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I have been addicted to codeine, originally Nurofen plus up to two boxes per day but after totally destroying my stomach with the ibuprofen I switched to codeine phosphate 30mg up to 20-25 per day. To cut a long story short I have seeked help from my local drugs and alcohol team to get off them. They originally refused to help me saying that anything they could offer me would be a serious step up in my addiction but after me persevering with them I have been offered a lofexidene detox and was just wanting a bit of advice from anyone who has been through one. How bad is it? I am 100 % commited to giving up this horrible addiction but have 2 young boys at home and I'm just concerned about how I will feel whilst doing it. Thanks for reading


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    Hi Emma,

    I was in a similar situation myself.

    I was originally addicted to codiene then the doctor stopped prescribing so I turned to nurofen plus.

    When I went to my local drugs help place they put me on methadone.

    I was on that for about 2 years then they talked me into doing the lofexidene detox.

    They made it sound so easy and didn’t really prepare me for what was to come.

    The first 5 ish days where fine. I just slept most of the time.

    After that I was absolutely hell.

    I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it was going to be. Being on codeine and methadone for over ten years it was a massive shock to the system coming off everything. After the lofexidene has finished your pretty much cold turkey and just left to get on with it.

    I was having fits, suffered insomnia, I didn’t sleep for ten days.

    My body. Was just full of adrenaline but not in a good way. 

    I had no support I was back and forth to the doctors and my husband took me to A&E several times. But nothing seemed to help.

    I think you need to be prepared for just how hard it’s going to be.

    I couldn’t of done it without the support of my family.

    I couldn’t be left alone as I was just in a right state. 

    But... I am so glad I did It and I’m over it now.

    I’ve been codiene free for over twelve months now.

    It’s been tough but I feel like I’m back to normal now.

     Wishing you the best of luck and please feel free to contact me for any advice.

    That’s what I wish I had when I was going through it.

    Sara xxx

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      Hi Sara, thanks for replying. Gosh that sounds absolutely horrendous. Turning Point (I'm assuming you're in the uk) point blank refused to prescribe anything like methadone or subutex, which I originally asked to go on saying that it would be a step up in my addiction and would just be getting me addicted to something else, a lot stronger than what i am already addicted to. I'm petrified to be honest but after 7 years i know its something i need to do. I have a meeting on Tuesday to work out when I am going to start it, I must admit I was hoping to get lots of messages saying how it was bearable but I think I need to admit to myself it's not going to be a walk in the park. I do have support from my partner although he doesn't really understand why I do what I do or really understand addiction at all although he tries his hardest. I really appreciate the offer of support, it is good to speak to others who know and understand what you are going through

      Emma xx

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      Firstly well done fir admission to yourself that you need to get off the poison!! That’s the first step wanting. To actually change for the better.

      I won’t lie to you any opioid detox is hard but they are doable.

      Personal experience has shown me this and I have done quite a few opioid detoxes over the last 18 years the last one being the hardest which was fentanyl. It took 5/6 months to do it tapered and it was not pleasent at all but as long as you keep the reasons why your doing it in full sight every day then you will succeed.

      My reasons were my family, my son and my son due in March. They all came before me for why I was doing it as it’s neans so much to them to have me back after the detox.

      I am now 7 weeks clean of fentanyl and improving week by week. It will take a long time for my body and brain to adjust as I was in a very high dose for years but I’m getting there slowly.

      It’s the best thing I have ever done getting free from the drugs grip in my life and the same wil apply to you.

      You will feel so much better once you come i it the other side and you wil be proud of yourself.

      Remember keep sight if the reasons why you are doing this and you wil make it through.

      It will be hard but you can do this.

      If you can beat opioid addiction you can do anything!!

      The forums are also great fir help and advise. They helped me immensely just to be able to talk when you were feeing low or bad days.

      The people in here all want to help and it helps you get through the rough patches.

      If I can help in any way feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to help even if it’s just to get you through a bad day I’ll always try.

      Good luck with everything and I really hope you succeed!!!

      You can do this!!!!


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      Yes, methadone is way stronger than codeine and lasts in your system a lot longer so much worse withdrawal symptoms. 

      Codeine is the weakest  opiate and withdrawal symptoms should be manageable with loperamide and so on. They won't be as severe as withdrawing from harder stuff.

      Loperamide (Imodium) is an opiod too but doesn't cross the blood brain barrier so you can't get high but it will ease the diarrhea and withdrawal symptoms as it works like an opiod on the opioid receptors. 

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    I was on boxes of nurofen, for years, now I’m at 9. NINE! I couldn’t imagine that. YOU CAN DO IT. 

    Keep in regular contact with your GP. Research vitamins and supplements. Potassium/Magnesium oil is GREAT for RLS. Magnesium salts are an amazing bath.

    You existed before this, you WILL exist when you eradicate that poison from your body.

    I believe in you. WE CAN DO THIS.

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      Well done on your detox you have done really well to get to where you can see the finish line, not long or far to go now. I am so pleased for you I really am!!

      Keep going Lara and you will get there and be freed from this poisen we all have to deal with.

      Again really pleased for you l, you have done amazingly well and I know how hard it is!!

