Let's see if we can find a common trigger?

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I am wondering why some of us developed this and if there is a common trigger,if you care to share what you may believe had started your blepharitis. Mine started after some life changing news that caused me a great deal of stess and crying( weakened immune system). I wore a lot of eyemakeup constantly,and lastly,i stayed in a hotel that i felt wasnt the cleanest and allowed animals. So all those would be my triggers,if i had to guess! thank you and maybe we can see if there is a common denominater to our condition !

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    Hi Susan, 

    I was under a great deal of stress at work. 

    I've wondered if the facial cleanser and moisturizer caused this or contributed to it?

    Before I got full blown blepharitis, my eyes were watering a LOT. 

    I also spent hours on the computer at work and at home. 

    I had moved to a new apartment and wondered if there was something toxic here. I read that if the a/c air duct that goes through an attic isn't properly sealed, it can be pumping all kinds of crud and allergans into my home. 

    Also, I had just bought a new couch. I heard that some couches have fire retardant materials and can cause these issues.

    But, like you, the main issue was probably stress and a weakened immune system. 

    : )

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    I have been bothered with dry eye for a number of years. Nothing too bothersome, but sometimes my eyes would water, sometimes I would develop conjunctivitis which my doctor said was caused by airborn irritants. 

    However, this year I had two surgeries and a lot of stressful family changes and demanding situations. I was having a hard time getting enough sleep. I believe that my immune system was overloaded. Then I started having allergic reactions to dust and pollen which were more pronounced then I had ever had before. I think all of these situations coming together at the same time is what triggered the Blepharitis. Also, it took a great deal of research and effort on my part to get to the diagnosis of Blepharitis and even longer to find a treatment routine that would work for me. 

    New house cleanng and laundry routines, new vacuum with a helps filter, new medications and supplements to try, new eye hygene routines to maintain, less time outdoors when it is "raining pollen", and trying to get more sleep. 

    All of these changes are making a difference. I also have arthritis and I think that generalizes inflammation may play a part. If swollen lid glands is the underlying cause of dry eye, and dry eye allows my allergy triggers to irritate  my eyes and brings on Blepharitis and treating that further irritates the skin under my eyes and on my lids causing eczema...Bob's your uncle!

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    I was pretty ancient when I had my cataracts sorted.  After 2 or 3 weeks my eyesight was better than it had ever been.  Then I got floaters - which I'd never had before, then I got blepharitis.

    was it down to the cataracr job ?


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    Mind started close to 25 years ago.   I just felt like something was in

    my eye all the time.  I went to eye doc and he told me I had Blepharitis.

    I sort of put it down to wearing make-up pretty much all the time and

    maybe didn't keep everything clean enough..   Years later I remarried and my brother-in-law who is an eye doctor tells me he has Bleph and know that he never wore any make-up.....so...I think you are going to

    find there are as many reasons as there are sufferers....and sure wish

    someone could find a cure.....

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      faye,i too was a makeup lover and i still remember ,i was crying and didnt wash it all off like i should of! again,i think its immune related,i think its inflammation that is brought on by triggers! thank you so much everyone,love to hear more as well. smile stay strong,even though this easter my eyelids are swollen to the hill as i type! lol
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      As for immune disorders....I was diagnosed about three years ago

      with the horrible, horrible nightmare know as Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

      For those of you who never heard of it.....I had never heard of it....

      it is an auto-immune disease of the adrenal glands that causes massive

      inflammation in the muscles.   I've been on prednisone for almost

      three years and that's probably help contribute to my cataracts.

      Pred is the only treatment and the goal is to wean yourself down

      until you are taking the least amount that will keep your pain

      bearable.   I started at 20mg a day, got down to 4mg a day and had

      an attack of sciatica which sent my sed rate back up.....anyhow

      just wonder if Bleph and another immune problem could be

      related.   Anyone with Bleph have PMR?????  PMR

      is muscle related and Fibromyalgia is nerve related.....

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    Great idea Susan!  

    I truly believe a compromised immune system due to stress (physical or emotional) causing systemic inflammation is the root of all disease in the body. That along with genetic factors and diet.  Systemic inflammation shows up in the body in many many ways and is the reason why traditional doctors have a hard time diagnosing and treating chronic conditions. 

