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Hi girls,

Having a terrible dip at the moment that has lasted for a good two months. The depression/anxiety is just so hard to handle.  I'm just wondering if anyone else looks really pale and drained when their having a dip.  This is the longest I have been down for in the ten years of this hell. I just pray it doesn't last too much longer.  Has anyone else had dips that have lasted this long?  I just pray that this is the final run home and it will be all over soon  and my days of freedom will be back.  I think the only reason I'm hanging in is because everyone says that the better days will come again. 

Love and happy days to everyone. xxxxx

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    yes i get blip times, and still do 17 months post meno too..

    like a pattern with me about every 6 weeks i get a blip, no energy and feel sluggish and pale etc

    jay x

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      Hi Jay,

      Would you say your blips are coming less now your post meno.  Do you think the blips were worse during perimenopause?  I was hoping they would be over by the time I reached menopause.   I can handle a blip for a little while but not the lenght i've had this time.  It's just so cruel!!!!

      I had blood tests come back the other day and my hormones were fine except for DHEA which was extremely low.  Doc wants me to supplement with it for a couple of months.  She also said progesterone was low and wants me to take  200mg compounded capsule at night for sleep. 

      I am just so overwhelmed and confused with it all at the moment.  I just need some days of freedom. 

      Thanks for your reply




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      Hi hun

      hormones will be erractic heading to low in peri, thats what happens they decline..

      so any boost of hormones is HRT .. So maybe that will take you time to get used to, body needs to get used to this ..

      i havent had HRT just lots of vits and supplements

      anxiety for me was at its worst in the 12 months ( no periods ) leading to post menopause, i dont have that now, and take B6 for it, it helped me alot 

      i just accept theres a blip sometimes and learnt to live with it, just do less and listen to my body at those times..

      i am 17 months post meno ( age 50) so i suppose there is still a natural hormone decline going on witn me, and my body is accepting this in its own way and levelling out, running on low .. 😊

      i dont expect to feel like i did when i was fertile, as I dont see how we can, such a big change ( transition ) 

      wish you well raelene 

      be kind to yourself 

      jay x

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      Thanks Jay,

      My anxiety is at it's worse at the moment. I haven't had it for this long ever!! 

      I have just turned 50 and periods are spaced out  between 70 - 90 days in the last year. 

      Hopefully I am just going through the rough anxiety like you went through and it will shift soon.  I have started taking the B6. 

      I'm like you and want to keep it as natural as possible. 

      Most of the symptoms I can handle but the anxiety/doom and gloom is horrific. 

      My sister was very similiar and when her periods finished all her anxiety/depression went away.  I pray I will be the same.  She also went through 10 to 12 years of hell. 

      I hope I can look back on this in years to come and be proud of myself for being so strong and patient.

      Wishing you wellness and happiness Jay

      Thanks for your kind support.

      Keep smiling

      Raelene xx

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      Hiya Raelene,

      i started red with the HRT patch back in September and so far not one month have I regular as the first month my period arrived after 26 days, next 37 days, 26 days, and now 21 days. The months when they didn't arrive on the normal 26 days I suffered with really bad low times and my health anxiety set in. I was dignosed with POCS, never had any symptoms and this was only found through a scan as I couldn't conceive a few years ago. When my journey started I was fine when I missed my period but only when I started brewing up approx two weeks before did I suffer with these low times and wouldn't go out and lost interest in everything and was nauseous. After a great deal of research I really do believe my progesterone is really low and I guess it was when I couldn't conceive. Not one of my doctors have ever suggested to check my levels of progesterone again as this could be all that I am lacking. 

      How are you finding you are feeling by taking the 200mg Progesterone capsule? 

      Since going back to work after the Christmas break I have really struggled this month and could almost start me brewing up again on day 9 and 10 for this one. My health anxiety goes on overdrive as I was spotting for a few days prior to finally having a proper bleed and convince myself that something terrible was happening to me. My logic head went completely out of the window. 

      Once these blips take hold of us they make us feel that they will stay with us for ever don't they?

      Will be good to hear how you get on with your new direction!

      massive comforting hugs to Raelene , it is so cruel how we suffering with this journey isn't it. Before all of this I was was so happy and positive type of person, not saying that I wasnt a worrier but never held on to such silly fears.xxxxJoy

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      Hi Joy.

      I have only been on the natural progesterone capsule for about a week.  I haven't noticed a change in my health as yet.

        My sleep is still very erratic. This is the longest I have dropped for since I started this journey over ten years ago.  I'm trying my hardest to hang in and wait for a day of freedom. 

