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I am a 77 year old and fairly fit male (yes, I am Mr MAC, but my wife and I have the same email address which means that I have to use my wife's detail when posting here). I have been taking blood pressure medication for almost 30 years, and have at various times been prescribed every type. 12 months ago, having returned to my GP complaining of severe tiredness, I was prescibed Losartan 25mg.

At first all seemed fine, blood pressure OK. I had plenty of energy. Then, about 3 weeks ago all that old tiredness came back. I would sleep a good 8 hours having taken my usual 10mg of Phenergan (Promethazine hydrochloride), get up, have breakfast then go back to sleep. I remained feeling tired all day.

Went for 30 minute brisk walk which was all I could manage all day.

By evening all that tiredness is back forcing me to lye down and watch TV all evening. I will have to return to the GP again, but cannot help feeling confused as just what to say, as I feel sure he will suggest that it is not the Losartan?

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    MrMac, I have been taking Losartan Potassium 50mg for over about 18 months now after trying half a dozen or so other BP lowering pills that have caused nasty side effects.  My pharmacist has said that it is the BP drug of which he hears the least complaints about.  So far, for me, it has caused no discernible side effects (a small miracle!) BUT it is failing to control my BP on its own so recently another pill, Bisoprolol, has been added (s6-7 weeks ago), since when Ihave noticed more tiredness creeping in and some lethargy, but that is to be expected from beta blockers as they slow the metabolism.

    I would suspect that in your case, and I am not a medical person, there may be an interaction going on between your Promethazine and the Losartan - if you look at the Promethazine literature, it does state tiredness among its side effects.  It also states that there can be interaction with blood pressure lowering drugs.  I think the best person for you to speak to about this is your pharmacist - they know more about drugs than GPs.  Good luck!

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    Hi Mr Mac

    I am 67 and on 32mg candersarten so far without ill effects. Could I ask what your blood sugar levels are and your weight by checking the body mass index? I would stay off amlodipine any way which seems to give a host or problems. Why not halve the sleeping pill as a first step?


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    Hello Mrs. Mac I think your problem will be solved If you give it some time. It takes a while to adjust to a new drug.Also I hope your cardio vascular health is good too...also have your kidney functions done.if these two things are perfect then just give it sometime and maintain your exercise preferably cardio moderate and wait n watch
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    I am glad there is someone else who has had a similar experience with Losartan.  I was first prescribed Lisinopril, which gave me a cough.  I was told Losartan had the fewest side effects, as I am very sensitive to drugs, so I went from 25 mg to 50 mg, and still had high blood pressure and was very tired, so I went back to my doctor, and he doubled the dose.  Go figure.  So now, I take 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg at night, sleep all night and can barely get up during the day.  Plus, my blood pressure is not gone down enough to get rid of that horrible blood pressure headache I have every day.

    So, I don't know what to do.  I'd like to try something else, but what?  I've tried all the herbal things, which helped a little, but not enough.  I guess I'm wanting to respond to your post and ask anyone out there if they can recommend the "next" drug to try that is more effective than Losartan with the least side effects.

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      Oh how I wish I could help you but I'm in much the same boat, except that I don't have any noticeble side effects from Losartan after experiencing horrid ones with at least six previous pills.  I'm unable to take higher than a 50mg dose due to kidney issues, so because 50mg isn't controlling my very high BP, they added a beta blocker, Bisoprolol, about 7 weeks ago.  Am feeling a little more tired and lethargic, probably as a result of the beta blocker's effect on metabolism.  minutes before taking it again to find it had dropped to 147/71.  Renal consultant tells me that I am going to need 3 different pills to get control over the blood pressure - tell that to my body that can't even cope with one!  Awaiting further direction from GP who is contacting consultant.

      Have you tried adding a diuretic to the Losartan - that works for some people.  Not for me as it really adversely affected my already reduced kidney function

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      Yes, I do take an over-the-counter water pill, which helps.

      My kidneys ache, but my GP said my kidney function looks OK from lab tests.

