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I am just about to start mirtazipine 

I had been on citralpram and zopiclone but didn’t sleep on nights I didn’t take zopiclone 

I was told mirtazipine would help with sleep and depression but have heard on here some awful experiences so am really worried starting them now 

I am so desperate to sleep but don’t want them to be over sleepy and I am under weight at the moment , but don’t want to then be over weight and tired all the time 

My job is physical and need to be alert 

Any advise please 

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    Hi Karen 

    I would not advise anyone that needs to be alert to start this drug.  It does make you completely groggy in the mornings.  It is good for enabling sleep but not much else.  You will also certainly put on a great deal of weight.  There must be another drug the GP can offer you to enable sleep.  I took this drug for only 5 months at 15mg.  I put on 10 kilos despite being a runner, so I stopped it.  Mirtazapine is a very difficult drug to stop and when you attempt this, the insomnia is crippling.  My advice would be to stay clear of this drug and ask for something else to aid sleep.  

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    Hello I started Mirt 15mg nearly 6 months ago for anxiety and depression. I started to sleep well almost immediately and felt a bit groggy in the mornings. However that  passed and I felt much better after about 4 weeks. However I have also started weekly therapy to look at the pain in my past and the roots  of my anxiety. This is helpful for me. Others have posted ways in which they have changed their lifestyle and benefitted. These drugs certainly affect people differently.  Best wishes Barbara 
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    Don’t do it. It will be a mistake you will regret for years to come!

    Mirtazapine is a rogue anti-depressant. It’s wildly unstable and unpredictable. “IF” it does help you, it will eventually turn on you and getting off it is a life changing horror that lasts for years.

    Mirtazapine screws with your blood sugar making your body think it’s diabetic, you crave sugar and carbs. It significantly slows your metabolism and saturates your body and organs with antihistamine. It IS highly addictive (or causes a dependence in md speak) where it only takes a few days taking it to require a long (years) and painful withdrawal. 

    And oh, btw, it’s the drug Robin Williams was on when he took his life. 

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      I really feel that the comment you have made about robbin williams is not right

      No one will ever know as to why he took his own life

      Only him self

      Now you could really scare people that are already taking this drug or about too.

      You should really think in future how you write things

      I am just about to start this drug myself and will continue to do so

      Every drug works different for people

      I have tried flux , sert and citro

      They have all effected me differently and some made me really poorly.

      Some worked and then stopped working

      Unfortunately it is trial and error im afraid for us all

      But i really dont think that saying things like you have said is right.

      Alot of people write about the bad and very few write about the good. Thats the same with everything in life.

      So yes this may be bad for some people and for others it may work wonders.

      You can only try it out for yourself im afraid and see how you go

      Also remember it can take up to 6-8 weeks for a drug to properly start working.

      I wish you all the best and hope you feel better very soon

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      Also as i have read further down about withdrawl

      Once again its different for each person

      Some get withdrawl some dont

      People should be just sharing there experiences on here not telling people they shouldn't go down that route etc

      I could write saying dont take any of the depressants ive taken there bad for you

      But i have educated myself and no full well that each drug effects every individual differently and would never dream of doing so.

      People really need to be careful what they write on here

      Share how it made you feel etc but do NOT tell some1 they shouldn't take these tablets

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      Hi Kate

      Whilst I agree that all drugs will effect people differently, and statements from desperate sufferers make frightening reading for others, it is absolutely wrong for the medical professionals to ignore the facts.  These facts are that these antidepressants produce withdrawal side effects in a great deal of patients.  I believe that many patients are frustrated with the lack of support from their GPs and feel cast adrift to struggle horrific side effects on their own, hence their statements.  I myself suffered badly from this drug.  And was told there are no side effects and it's not addictive.  The council for evidence based Psychiatry has proved these drugs are addictive and it is a matter of grave concern that many GPs dishing them out are saying the opposite.  All drugs carry pros and cons and my concern is that there is not enough support for patients that struggle with them.

      I wish you well.

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      I also wanted to end my life bc of Mirt withdrawal, not bc I was depressed. 

      Off the roof anxiety bc of the withdrawals where too much to bear. 

      I wouldnt take Mirtazipine if my life depended on it. 

      Quit whilst you can. 


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      Oh Kate 

      I am so nervous this  take this tablet 

      You are just starting it ? 

