are the most intelligent of beings. Right? So how come we obliterate each other in road crashes when goldfish swim in schools of thousands and never bump into each other?

    Am listening to David Bowie, \"The Man Who Sold The World\". Damn the man is good!!

    I'm having an indifferent day today. Not quite with it but not in uncomfortable pain. Am starting to use the whiskey a bit, must keep an eye on that.

    Does anyone else have trouble holding a thought for long enough to do something with it?

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    LOL Breezman

    If anyone asked me 'a penny for your thoughts' - they would be a millionaire by the end of the day!

    Most days it feels like an express train is passing through my head.

    Perhaps the word relax is the wrong one - perhaps we should be saying slow down.

    I was looking back yesterday at the past months at work and at home. I realise now my furstrations when everyone (to me anyway) seemed to be taking forever to do something.

    I'd mumble under my breathe - thinking I could have it done while they are thinking about it!

    At work I had started more things - all left unfinished because I would flit onto something else then something else. Lunchtimes became non existent as I would be on the go - not stopping to take a breathe.

    At home I'd start washing the pots, leave them to start something else etc etc.

    Funny how we don't see it at the time.

    Yes! Physically, I have now started to slow down - mentally, I am still exhausting myself with so many different thoughts - most of them irrelevant to my problems.

    Melbi xxx

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    Thanks Melbi. Sometimes I think it's just me. It's not enough to do the Tele crosswords, logic puzzles and Sudoku's ... I must do them quicker .. and quicker! Is this obsessive compulsive? Probably, but the whipcracker in my head keeps pushing.

    Last night I got restful sleep but woke with a hangover because I nudged the whiskey bottle. I don't do that as a rule, and hopefully I will be tired enough after I go for a walk tonight, to sleep. We have beautiful Autumn weather here, sunny days, around 28 degrees, cool nights around 20 degrees, light breeze ... I know because I'm usually awake.

    But I feel I might be coming into one of those periods when sleep comes regardless. This has happened occasionally and I wouldn't be surprised if I sleep 12 or 14 hours a day for three or four days in the next couple of weeks. Mother Nature will slap us down on occasions!

    I love the chat room by the way. xx

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    Breezman - How I would so love to visit your beautiful country. Autumn here is usually dark, damp amd miserable - with only an ocassional sunny day. Winters are pretty much the same :cry:

    Come to think of it - summers arent much different LOL

    I still can't believe how easily I fell asleep last night. I felt so relaxed. I didn't play the CD but it was there should I need it. Waking early doesn't bother me as I am up at 6am anyway when working - so don't really want to fall into the waking up late.

    I'm going to make a deal with you - you don't drink alcohol - well unless socialising lol and I won't take the codiene. Deal?

    The chatroom is cool isn't it. Sadly, I kept losing my internet connection last night so couldnt get in there.

    Did you meet up with Katy?

    Melbi xxx


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