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Hi All

I had the Linx fitted Tuesday 3 days ago.

Has anyone had this procedure and when

Did you start feeling better.

I have been suffering from severe stomach cramp spasms now been given codeine to

Help with the pain.

I am trying to eat smaller meals often.

I would welcome peoples experience

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    Hi summer. I had the linx implated on july 31st. My main complaint right now is the gas/air coming from my stomach trying to get through the linx. I can feel the burp coming up but it never passes which causes some pain/discomfort. This was one of my main symptoms prelinx..burping constantly. The air has to go somewhere so i end up having horrible gas coming out the other end later in the day which is very uncomfortable. My guts just bubble with the trapped air. I do also have pain when swallowing with only bulkier foods like meat...potatoes etc. Fluids soft foods seem to pass fine. I can feel the bulkier foods pass through the linx which does kinda hurt. Can you describe what your feeling when ur stomach spasms ? Wonder if its just the trapped air in your abdomen putting pressure on stomach. I know i still have trapped air in my body from the procedure
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      Hey guys, this is just my opinion, but I used to have gut pain and gas and figured it may be because I wasn't digesting food properly and it may just kinda be sitting there making me gassy. Sometime my breathe tasted bad too. So I tried probiotics and it cleared up in a couple of days. I'm talking good probiotics from the refrigerated section of your local health food store. I take these 6 times a week and on the 7th take a soil based probiotic. Soil based probiotics survive the stomach acid.


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      Ive been on every probiotic and digestive enzyme on the market and they never really seem to help much. I burp just drinking water...any pressure on my abdomen..bending over. Cant figure it out. Had a sibo test and that was negative.
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      There's probiotics and then there's probiotics. With the exception of soil based probiotics, heat eventually kills all the goodies, so you need a good refrigerated one. The refrigerated one from the health food store is called Polybac 8 and the soil based one is Prescript-Assist.


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      Not sure if it's available in the US but any good Probiotic from the refrigerated section of your health food store should be good.

      No, I haven't had the Linx surgery. Pretty sure it's not available here in Australia smile

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      Thank you for responding

      What your describing I exactly how

      I am feeling.

      For the first 2 days I had now wind

      But terrible spasm , cramping

      Pains,I was in agony

      It has now settled but I have constant

      Wind. I am able to burp but this is

      Very uncomfortable at the moment.

      I am eating very small meals with a

      Little water as I'm feeling very

      Nauseas hoping that feeling will

      Settle down soon.

      Hoping things settle down very soon.

      Where did you have your linx fitted ?

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      I have terrible spasm pain and

      Retching after eating

      Have you been able to eat foods with

      Out pain afterwards?

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      It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I can feel a pressure start in my stomach which i think it a burp but you maybe correct that it is my stomach or esophagus spasmsing due to the gas not being trapped. I emailed my surgeon about this. I had my linx implated at john hopkins in Baltimore md by a dr. Marohn. Where did u hsve urs done at ?
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      No anything i eat causes the spasms and gas within minutes. Drinking water seems to do it too. Do you have any pain when eating bulkier foods ? When i eat beef or potatoes etc i feel pain when the bulkier foods pass through the linx. Fluids and softer food are fine.
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      Hi I had mine done in the UK, the

      Symptoms your experience sound

      Very similar to mine. I feel nauseous

      After eating . I had my first feeling

      Of food become stuck and pain in

      My chest area. I'm hoping it will settle

      Down very soon. I'm now 6 days post

      Surgery. The bloating is very painful

      But I have found it settles a little

      With buscapan . Let me know how

      Your getting on hopefully things will

      Settle soon for both of us 😊

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      Hi summer..i seem to get better a little each day. My digestion seems to be gettn better. I had the d and it seems to be improving. The gas and bloating has been the worst for me but it seems to be improving little each day. I think i still have air trapped in my abdomen because when i am laying flat and i move from side to side i feel and hear gurgling but that also seems to improve a lil each day. I have been using a heating pad on my stomach and it seems to help with the bloating and bringing ip the trapped gas. The painful swallowing will subside...mine has. Are u having a breakthru reflux ? Hope u get well soon.
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      Hi Thank you for your reply

      This is very reassuring for me at the

      Moment as the linx is not routinely

      Used in the UK so very little support.

      Bulky foods are extremely difficult to

      Manage. I have had a bad day today

      I'm hoping my digestion system

      Settles very soon.

      I can feel the food as it goes through

      The linx this is a bit uncomfortable but at least I have stopped reaching!

      My reflux symptoms seemed to have

      Gone I have been able to sleep

      Properly for the first time in years.

      I am still burping a bit but nothing

      As bad before surgery.

      Keep in touch its nice to be able to

      Share experience 😊

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      The painful swallowing will go away. Mine went away after a few days. Dreading the dysphagia that normally kicks in around the 2nd or 3rd week. I still have terrible intestinal gas that causes terrible bloating. This is supposedly normal and should subside. Are u still taking any anti-acid meds and what prelinx symptoms were you having ?
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      No. I don't even know if I am a candidate for the procedure. My issues are silent reflux, clicking when having certain movements in my jaw or throat GP said it is Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. No pain or difficulty swallowing. Recently just developed this itchy throat that would make me cough then would sneeze at the end.Occasionally some non cardiac chest pains which is relieved when burping.