      I know it will come but I just don't know when. 

      If you are lacking in progesterone the HRT is probably making you more estrogen dominant which can cause these horrible symptoms. Is the HRT a combined one or just estrogen.

      When I get like this I research and research and then get myself so confused.  I know its not good for me but it makes me feel like I'm doing something to help myself. 

      I have decided to buy some hook rug kits to try and take my mind of it all and give me a break from being on the computer all the time. 

      I have some ativan tablets to take on really bad days or if I need to be at a special occasion.  My doctor trusts me with them and knows that I wont be silly with them.  They can become addictive.

      It's one hell of a journey. 

      I have to travel for an hour tomorrow for my daughter to do a hair trial on me for a new job she is going for.  I couldn't say no to her.  I pray I survive the day. (It's going to be so hard with this horrible hold on my body) I may have to take a tablet.  I may also wake and this nasty thing has lifted!!!  (I pray for that every night at the moment)

      Wishing you better days ahead Joy.

      Thanks for your loving support.

      Sending you magical happiness

      Raelene  xxx

      I can't wait to live again!!!!


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      Hello Raelene,

      Thank you for your reply and I really feel for you that your dip has gone on for so long, it is so draining having to deal with these rollacoster emotions especially when you are normally so upbeat and positive and a happy person.

      When I was diagnosed with PCOS over 7/8 years ago I wasn't given any guidance on how to improve things, I was given a leaflet and sent on my way. If it had been explained to me a little better then perhaps I could have prepared myself a little better for the up and coming peri menopause.          Up until about two years ago my cycles were 25 days and had been like that for a while. Never experienced any unusual low moods no more than Mr/s average and never panicked over such things as I do now.

      My blips as I call them now seem to get hold of me when my period is brewing since a previous missed cycle or even when a cycle arrives way ahead of time, and mine used to last for at least two weeks at a time, so much so that I wouldn't go into the office (we run our business from our home) couldn't face our staff, was really tearful, lost interest in doing anything and lost my appetite and often felt nauseous and feared for my health and was over whelmed with doom and gloom.

      I tried the serenity progesterone cream for about 3/4 months and to be honest really balanced once again and felt great using it. The only reason I stopped it was because I started getting shorter cycles once again and went back to having the anxiety so then thought it wasn't working for me. My doctor supported me with the use of it but also supported me in suggesting that I should give HRT a try to help bring back my balance once again. I have tried three different ones and still don't feel any better either. So for me I am back to square one, so I have now booked to see a menopause specialist who may be able to look at the bigger picture with my previous history of low progesterone and she may well suggest that I just take prescribed progesterone tablet to help me through these times. You may be right that using both HRT that involves 14 days of estrogen and the one that has 14 days with both estrogen and progesterone that has made me estrogen dominant so perhaps just using the progesterone will help to balance my hormones back again. Fingers cross that this may be the case!! 😔

      Our normal GPs do try and be helpful some times but just don't have the time to talk things over properly to give us the best advice and I guess this is why they think anti depressants will help but for me personally I know this health anxiety is just peri related and will go once my hormones have stopped being so erratic.

      Its funny I can tell when I am not feeling right as quickly as when I feel great again and cherish those moments because I know this will end but just not sure when.

      By the time you have read my reply, you will be able tell me how your own special day went with your daughter and i do hope that your own lowness has disappeared completely for you so that you were able to enjoy yourself to the full! 

      Thank you for reading my reply and do hope we do not have to endure this journey for much longer!!

      Massive hugs to you my sweets! Joy xxx🌹🌻🌹


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      Hi Joy,

      Thanks for your wonderful reply.  I get a little confused with the HRT that is used for perienopause. Does the HRT put you back to having a monthly bleed while your own hormones are bottoming out below. 

      How do you actually know if you have reached menopause.  (This may be a silly question as I don't know much about it. )  

        Do you then go off the HRT in hope that your own hormones have levelled out.  It just gets so confusing and rather scary. I hope you can get your situation worked out soon.   I could never really relate my dips with my cycle.  My dips just seem to come and go as they like.  Over the past 11 years I have had months of feeling well and then it hits me like a brick wall.  Some years have been better than others.  As I said this is the longest I've had a dip.  I'm going to throw a massive party when these hormones have settled into a steady state.

      I was lucky enought to visit my daughter today.  She is hoping to get a hairdressing job with a lady who has her own business at home.  It's such a trendy set up and I can see my daughter fitting right in with the natural surroundings.

        On returning home I then tutored one of my little girls. 

