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Hi all I'm 19 years old, I have a round belly, possibly bloating, I went to doctors as I hadn't pooped In 2 weeks, the doctor said my bowel was inflamed, I still wasn't no better with the pills, so I went to Abingdon hospital and they did urine test which I possibly had water infection, still no better went back to another doctor just said my bowel was blocked, I've had no tests done, but now I've got chronic pain In lower back, hip and sides, also feel sick, stomach hurts when pressure put on, also bit of chest pain on right side, I've been in tears today as its getting to much, sometimes hurt to walk. What's the best option I should take now as I've been pooping a bit but not as much as I normally would many thanks

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    x-ray, that shows fecal loading/impaction.

    Have you had an x-ray?

    Do you take stool softeners like Movicol (no cramping laxative please)?

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      oh, grrrr.

      x-ray is so easy, cheap, quick and good

      (if radiologist cares, but you can look at it too since fecal impaction is something anyone can learn to see on an x-ray, - other findings and interpretations are harder, but fecal loading one can see since 'big' and classic look-....have a search on images on internet -

      I would ask for a film print or CD digital copy please, which you can bring to other doc's appointments when going back to GP or GI; my dauther's moderately but whole length impacted ascending colon was overlooked by radiologist! because dear radiologist seems to just have looked at rectum, which was free...since then I always request a copy, especially of 2D x-rays and have it with me at appointments; some like to look at it, some don't. Just my experience, nothing is 100%, so annoying.)

      to diagnose fecal loading, the degree (light/mild, moderate, severe), impaction and location.

      The upper end/start of colon (ascending) is treated with osmotic laxatives like your laxido (I prefer Movicol, I need no prescribtion for it, Osmolax has a taste, we can't tollerate),

      but lower end (rectum) needs enemas/suppositories if something is stuck persistently.

      You also really need to drink a lot of water, stay very well hydrated.  Put e.g. your 2 Liter water jug there on the table in the morning to control your intake addtionally to your other drinks be it teas or juices. If you don't drink food coloured drinks or those bright yellow multiviatmin pills, you notice a well hydration by the light colour (not mid yellow) of your urine. 

      For some reason gut peristalsis can get lazy and slow.

      Especially if rectum is impacted, it slows down everything.

      20th seems too far off.

      You are sure better in wording in English (not native for me and I seem to be very direct = rude), but please call up and ask like 'really sorry to bother you, but could I please have an x-ray, the pain is so bad, there is something wrong'.

      You don't want to get that impacted, that the hassle becomes bigger and get enemas in hospital and you actually start to throw up, too, which is often a consequence of impaction. I don't think you are near a total obstruction, but you need to get looked at asap.

      If you went back to the ER, you could mention that one doc thought it was a  'blocked' (partially?) colon, that you are constipated, that laxido was not helping, that you were in massive pain, that you had no plain abdominal x-ray even....

      You need an x-ray asap and go from there.

      I even feel inclined to do a colon prep for colonoscopy, IF x-ray showed severe stool impaction and nothing else. There are good painless ones like picosalax. (I even get that over the counter). But discuss that with the doc please.

      You sure need to look into probiotics then and into insoluble fiber (be careful with soluble fiber like husks), but for the moment, you just want to know, if the reason for your symptoms is due to fecal loading/impaction or not and really go from there.

      There is no way without x-ray to even know how aggressively you should go on about  treatment and where the location is. 

      Maybe you even have a cyst that is pressing on innocent colon.

      I don't know,

      I just know, you need some imaging asap, not on 20th to talk about imaging.

      Best of luck, keep on nagging!


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      Are some laxatives (osmotic pls) helping?

      Pain better?

      did you get an x-ray by now if still continuous symptoms?

      We have to be on osmotic laxatives everyday (for half a year now) due to GI dysmotility, very slow transit no matter which diet.

      Came out of the blue and very annoying, but need to keep stool soft (not watery diarrhea) without knowing underlying cause for constipation.

      Hope you are feeling better!

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    First thing I'd do is drink a full bottle of Magnesium Citrate. Get it at Walgreens, walmart or cvs. You must have a bowl movement so that would be the first thing I'd try then follow up with a dr if it keeps happening.

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    Plz go to ER. Don't wait for a diagnosis continue to search for what is causing you problems. Sounds very miserable. . 

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      You should go straight to a and e and get them to get either your bowels to move or deal with the constipation over a week here in the uk is an emergency never mind 2 weeks all the toxins from your feaces build up is going into you blood stream and can be very dangerous so straight to a and e and demand something gets done
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      I hijack this post and your comment please since it is mentioned again and again and you seem to know about it,

      also I read the same general term especially in 'colon cleaning' pages, but is never ever exactly explained chemicall WHAT those toxins (seems to be a cocktail) are, that could go into blood especially if we are not talking diarrhea causing GI infections?

      Constipation is painful, not good for guts for sure, has a physical impact of course,

      but what of the stool bacteria metabolite or in the food matter is toxic in the first place and can only go into blood, if constipated, and cause pain?

      I really have a struggle with this very general term "toxin",

      since I know of many toxins e.g. by the 'bad' e.coli VTECO157, that releases a toxin (poison) and makes you have the worst blood diarrhea since it effects the cells.

      What is produced/excreted by gut bacteria depends on which gut bacteria are in there in the first place, it's a huge mix I can imagine.

      Hence probiotics so good, those ones we know cause us no harm to overgrow all the other mixes and keep them in small numbers. We need bacteria for digestion, without we are stuffed.

      Some ferement sugar into alcohol. Is that the toxin which is meant? Gases maybe?

      I never quite got this 'toxin' in guts, it reminds me somehow of our view of stool being dirty and our perception of being clean.

      A good peristalsis, softish stool are important for gut health (and no pain), good diet is important, but I always wonder about this 'toxin' word when it comes to normal or constipated situations.

      Please shine some light on me,

      I do understand chemistry fairly well and probably that's the problem that I cannot just jump onto 'toxins' as a luhdidah explanation. There are heavy metals, pesticides we eat in our environmentally polluted food.

      Is that meant with it to linger longer and maybe be able to get absorbed?

      What are 'toxins' in this case, how can they cause lower back pain?

      Can we measure them?

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      Lower back pain can happen with impaction like a build up of feaces putting pressure on nerves etc we have good and bad bacteria in out colons small bowel which multiply and can cause over production if not passed out our body

      For being constipated for 2 weeks sounds like a blockage which I is very serious I understand all countries are different ie having to pay etc but he needs to go and get it dealt with as its a medical emergency

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      Exactly, I think so too, an x-ray is the minimum to have a look and go from there for georgie (he/she?).

      I understand the physical pressure of impaction, yes, but I didn't understand the 'toxin' bit. biggrin

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