      After reading the comments I showed my partner he doesn’t want me to start but the dr reduced my citralopram in order to start this Tuesday , I had only been on it couple weeks but someone recommended mitazipine as I haven’t slept at all in months tried zopliclone but for couple weeks but dr said only two nights then two nights off so the other nights were torture not sleeping 

      This one I thought one tablet and I could sleep each night 

      Feel so afraid to try but desperate to sleep normally I take herbal but nothing helped my sleep , 

      Thank you. For any reassurance 

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      Go to FB and search for “Mirtazapine Should Be Illegal”.

      There you will find hundreds of folks belonging to a group trying to get off this unstable mistake of an AD.

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      This AD, Mirtazapine, is not by any stretch of the imagination your typical AD. It is in a drug class all on its own, although they claim it’s a tetracyclic. 

      The medical community, including psychs, are clueless about this drug. All they know is what the pharmaceutical companies tell them in the leaflet. 

      The medical community also refuses to acknowledge or concede that a large percentage of people taking Mirtazapine experience horrific life altering symptoms. No one  knows if they’ll be in that unlucky group until you’ve taken the drug. By that time it’s too late because only taking it for a short few weeks or even days, your body becomes addicted to it. 

      Those people taking it that “initially” have a good experience eventually start having egregious  SEs that continue to worsen. When they attempt to taper or withdraw from taking Mirtazapine , those SEs become acutely crippling and long lasting, years.  

      It takes approximately 4 years to taper off 15mg of Mirtazapine in a harm reduction approach, and even then you’re suffering greatly.

      So think long and hard whether or not you’re willing to roll the dice and hope you’re not in the high percentage of people that will be impacted negatively by Mirtazapine.

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      It’s also noteworthy to mention that both the SEs in just taking Mirtazapine and its withdrawal SEs are equal to heroin addiction and withdrawal. 

      Don’t be an ostrich and don’t blindly trust your provider. Read and educate yourself.

      We all know that every AD isn’t for everyone. That’s a glaring no brainer. 

      Mirtazapine is very very different from all the other ADs, and not in a good way. 

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      Well, for starters:


      - Loud crunching & crackling head noise

      - Racing pounding heart upon waking

      - Full body sweats 24/7

      - Chronic stomach issues  (excess acid)

      - GI track issues (constipation/diarhea)

      - Loud swishing/swirling in ears 24/7

      - Mouth & tongue burning

      - Acid reflux

      - Head sensations - frontal lobe pain & brain zaps

      - Eye vibration & shaking 24/7

      - Blurred vision

      - Severe back shoulder blades acute burning

      - Painful full body tremors & throbbing 24/7

      - Chronic full body buzz 24/7

      - Chronic interrupted sleep from heart palpitations

      - Chills & shivers

      - Full body rash

      - Severe chronic fatigue

      - Repetative adrenaline surges at night preventing sleep

      - Chronic itching


      - OCD

      - Bouts of paranoia

      - Irrational fears

      - Persistent heightened anxiety & panic attacks

      - Night terrors & nightmares

      - Intrusive negative racing thoughts

      - Dread of nearly everything

      - Bouts of rage/anger & crying

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      Hi Karen 

      I hate that Doctors can give you mind altering drugs for sleep, it’s so wrong of them. 

      Ask to be given the anti histermine tablet Phenagen b, it really does help with sleep. 

      You can buy it over the counter from Tesco’s but your  psychiatrist would defo prescribe you them. 

      Good luck 

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      I went through all those SEs and how I didnt end it all I’ll never know! 

      I say there needs to be a ban on this drug because I believe, faint hearted people would take their lives because of the SEs withdrawals from this drug. It’s some scary f**king s**t. 

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      Yes Kate. People do need to be careful. They need to be careful about what ADs they put in their bodies.

      As I mentioned below, I think we all know not every AD is for everyone.  I also think we all know there is start-up time (few weeks) to get to a therapeutic level with most ADs. Those are all very well known AD basics. 

      But that isn’t what this is all about.  This is about mirtazapine being a very unstable, unpredictable drug where no one knows if their going to be in the high percentage unlucky group that experiences acute and long lasting SEs. 

      Once you’ve taken this drug, even for a short amount of time, your body becomes addicted to it and it’s horrific symptoms. And those painful  intolerable symptoms worsen as time goes by as you keep taking it and when you attempt to taper or withdraw altogether, they become even worse. 

      I hope you’ve truly done your research on Mirtazapine before deciding to take it.  And I wish you the best on whatever you may decide to do.

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