Losartan higher dose when needed?

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Hello, I currently take losartan 50mg for my blood pressure, but whenever I have a very stressful day or binge drink my bloodpressure is higher even with the medication, other days pressure is under control, I know stress and alcohol don't mix well with high blood pressure, would it be ok to take a higher only on those days?


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    Will. Hi. I would never recommend adjusting  dosages of your medication based on when you’re  drinking or not you seriously need to speak with your doctor about this. In addition I’m sure you know that you’re never at a mix blood pressure medication with alcohol you really don’t want to play with this given you’re on medication that has to Be adhered too if you are going to stay on it

    When you were diagnosed with hypertension what are the numbers that lead to your doctor placing you on these blood pressure pills I personally don’t like any medication that deals with blood pressure but I had a very bad experience

    However you should never cold turkey or medication and you should never increase it without going through your doctor first.  It is a very dangerous thing to do or play hit or miss and taking your doses

    I’m sure others will have more to add but I am very concerned for you and I do hope you will call your doctor very soon

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    Hi Will, my doctor told me what to do if my blood pressure gets too high. My daughter was diagnosed with lung cancer and I am going to fly to VA to be with her. When she told me I was going to be on the plane in a day or two my blood pressure is very high. I would appreciate any prayers for her. (Kim)  You need to call your doctor and ask what you should do. You don't want to have a stroke. I take Losartan, Labetalol and Verapamil.

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    To me it seems sensible to adjust your dosage to meet a particular days BP. More sensible though to stop or moderate your alcohol  intake.. 
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      derek76...I totally agree with Tee..in fact, I've mentioned this very thing previously. Nobody should ever adjust their medication without consulting their Dr. Unless a person is a Dr., they are not qualified to make such judgements. Alcohol & medications do not mix. The odd drink is fine..perhaps 1 or 2 in the evening, but not any more than that. 

      I'm not sure...but I think I've mentioned this to you previously. Just because a person is stressed, or anxious, doesn't mean they should be taking more of a medication (the decision made by themselves). This is not sensible..it could be careless.

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      An extra half losartan (25mg) will not be an overdose. If in the UK he could call 111 for advice.
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      derek76...I agree that an extra half losartan 25mg will not be an overdose, but bp medications aren't like Paracetamol, Tylenol or the like. It's not intended to be used like a headache pill. If the Dr. prescribes the bp medication to be taken daily, then it's taken daily. If the dosage needs increasing, the Dr. will prescribe it as such, or lower it. One should never decide how much or how little to take without consulting their Dr. Remember...a person who doctors themselves has a fool for a patient.

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      Are you being treated for your hypertension by a doctor or a cardiologist ?

      I see a specialist at a Hypertension Centre. He says, " Cardiologists are very clever people and do things that I cannot do but they don't understand hypertension as I do " He is in favour of increasing dosage slightly if BP goes outside a patients usual high.

      Re GP's and hypertension, two at different practices have said to me that they don't really treat hypertension as if they did they would not have time to see other patients. One said if we sent every one with 'high' reading to a BP specialist there would be a queue  from here to the hospital. 

      In theory the UK level for referring a patient to one is if the systolic reading is constantly over 168. 


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      I agree, that if a Dr. were to send a patient with one "high" reading to a specialist, the lineups would be horrendous,but just to take an extra tablet because a reading is high...that makes no sense at all.

      Fluctuations are to be monitored. One high reading means nothing.BP fluctuates from moment to moment,but I do not agree with a patient deciding to up their dose or decrease their dose without consulting their doctor. 

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      The reference was not to one high reading but semi regular ones over days. The patient keeping records and knowing himself
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    Looks to me like that would be OK.  While I'm not a doctor nor a pharmacist, your 50mg is a low/average dose, and it seems a higher dose is also available so 100mg is common enough, and the writeup even says effects are "linear".

    Might also discuss with the doctor keeping a second medicine on hand for use as needed, have you ever tried HCTZ diuretic?  In the US combination therapies are very common, more common than just depending on one drug.

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    I am on Losartan 100mg and do drink probably once or twice a week not going above the 14 unit  a week for women advice.   I didn’t drink at all when getting used to the medication but my body didn’t come down until I was on filedopine as well.  If it came to a choice I would choose a normal BP over alcohol.   All the best hope you feel better soon.
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    My experience was that increasing my Losartan dosage from 50-100 did very little for me.

    Adding a small amount of diuretic (12.5 of HCTZ) made a HUGE difference. A small amount of diuretic "turbo charges" Ace inhibitors and ARB for many people. My top number dropped 40 points additional with the addition of the small amount of diuretic. Losartan/HCTZ is a cheap readily available combo that your doctor can prescribe.

    Good luck,


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      Dave, thanks for posting that.  I actually found that the HCTZ by itself very nearly did the job for me!
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      Hi Jx.  How much did the HCTZ reduce your blood pressure I’m just curious I went through a nightmare with Metoprolol.  I’m interested in knowing how this works for folks taken soley by itself 

      Are you taking 12.5 or 25? 

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