      Today and yesterday just seem to be a little easier as the hold of doom and gloom isn't as strong. I pray these days roll on for a while.

      It's amazing how free you feel when the hold goes.

      Goodluck with your next doctors visit

      Stay strong and keep smiling

      Raelene  xxxxxx

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      Hi Raelene

      I am in menopause to and I have been confused about HRT myself. There are two ways for them to check if you are in Menopause one is a blood test and one is to take progesterone to bring on a period. I took the blood test. 

      Ladies do not need to be on HRT when they are going through menopause but a lot of ladies go on it to help with the symptoms they have with menopause or some ladies get put of SSRI''s for anxieties and depression to help with menopause. Its your choice whith what you want to do. 

      Keep a smile on your face everything will work out. 

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      Hi Susan 

      its a FSH blood test to check levels.. ( Follicle Stimulating Hormone) 

       however if ladies are in early peri then likely to come back as normal.. As hormones are erractic, three blood tests could be taken in one day and they would all come back different, not until the periods decline to approx 3-4 per year does it come back as menopausal range .

      also a scan of ovaries will determine if several periods are misssed.

      i had both.. FSH and scan at Gyno to confirm post meno ..

      progesterone is just a treatment for absent periods, which could be for many reasons not just menopause ..

      jay x

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      Hi susan 

      are you in peri menopause, or post menopause ..

      i had peri menopause for ten years ..

      Peri menopause can take years..

      post menopause is no more periods after on average 12 months and beyond 

      Generally progesterone for numerous things .. 

      Progesterone is used to cause menstrual periods in women who have not yet reached menopause but are not having periods due to a lack of progesterone in the body. ( form of HRT) hormone replacement therapy 

      This medicine is also used to prevent overgrowth in the lining of the uterus in postmenopausal women who are receiving estrogen hormone replacement therapy.

      i was prescribed years ago for endometriosis before laser surgery 

      my daughter takes it aged 24 for polycystic ovaries 

      menopause is checked by FSH blood test or scan or transvaginal scan 

      see if the ovaries are functioning or not, and if there are follicles.

      some doctors base it on symptoms provided by patient / age etc 


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      Hiya Raelene,

      lovely to to hear that you had a fab day with your daughter, a tonic in its self don't you think.

      Well I went to see my lovely GP to day to discuss where I could go from here as I thought the patches hadn't improved things for me.

      She said the fact I was suffering with the anxiety was saying that I was estrogen deficient. She finally has prescribed me with the HRT that I have wanted since day one. Most HRT given with 14 days of estrogen and the 14 days of both estrogen and progesterone or 16 days of estrogen and then 12 days of both.  Due to me personally often brewing from day 10 I gave now been given the estrogel that you put on your thighs and the 200 mg of progesterone tablets from days 15 but can change this to days 10-12 if I feel that I am brewing, both are the kindest type of HRT and are known as the gold standard.

      i have also got an appointment to see a homeopath next week to discuss what she can give me along side the HRT to make me better quality of life. This way I will have this to fall back on should the HRT not help as I am hoping.

      My own mood had lifted when I woke up this morning and now have my period in full throw which for me takes away all the emotions that I gave experienced over the past month.

      i do hope you are feeling loads better today and that you have started to enjoy your new hobby.

      Massive hugs to you my lovely and really do hope that you soon start to feel more like your old self some time very soon.

      love Joy xxx🌹


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      Thats good then, you now know where you are.

      Not peri or pre.

      But post menopause.

      Much the same as me then my last one was Sept 13 ..

      Wish you well with it


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      Hiya Jay,


      Hows your back doing my lovely? Massive comforting warm hugs to you.

      Well had a good appointment with my lovely GP today, and feel really good about where I should be going with everything now. Also heard back from the homeopathic lady I was referred too.  Sent her an email with all what I have been experiencing and wow it's sounds like so many positive things can be done and I am really excited about where my future now will be taking me, that I will hopefully have this lady on board to get me through these horrid times that can come with the erractic hormones. I now know that should this new HRT not work then I will get my relief from homeopathy. 

      Woke up feeling really good this morning and feel really positive to where I am going with all of this.

      Good diet, more relaxation, good vitamins and all the wonderful support from all my peri friends what more could a lady wish for, other than a good old hug, couldn't say what I really want as I might get thrown off this website! I can but dream though can't I, reckon my hubby must be peri as always to tired nowadays!! Ha! Ha! Let me know how you get on with your homepatiy, will be good to see each other's progress! 

      Big hugs to you,

      Joy xxx🌹🌞

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