      Keep it up and keepcinctouch to let us know how your doing.

      Take care


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    Thanks guys for your reply and support, I went for my appointment yesterday with my drugs clinic and am starting the lofexidene detox on Monday, I will also be perscibed a few other things to help with withdrawal such as valium, buscapan, lopermide and Zopiclone to help with sleep so I'm feeling pretty positive, I think I'm more scared of the unknown more than anything but I've come this far not to wimp out now. My head over imagines things, always has done, I'm petrified that I won't be able to cope with feeling bad but like you Andy I just need to think of my 2 beautiful boys who I love more than anything and remember why I'm doing this.

    Lara that is absolutely amazing getting down to that amount, I tried and failed

    miserably to taper off, even during the summer when my legs started swelling and I couldn't catch my breath I still couldn't stop taking them so you should be so proud of yourself. I will keep everyone up to date on how the detox goes if you would like?

    Emma xx

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      Well I wish you the very best of luck Emma.

      That’s good that they have a sort of care package in place with the Valium etc.

      I wasn’t given anything like that and so ended up back and forth to the Doctors begging so something to take the edge off!

      I almost got back on the methadone at one point as I was so desperate.

      So glad I didn’t tho and powered through.

      I absolutely would love for you to keep us updated with your progress daily.

      Wishing you all the luck in the world and remember to stay strong 💪 


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      Hi Emma 

      I am so glad you have got to this point and have a plan and back up meds to help you through the bad times.

      Your gp sounds like a good person and allowing you to have the additional meds to help with the detox is good.

      As I’ve said before it’s going to be hard and you will hit brick walls now and then but just stay strong and remember why you’d doing it.

      The only thing I’ll say about the new meds is try to use them sparingly otherwise your docs might think you are replacing one drug with another. I have to use allot of my oxy now I am clear if of fentanyl but needs must is how I look at it.

      I feel so much better in myself now I am 8 weeks clear of it. I seem to be improving week by week. Less fatigue and more alert than I have been for years. It’s a long process and this is just the start - getting clean off them it will take your body a while to get used to the loss of the meds but things can only get better for you believe that!!!’ I’m living proof of that.

      You already know it’s going to be hard but I truly believe after reading your posts you are as determined as I was to get through this and you will get through it for your kids, partner and yourself.

      We are all here to talk or offer any advise for you while you go through this and you will not be alone.

      People in here really helped me on some of the really bad days and it’s thanks to their kindness I made it through. I want to repay that by helping others that are going through the same so at anytime you need anything post or private message me and I’ll do my best to help you!!

      There is a saying that applies to detox and the strength it takes to make it through it says

      “Today the devil whispered in my ear - you are not strong enough to make it through the storm”

      “ today i told the devil I AM the storm”

      I hope that makes some sort of sense (I think I got it right) my mum send it to me while I was going through the detox to show me I am strong enough to beat it.

      You can do this I believe you can as you are the same as me and have reasosncsimilar to mine to use as your reasons why you are doing it and to focus on during the detox.

      Please keep us updated and remember anytime your needing to talk or having a bad day message us we will try to help you through!!!

      You can do this!!!

      Spk soon 


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    Girls and boys, Nurofen plus has ibuprofen in it. 

    If you ingest huge doses of it you'll destroy your stomach quickly. It causes stomach bleeding and ulcers. In the name of harm reduction, take at least some esomeprazole with it. It is OTC in the UK and protects the stomach. 

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    That is exactly what happened to me with the Nurofen plus Cheeseburger, I was taking 2/3 boxes at my worst, I had several ulcers in my duodenum which were totally painless so I didn't know they were there nor bleeding until my legs began swelling and I couldn't catch my breath. I admitted to my doctor what I was doing who ordered Blood tests which showed I was severely anemic from the internal bleeding,

    my haemoglobin levels were 2, when they should have been 150, most people would have had a heart attack at this level so I'm very lucky to still be alive. This was the catalyst that has made me realise I need to detox and I'm so ready for it but petrified at the same time. The plan for Monday and the lofexidene detox is to have my last codeine on Sunday night then Monday take my 2 boys to school then go straight to Turning point (my local drugs and alcohol team) and take my first tablet at 10am and pick up the rest of the medication. With regards to the diazipan, lopermide, buscapan and zopliclon, I'm only being given enough for the 10 day detox so hopefully I won't have any problems swapping my addiction for something else. Thanks so much for all your support, it really does mean a lot and I shall keep you all up to date with how it all goes.

    Emma xx

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    Hi guys,

    I am now 24 hours since my last codeine dose, I went yesterday morning to get my prescription but as it's not a common prescription they didn't have the medication in stock, just my look. Anyway I went back at 4 o'clock and finally got them. I took 3 lofexidene tablets yesterday and managed to sleep ok this morning. I also have had 2 diazipan this morning which knocked me out a bit and I've had a sleep on the sofa but otherwise I'm feeling ok. So far so food but I know this is only the beginning.


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      Firstly well done fir getting to this point first steps always the hardest part.

      You will make it through this just keep going and you’ll beat it!!

      Good luck!!


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