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Hi All,

An interesting statement regarding continuous reviews for pip.

As I understand it, from this spring those over pension age that are in receipt of pip will no longer be constantly reassessed, but will keep the present award and receive a "light touch approach", every 10 years. Good news if it includes all of us already over pension age-does it???


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    It's just "talk" at the moment and no changes can take place until the legislation has been written and this can take time, just like everything else when there's talk of rule changes. They can't just changes the rules without the legislation being in place first.

    I wouldn't hold your hopes out for anything because there's got to be some sort of catch with it because there always is when it comes to this government.

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    I understand it is yet to be ratified. But, yet again, as a woman already being victimised by the change in my pension age from 60 to 66, again it appears I will be punished. This government stinks.

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    Mary. I'm in the same situation as you ie 50's woman in receipt of pip. Why do you think we will be punished (currently aged 63). Sounded like good news to me.

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      Hi Jackie

      Yes, I'm 63 this year too. I'm concerned at the use of the words 'pension age'. Like you I won't get my state pension till I'm 66. A six year hike with no discussion, mention or debate. You'll get how I'm feeling. .. Now is the term "pension age" relative to the date you get your state pension or will it include receiving a private pension, which I do from the NHS.

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      As I said, more discrimination. The legal definition of 'pension age' needs addressing. I am a NHS pensioner, and many other people not of state pension age will be taking their private pensions.

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      I wouldn't say it's discrimination. They increased the state pension age for woman and sadly there's nothing we can do about that. Private pensions are completely different to state pension.

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    As the changes have already been announced the legislation will already have been written.

    The Spring statement, the old Budget is due shortly and I fully expect the legislation to be within that package.

    This time I believe them as it's been time stamped fit this Spring.

    Great news, I am also a woman born on the 50s and had to work until 64 before getting State Pension.

    Take care all

    Wendy xx

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      Just like the changes to those claiming SDP and moving to universal credit were announced last summer but it was January 2019 before the legislation was written.... i'll say no more.

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      Yes Denise

      It's when Royal Assent is given to the Budget legislation.

      The last delay you mention clearly would involve more work for DWP, this one saves work and pension age is as we all know on a sliding scale, mine was 64 as I said some will be 66 and some 67 etc.

      I still remain positive having reread the parliamentary release in full.

      Take care all


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      Just add that i also found this. Can't post a link because links can't be posted.

      Amber Rudd’s announcement that claimants of state pension age will no longer have regular reviews has turned out to be both not entirely true and old news, Benefits and Work can reveal.

      If Rudd had said that claimants of pensionable age would be reviewed less often and not usually have to have a face-to-face assessment, that would have been broadly accurate. If she had added that this change had already been largely in place since last summer, she would have been even closer to the truth.

      In a written statement issued this morning and widely reported in the media, Rudd announced:

      “We will improve and simplify the customer experience by no longer undertaking regular reviews of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) awards for claimants at or above State Pension age unless they tell us their needs have changed.”

      However, a DWP press release on the .Gov website tells a slightly different story:

      “Around 270,000 people receiving Personal Independence Payment (PIP) who have reached State Pension age will no longer have their awards regularly reviewed, instead moving to a light touch review every 10 years.”

      Every ten years may not be frequent, but it does appear to be regular.

      What is more, the 10 year “light touch” review process was announced by Minister for Disabled People, Sarah Newton as long ago as last June, before Rudd became work and pensions secretary.

      And back in January of this year we published guidance for decision makers which has been in place since last August. The guidance makes it clear that most claimants of pensionable age should be subject to the 10 year light touch review:

      “On-going awards for claimants can be reached in one of two ways:

      “following advice from the AP that no review is required and the claimant’s restrictions on Daily Living/ and or Mobility are stable and unlikely to change significantly or they have very high levels of needs which will only deteriorate.

      “and where the claimant is awarded enhanced/enhanced and their needs are not going to improve or would only deteriorate.

      “Note: You may also consider an enhanced daily living award alone where the claimant is State Pension Age or over and has either not been awarded the mobility component or has been awarded the mobility component at the standard rate and their mobility needs are not going to improve.”

      In other words, most pensioners who get an enhanced award of the daily living component or whose needs are stable were already covered by the light touch review system.

      So, it’s a little surprising that Rudd claimed all the credit today when she announced:

      “I want to change the landscape for disabled people in Britain.

      “Progress has been made, but we need to do more to close the gap between our intentions and disabled people’s experiences.

      “The changes I am setting out today, including stopping unnecessary reassessments for disabled pensioners, are a step forward in improving quality of life for the UK’s 14 million disabled people.”

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      I have recently joined this site to reply to what you have written/copied.

      I agree entirely with your views as none of what has been reported has any real depth to it.

      Of course the 10 year award is already in place for the category of pensioners you mention. So yes it isn't real new news.

      However what I am surprised about is what happens to those that only have standard mobility or care and are over pensionable age? Surely those in that category, who normally receive a 3 year award max will not be included in the 'offer'?

      I am well over 65 and have standard care PIP for a max of 3 years reviewed every 2 years. I have had 3 such face to face assessments so far. That award is based entirely on aids and that my condition is not at all stable and can deteriorate or improve at any time. I don't have a 'serious' illness or condition.

      Is that category going to be included in this proposed 10 year cycle? It would suit me if it was. On the other hand I would feel that I am cheating the system.

      We will have to wait to see how this is going to work.

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    On reading what you have posted in full and examined the wording there is significant difference in the wording especially the use of MAY decide and guidance. Also the latter quoted article refers only to enhanced awards not all levels of award.

    I must say that thanks to your attitude I have again decided there is no point in my posting anything on this site given your attitude Denise.

    It appears to me it's your way or no way and for the second occasion I find it's not worth the aggravation.

    Shame really to turn a happy issue into one upmanship.

    I realise you have offered help to many Denise but none of us are always right.

    To everyone I wish you well and a final goodbye.


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      I've just caught up with this thread and I must say that I don't agree with your scathing message to Denise. She was quoting something from Amber Rudd’s announcement nothing else. I believe that for some reason you don't like anything Denise has to say. It's a shame really as she is genuine in trying to help and advise people. She is very knowledgeable and if she is not sure of something she researches it before giving advice.

      you may not see this message if you are true to your word and have decided that there is no point in posting anything else on this site, but I have felt compelled to reply to your comment.

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