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Just saw my surgeon for my one year review. I still have a great deal of pain. Just weaned myself off Tramadol but still on gabapentin. Dr. Suggested a knee revision. Would love to hear from others who have had it done. Think I might wait 6 months to see how it improves and then would use another surgeon 

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    I am sorry you are going through this pain etc. has he given you a reason as to why you are in so much pain,? If there isn't anything obvious I would be very hesitant to go in for more surgery,  as you could end up worse than you are now.

    if he said X is wrong for whatever reason then fine go and fix it, but what is he going to fix if he can't find a reason ?

    i have had numerous revisions shoulders hips and I always. Get another opinion before I let someone operate on me,

    it's  very easy when you are in Pain to take whatever plan they give you just make sure it's for the right reasons,

    of course this is just my opinion and that's what I would do but not everyone feels the same as me. Just step carefully..

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      I like that Mary

      I did just that, in desperation took whatever treatment is there.

      I found myself on a lot of meds had gained 100lbs and was just done with everything. 


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    Hi Suzy, sorry to hear that you're still in pain. I am still on medical leave following bil knee replacements. The R knee 7 mos ago and the L 5 mos ago. My left knee is dong better. My R knee is very painful like 6/10 with meds. I take 3 Aleve daily for it. I am looking for medical insurance that I can afford. I need to see my surgeon as well. I saw him at the end of August and he wanted to do an US but my insurance ended before I got an app. I continue therapy everyday and it feels better on some days, but I can tell that it is not ok. No one seems to be alarmed (Nurse/ Surgeon). My xrays look good as well so I'm trying to be strong and move forward....but it hurts!!cry Are you working? Do you ever get in the pool? If you can cotinue therapy, reduce weight and eat anti-inflamatory foods this next 6 mos, that would be a good idea. So when you go back, you will have done all you can to releive the pain better. Feel better and take care!
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    Sometimes you are in pain long after the operation.  If the x-rays are fine (have you seen them), the operation is deemed a success and you will no longer get support from that quarter.  Your next step (are you in the UK?) is to see the pain management team.  You will be offered many options, but first you have to fo through the dreaded class; lasts 6 weeks ( say dreaded as they are not knee specific, so some of the exercises are pretty pointless, but there is a group of you so at least you will have that in common). But the options are ranging from acupuncture to hydrotherapy to nerve blocks. If you get a good (empathetic) consultant they will write all the letters to various departments and keep your own GP (who will dispense your meds) in the loop
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    Hello Suzy, I am one year also, & my revision was agreed at 9 months. I have it next Tuesday, all being well. I have weaned myself off pain killers, so when the deed is done again, they will once again have an effect! I want a life without pain, where I can walk, where stairs are easy instead of a no-no, where it doesn't go stiff 200 yards into a walk etc etc. My 1st surgeon actually told me to live with it for 2 years before considering a revision! I had a life with arthritis, & I want a life with a new knee, so although scared, even terrified, I am up for it. I know what to expect, how hard to do physio, & this one will not be misaligned! I have a new consultant/surgeon, who I trust, so fingers crossed, all will be well. Go for it - life is too short to be filled with pain.
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    My name is RJ

    I want to mention something I new nothing of when I had a knee scope done in 2006

    Something called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or commonly called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


    I feel RSD is more fitting because Dystrophy clearly indicates degeneration

    My knee was fine normal post surgical.  The problem was my whole leg burned.  The ortho said it wasnt her problem the knee was fine (except for grade 4 arthritis)

    4 months later with a lot of tough days in between, I found a neurologist who gave the diagnoses of RSD Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy.  Now more commonly called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS.  He started gabapentine and it helped a lot.  The CRPS was set off from the trauma of the surgery in 2006.

    I delt with the burning and was satisfied it was under control.  I was going up some steps and kicked a step and pop.  Broke a peice of bone that needed another surgery with a plate and screws.  It has been 10 months and it has not healed.

     RSD/CRPS sounds kind of fluffy like it is just pain. Something I didnt know It changes the effected part of the body almost as though it ages faster.

    The break was due to CRPS and it not healing also CRPS.  I need a revision where they plan to do a graph from my hip inbetween the break then screw it all back together.  Having Surgery on a CRPS limb is super risky.  Could cause it to spread.

    I have always viewed surgery as no big deal.  I started at age 12 with my first.  At age 22 I had managed to have 12 total operations.  It was just life and a reasonable way to solve a problem. 

    I had no hesitation to have the surgery done in 2006

    I hesitate now. 

    I really hesitate now.

    Every time I am cut into, or chiseled, I now know there could be serious complacations

    I am sorry if this doesnt apply at all.  My entent is just to inform.


    If I was told my story before surgery in 2006, it is doubtful It  would change my mind but maybe  


    Any trauma can set off CRPS but there has been a trend in orthopedic surgeries  


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      Wow, you have been in the wars.  Here it is called Chronic Pain Syndrome and it can happen to anyone, with or without surgery.  It can be caused by the smallest of knocks.  It can disappear in a day or last a month, a year or for years.  As you say Gabapentine can do the trick as can Guenethidine (nerve block) or opiates (if you are brave enough to go down that road).  It is to do with the neurons from nerves to brain being unable to switch off and firing off in all directions.  That and the fact that your nerves are damaged in the first place.... Leads to agony. Not nice 
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    I also still had pain at one year January 2015.  Continue to have some pain and have had what appears to be burst capillaries on my knee.  Xrays show everything is okay.  Had bone scan which showed nothing out of line either.  I learned that a soft tissue MRI would not be good because the metal in the device messed it up. Surgeon said he didn't think a revisiou would guarantee pain relief.  My Integrative Medicine MD told me not to ever let anyone do surgery without a specific reason, never exploratory.  I've read that a revision is even worse than the first time.  Just hang it there and keep up some type of physical therapy, stationary bike is good.  Looking back, I remember my PT told me his mother said it was two years  before her knee felt like her own. BTW, I think the Tramadol would be better for the knee pain than gabapentin which is for nerve pain.  My GP said it was okay for me to take a Tramadol or two a day even after almost two years.
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    Sorry you are struggling so much.

    I had TKR 3 years ago and they said to me it would be about a year before I began to feel the benefits.

    So maybe it is a bit early to be thinking about a revision.

    What is a revision? Do they just replace the knee all over again or what?

    I was lucky and did not need to have a revision.

    Take care and keep in touch


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    Could I ask what condition all your guys knees were before your Total knee replacement?
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      Here are reports from my medical notes. Hope this helps.

      24TH NOVEMBER 2011

      Letter to GP from Consultant.

      Thank you for your referral of this lady who has been having troruble with her left knee for a while. She is tri-compartmental osteoarthritis in left knee, previous tibil tuberosity insertion surgery and bone grafting for patella dislocations and previous MI .

      Her mobility has decreased to less than five minutes and she gets pain at night.

      She has a range of motion from zero to around 50 degrees only.

      We are arranging for a Ct scan of her left knee to plan pre-operatively.

      Should the Ct be satisfactory we would hopefully proceed to a total left knee replacement..

      20TH JANUARY 2012

      Letter from consultant

      She has severe patelofemoral arthritis of left knee with ssome medial compartment disease. Her leg goes straight. Plain x-rays show a deformed knee with a previous tuberosity elevation. The joint is also oblique and there is evidence of tri compartmental disease, She has got a very dysplastic lateralfemoral concyle and a femoral trochlea which will explain the dislocation.

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      So glad for you!  Your poor knee was in a mess wasn't it!  Mine was nowhere near that bad but I'm still glad I had it done, and don't have that clicking and burning pain which was life before TKR!
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