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Legg Calve Perthes Surgery NO Replacement READ, as I may show a replacement is not only option.

i went to multiple doctors for my diagnoses. to make a story short, i ended up seeing one of the best doctors in the world for hip preservation Dr. Millis MD, at Boston Childrens Hospital. he had performed surgery with such deformity and "Extremely Severe hip dysplacia" latest being in 2002, another doctor in california is the only other doctor that can perform such surgery with great outcomes, took Dr.millis about 3 and a half months to figure out how to fix my hips(bilateral Perthes) with maximum coverage and mobility also trying to stop the pain. its incredibe how smart he is. they ended up doing a Relative Femoral Neck Lengening And Bernese PAO, also Greater Trochanter Lowering. recovery is still in progress 5 months out, but first month was very hard but with positive mind its possible. at 20 years old its hard. if you want further details about this or you have this and need help i am here for you and can give massive loads of info sense im basically a doctor on hips now haha, here is a before and after picture of my hip post op 2 months out and before surgery (left hip, right hip to be done early january as it needs to be or i cant walk on it anymore) 


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  • sam35303

    OMG Thank you Sam35303 for sharing your life with us.  I am so glad that you found a most excellent doctor for yourself. I was so informed by you sharing your xrays, thanks for that. I just looked at them again, amazing.  I hope your recovery goes well, and with your positive attitude and smart brain I am sure you will make a great recovery...  I wish you all the best. Love Joy and Happiness, Natasha

  • sam35303

    Hi Sam. My son is 8 and has Perthes in both hips. We only have one dr where we live so I sought out a second opinion online. I also found Boston children's! We have an appt next month with Dr Novais. He is in the group with Dr Millis. I assume they would all collaborate if they had questions. How old were you when first diagnosed? My son doesn't have pain just limited motion. I'm hoping to avoid surgery but the dr here said he would need it. Would it have helped if you had gone when you were younger? Thanks!

    • aleshia

      hi aleshia, unfortunately mine went undiagnosed until i started having little to no motion and a sudden large amount of pains when i was 19. we ended up having to do the surgery really fast or the bone wouldve been unable to recover. sa,e with right hip but thats going to be done in coming months. what i suggest to you is, as your son if he is ready for the surgery and if he understands its not like any surgery. to be truthful, its really hard to get back on your feet after it and youre on a lot of drugs. i do not remember 3 weeks after the surgery at all. i would really talk to him about it so he understands its not going to be a month recovery. im 5 months out and still use a single crutch right now. and his joint will take from 1-2 years to hear so he will still have pain from that well after the surgery. but again, hes at a very young age and my hips become a ton deformed from using them and putting my weight on them flattening everything to making my case worse. so his recovery might not be as long. i do recommended he gets the surgery pronto, as the longer you wait the more deformed itll get. he doesnt have any pain now, but if left unfixed he could in his late teen years. so let dr. millid and dr. novais(i know both dr's. dr.novais works for dr.millis sense this is dr millis's department) doing the surgery now will DRASTICALLY help him not only short term but a TON more in his future. any more questions? im glad to help.

    • aleshia

      if you want to have me talk to your son via text, id be more than glad to, to give him support and to help him through this as someone whos going through it. 

    • sam35303

      Thank you Sam. He is too young to understand what's going on. We go in October. I'll let you know what they say. I hope you recover fully soon!

    • aleshia

      Hi, where are you located. My son didn't have surgery at a young age. He was on crutches for 15 months. Double leg casts for a month and then just limited walking. He is 26 now and just had a total hip.


  • sam35303

    Hi Sam , my name is kelly I am a mother of a 6 yr old boy who last night woke up complaining about thigh pain , thus morning woke up with his thigh hurting and limping , went to emergency room and they said his one side of joint didn't seem regular they called it lcpd , I am super worried .. Do you know how long before they can operate but he never before complained about pain

    • kellen18702

      His sudden pain is usual with legg calve perthes disease. its like a night walker. first you have no clue anything is wrong then one day it'll just start and wont stop. i know at that age before operation they'll try techniques to try and make the femeral head form back as normal as possible. then afterwards they'll suggest surgery. i did also have the same symptoms your son if having, but my doctors didnt order an xray(currently in legal process for malpractice). but listen to your doctor, get a professional, not a pediatric.

  • sam35303

    Thank you. My son actually did look into a POA, but the dr. who developed this surgery, saw his case and said that my son's hip was too far gone.

    He just had his total hip replaced a week and half ago. He is doing well.

  • sam35303

    Dear Sam35303,

    My son is 13 has perthes for 3 years. Been in Costa pain for 18 months, failed osteotomy no pain killers work not even morphine. Doc says he'll have to fuse the hip or do THR at 15. I wish I could post his mri for you to look at. We are desperate it's terrible to see the pain and he has no life. Could your doctor help? The hip is oblong in shape with bone hitting bone with every movement. Hope your recovery contines well. Katey

    • kateykat

      My son had his first surgery in Nashville TN with Dr Byrd. He went in orthoscopicly and cleaned up and rounded the joint his junior year of high school. This gave him about 6 years of minimal discomfort. He even played soccer for several years. Then after having pain again they did It again. It only lasted a year. So then he looked into POA and other options such as a cadaver graph. Looking at all the options THR is best as it allows him to get back to MED school in about 6-8 weeks.

      Where are you located. Are you on Facebook? I have pictures of Mikes hip there.



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