      Have you considered Linx?

      Hope you have a good day wink


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      Hi I hope your gas and bloating settle

      Very soon. I feel much better today.

      I have reduced my medication

      Esomeprozole to 20 mg I was taking

      60 mg per day before surgery.

      I have stopped my ranitidine 300 mg ,

      Gaviscon. Before surgery I had

      Terrible chest pain, I had terrible

      Burning from the acid reflux.

      I could not eat full meals and I had

      Constant painful bloating and burping

      (All The time).

      I was unable to sleep properly.

      I am feeling much better today, I am

      Eating a lot slower I can still feel

      The food as it goes through the

      Device. Have u tried peppermint tea

      To help with the gas and bloating.

      I am having to change the way I

      Eat chew more and slow

      Hope you feel much better today

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      My symptoms were chest pain..scary chest pains that i thought were heart related but after seeing 2 different cardiologists and numerous tests my heart was cleared) nasal drip..real mucassy after eating or drinking (lpr reflux )...burping. My chest pain seems to be improving along with the other symptoms. My digestion is still outta wack tho. I did try peppermint tea and dont think it really helped. I am no longer taking any acid meds. I still have trapped gas from the procedure in my abdomin. I can feel the air bubbles when i lay flat and move from side to side. Do you feel this as well ? Hope u have good day smile
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      Hi summer. Had a horrible day today. Still dealing with this horrible bloating/gas. Im not sure if the linx moved out of position or what but im having bad reflux tonight and i am able to burp very easily just like i could before the linx. It feels like food is just sitting in my stomach. I feel like i did prelinx sad. I even took a Zantac and its not helping. Hope u didnt have bad day today.
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      Hi I'm sorry to hear you have had a

      Bad day

      I still have terrible bloating and windy

      Cramp pains. Worse after eating.

      I am eating very small portions each

      Time about a cup full. This seems

      Enough for my digestion system

      To cope with. Swallowing is still

      A problem. I have also started

      Burping and a similar heartburn

      Feeling throughout the day

      I'm hoping this will go in a few

      Days. I can still feel food going

      Down but it is moving with plenty

      Of liquids.

      Do you have any pain in your


      I hope you have a better day today 😊

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      The shoulder pain from the trapped air from the surgery is just about gone. I still feel it a little bit after i walk. I need to stick to smaller meals too. Ive been trying to eat normal but my body just isn't ready yet. Theres a group on Facebook called linx surgery for gerd that has a thousand so members who share their experiences with the linx. I sent a join request yesterday but havent heard back yet. When u lay flat on your and move from side to side do you feel gas bubbles moving and gurgling ? I feel pain right where the linx is implanted..kinda feels like reflux but im not sure. Hope we both start to feel better soon.
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      I just started using some activated charcoal for the bloating and gas. I used it tonight right after i had dinner because i was severly bloated and it helped out alot. I felt much better today compared to yesterday. I think i over did it yesterday by over exercising. I went pretty hard core on my exercise bike which i think i stressed out my abdominal region and where the linx is. I just stuck to walking today and had smaller meals. Hope you had a better day today and that we both find relief soon. Todd
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      Not feeling too bad at the moment.

      Still only able to eat very small meals and I can feel the gas and bloating.

      I am still having problems swallowing.

      Let me know who you get on joining

      The online support group.

      I also have pain in my shoulder I'm

      Hoping this subsidies soon.

      I did have a hernia repaired at the

      Same time. Bending down is very

      Painful still.

      Hope are you feeling today

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      Hi summer..has your bloating gotten any better ? Mine has made big improvements in the last 2 days. I still have some pain in the area where the linx was implanted. I assume the area is still swollen and inflammed from the procedure. Seem to be improving a lil each day. I did experience my first real stuck food session today and it sucked ass. Took like 10 minutes for the food to pass. I was eating some baby carrots. Finally a big gulp of hot water forced the food down. Hope ur feeling better. I did get accepted to facebook group for linx and it has been great. The people on there are very supportive and have a wealth of knowledge and good advice.
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      Hi Hope your feeling much better

      Eating is still a little bit of a problem

      For me.

      I'm avoiding chewy meats ,

      Experiencing problems with bread.

      Still suffering from bloating mainly

      After eating. Reflux symptoms

      Have all about gone.

      My hernia was 5 cm but fixed same

      Time as Linx fitted.

      Hows things with u ?

      Do you have the website for

      The Linx support page ?

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      Im improving a little better each day. The facebook group is called linx surgery for gerd. I still cant resume a normal diet. Still eating small frequent meals. Still have bloating after eating but not as bad.
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      4 weeks now and feeling much better

      Able to eat with no food becoming


      Off all meds

      Sleeping much better

      I've got used of the feeling of the linx

      As food passes through and

      Its become unnoticeable to me.

      I can eat and drink things I had to

      Avoid before the procedure


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