      My GP just said to add an additional 50 mg of Losartan (which totals 150 mg a day) when I can't get my blood pressure down, but I don't want to do that.

      I take Losartan in the morning.  An hour later, if it isn't down, I take a water pill.  An hour later, I take an herbal called Cardimap if it isn't down.  An hour later I take Beet Root capules if it isn't down.  An hour later I take Hibiscus capsules if it isn't down.  An hour later, I take Carditone if it isn't down, and an hour later I take Hawthorn Berry capsules if it isn't down.  By then, it is almost time to take another Losartan, and I have a terrible blood pressure headache that never seems to go away.

      I'm going to an acpuncturist tomorrow to see if I can get help with my blood pressure and headaches.

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      Susie, I do hope you have checked out all those herbal preparations etc for compatibility with Losartan and with each other - you never know, a combination of one or two may be causing the headache.  The best person to check with is your pharmacist who knows more about drugs and supplements than a GP.  No-one should every take any supplements, including those bought over-the-counter, if they are taking medication without running it past the pharmacist first.

      Good luck with the acupuncture.  The National Kidney Federation has  given me some recommendations.  I already do Tai Chi and walk daily, but they have suggested Mindfulness - I'm searching around for a class at the moment. 

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      Thanks.  I will check out compatibility issues.  I never thought of that. I'm just so sick that I'm not thnking straight.
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      Did you see Trust Me I'm a doctor the other week (catch it on iPlayer). They took various herbal items and vitamins and tested them. Many of them contained none of what was supposed to be in them. You could see from the packaging that some came from a well known High Street health store.

      Personally I would ditch all of you are taking. I don't believe in concentrated products. If you can stomach Beetroot juice I would drink that. Todays Daily Mail again plugs Mr's O's Beetroot and Celery.

      You may be pushing your BP up by constanly worrying about and checking it says one who has been there:-)

      Morning, noon and night is quite enough.


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      Please understand, I am NOT constantly worrying.  I am a proactive person who is interested in being as healthy as I can be.  I have spent many hours researching alternatives.  Many have worked for me to various degrees, so it is not true that they don't contain anything.  Please don't discount the work and words of others on this forum.  Drugs are the least best alternative after all else has failed, but I am always open to all options.  If you can add something that is positive and supportive, that is fine.  You don't know what is "quite enough" for others.  You can only determine what is "quite enough" for yourself.  Negativity is not helpful.
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      I can see that you are a person after my own heart but eventually we all find that the Holy Grail we seek will not be found in a health food store or a hedgerow. 

      You will find many on this Forum crying Eureka when their symptoms subside after trying something new but sadly a few weeks later things revert.

      Your BP seems to be drug resistant like mine has been for the past fifteen years. You could Google for a Hypertension Referral Centre near you and ask your GP to refer you. I've had all manner of tests at one without finding a reason for it. Perhaps their best suggestion so far has been that I'm not truly hypertensive but just have BP spikes and that is why I react badly to all medications. How negative is that? 

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      Alas forget the Hypertension Referral Centres. I see from other posts that you are not in the UK. It does help if people from abroad put that in their posts on a obvious UK site as much that we say is parochial and based on our State Medicine experiences,services and lack of patient choice..
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      Tell you what Derek that sounds to me like they are totally stumped as what to say to you,    so its just spikes then after all the tests do you think they are right or fobbing you off?
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      At the last appointment I asked if it was worth him seeing me again.He said yes so I asked if he wanted to change me from Losartan as he had said at the very first appointmrent that there are families of drugs that I have not yet tried. He said to stick with the losartan. I often qoute him as saying that cardiologists are very clever people who do all manner of things that he cannot do but that they do not understand hypertension as it takes an expert like him to do that.  
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    I've had a similar experience with fatigue. I was taking losartan 100 mg for over a year and just lately fatigue started to set in to the point where I could barely function. Also depression and anxiety. I went off it about a week ago and noticed an almost immediate difference (increase) in energy.

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