    My compromised immune system began 30 years ago when, due to much stress, both physically and emotionally, I developed candida. After many doctors' visits, misdiagnosis and being put on medications which only worsened my symptoms, I turned to non traditional medicine where I was finally properly diagnosed and cured. Seeking help through Eastern practices was a huge stretch for me as I was raised very traditionally.  My experience became a catalyst, opening my eyes to the fact that Western medicine is brilliant when it comes to acute care but falls short when it comes to chronic conditions. They simply haven't been trained to look for the root cause of disease and instead treat symptoms through medications which mask and worsen the condition over time. I do think Western medicine is coming around to this understanding but we may still be a generation off before there is a truly wholistic approach to medicine combing the new Western science with the ancient wisdom of the the East. 

    Having said all that, my compromised immune system triggered years ago hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's, a skin condition and most recently (a year and half ago) Blepharitis. Once a person has had an overgrowth of Candida, it becomes a life long effort to keep it in check. My thyroid has been very stable for years as has my skin but I've been very upset to have now developed yet another (in my case) autoimmune disease. The Estern doctor I went to years ago has since retired so I found another acupuncturist who feels once he balances me out and gets the systemic inflammation down in my body, the Blepharitis will be under control. He said it can take at least 3 months so I will post again to let you all know the results.  

    After reading the long string of posts on this condition, it does appear there are various ways in which Blepharitis presents. I first noticed,in my magnifying make up mirror, what appeared to be a broken blood vessel on the bottom inside rim of my left eye. It never seemed to go away though. At the time I didn't associate this with the fact that my eyes seemed dryer and yet watery at the corners?? and I had more than usual crusty "sleep" when I woke in the am. Then I began noticing this broken blood vessel turned into a small divet. At my next eye exam, the doctor diagnosed my condition but of course, could not tell me why this was happening only that it was something I would have to deal with and prescribed eye drops to help keep my eyes moist. I began researching and deducted I had developed yet another blasted autoimmune problem!

    Another point I'd like to make is....everyone develops inflammation after a lifetime of stress, poor diet, etc. The ways in which this inflammation expresses itself, I believe, is due to your genes. For instance, my husband has developed all kinds of digestive issues as he's aged. When I look at my family of origin, it's autoimmune diseases. 

    Anyway, that's my whole story!  I'm sure more than you bargained for but I figured, it may help some of you begin to piece together your own history of disease and see if any of the dots connect leading you to this point. I would very much recommend seeking some alternative to Western medicine for treatment because until you do, you will only be treating your symptoms not the root cause. 

    I hope oped this has helped and not further burdened! I'll be back again with hopefully good news!


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      very insightful and i agree with all you have siad. I do have an auto immune condition so yes i feel that every thing that cant be cured with an antibiotic and is not an infection lies with my immune system and that being the root. so what methods other then acupunture are you trying for the swelling and burn,itchy?
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    Hi Susan,

    I have been suffering with episodes of blepharitis for over 20 years.  It wasn't properly diagnosed right away, but once it was, I found relief from warm compresses and eye scrubs.  When I am vigilant I am ok.  But of course, I forget for weeks at a time, then it flares up again.

    Two things I think are contributers.  One is I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an auto immune disease which is hereditary as both my mother and sister have it.  The second is for years I ignorantly took off my makeup with Vasiline, not realizing the harm I was doing.  I created a perfect storm for this by using Vasiline, which clogs the pours and creates an oily seal for bacteria to grow.  So that's my story.  I was interested in the Candida growth theory on creating inflammation and lowered immune response as being a contributer, as posted by others.  I don't know if that is my problem, but I think if I were to give up sugar, which I haven't done yet, I may illiminate a lot of problems. One being my weight.  I could stand to loose at least 20lbs.

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      hi,i eat low carb high protien,so diet does heklp with my other immune related issue but this has been 6 months now and somethings gotta give. i too never washed my makeup off completely and caused a breeding ground but when i got so so so upset and nervous ,i feel that coused the immune system to erupt on the eyes because they were already inflammed from crying.
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      Oh, and one more thing.  I have an allergy to dust mite poo apparently, as diagnosed by my allergy doctor.  I understand this may also be a contributer.

      My husband also has blepharitis, but he doesn't have the same level of discomfort that I do.  He does however have rosacea, which I don't, and I understand there is a link for some people who have rosacea.

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