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I think i have reached my end of my positivity. I have went to the best doctors,i was doing a tad better and now i am not. I was given lotemax and in my case its burning more. i called and never got a response. I dont know anymore,i just need encouragement ,i try to be so positive for others,i am new to this condition and i dont understand what is going on,i dont understand what and why this wont subside and why dont eye drs know how painful this is. Im just sad tonight,because everytime i try to make progress i get no where! 

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    Have you read the insert that came with the drops?  The side effect of a lot of eye drops, is burning.

    I am fortunate, I have never found that my eye drops burn/sting, though I have recently been put on some antibiotic eye drops, called Azyter, which burn & make my eyes blurred.  The burning lasts for at least half an hour but eventually stops & I can open my eyes again.  The Ophthalmologists warned me that this may happen.

    How long do you try these drops before giving up?


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      yes,they do burn it says so,im ok now. just got at the end of my rope with this. it is frustrating and for 6 months i just keep thinking it has to go,subside,something! but after wich seemed like a thousand opthamologist,i got no where! thank you,im ok ,i got this! smile 
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      and its not the opthamologist fault,they are doing all they can do,ITS THE CONDITION THAT OVERWELMS ME! SOMETIMES! 
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      Poor Susan!  I don't have bleph badly, I keep on top of it but recently, I saw an expert on a different eye condition & he prescribed the Azyter eye drops for me.  [Azithromycin dihydrate 15mg/g]  It is a new treatment for Blepharitis, it is an antibiotic.  I have to use it for a month & it certainly makes my eyes sting/burn.  Maybe you could mention it to your Ophthalmologist.  I saw mine in London, UK

      Regarding the grapefruit, be very wary of grapefruit if you take any medication, it doesn't mix with quite a number of drugs.  I used to love grapefruit but gave it up first of all because I was on an antihistamine but there are a lot of others.

      There is an ocular lubricant called VitA-POS, which is a gel that you use at night for dry eyes, it has added Vitamin A - which aids corneal healing.  You could also try carrots!!

      Good luck.

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      Sorry, Lesley, I am working backwards!  I have only just read your post.
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      awesome,going to try carrots ,yuck grapfruit!!!!   lol thank you again ,your kind to respond! smile
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      Azyter is not a new treatment for blephartis.. it's been around for conjunctivitis for around 20 years.. it just goes by the name asazite or something, but the azyter ones seem better because there preservative free.. Can you tell me if the azyter has given you any improvement? I've had some for Ages but they sting so much I just stopped using them.. but I might give them another go if they benefit?

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      I was told that by my Consultant. He said it was new for Posterior Blepharitis.

      I cannot tell you whether or not to use the eye drops,  I haven't examined your eyes, you should discuss it with your Ophthalmologist.

      I don't have conjunctivitis, nor in fact do I have Posterior Blepharitis.


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    Hi Susan

    It is possible that it is caused by a lack of Vitamin A but this is only my theory, I am no medical expert. My husband drinks Grapefruit juice which contains lots of vitamin A and it really helps. Having said this there are different types of bleph. so it may not help you. If you decide to give it a go be careful with grapefruit juice as it can have other health issues and it does affect contraception. There are other foods you can try such as carrots but you need to do more research on the whole vitamin A thing to check it does not affect your health or any medication you may be on. It is a long shot but it might help.

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      i was hinking it may be a vitamin def. somewhere,i am trying fish oil ,i will try just eating a grapfruit a couple days,couldnt hurt! thank you
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    Susan, it's been my experience that regular docs can't truly help because they don't look at why a person has developed a chronic condition. They just haven't been trained to do so. Chronic conditions such as Blepharitis are caused by an autoimmune response in the body due to inflammation and inflammation is caused due to stress both emotional and physical, poor diet which leads to missing important vitamins and minerals, and genetics. 

    I recommend finding an alternative doctor who can look at your history, find the root cause and treat you holistically. Do you have other autoimmune issues such as hypothyroidism, other skin problems, allergies? The list is long....some of the more severe conditions include Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, etc. in my case, genetics definitely plays a role because my mother has autoimmune issues. Before Blepharitis, I've dealt with Hypothyroidism which I know many other posters said they have as well and a skin condition no doc could ever diagnose.  Both conditions have improved dramatically with alternative processes. I can't tell you how frustrated and disappointed I am to have developed yet another condition. I know it's due to stress as this past year has been one for the books! I'm hoping this highly recommended acupuncturist will be the answer. I've been seeing him about a month. My eyes are somewhat better, my energy level has definitely improved so we'll see. I'll keep ya'll posted (yes, I'm from the South!) 

    Anyway Susan, I feel your frustration and I do hope you find some relief somehow somewhere and ditto to the rest of you. 

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      Now you speak volumes!!!!!!!!   yes,i went to the best dr who said it was auto immune and i do have ezema and other immune related issues! I 100 PERC. AGREE WITH YOU AND THINK YOU ARE VERY INTELLEGENT TO HAVE CORRULATED THE 2 TOGETHER!  with that said,what other drs did you see? also ,isnt a steriod suppose to surpress immune response? what treatments are you using? please answer because you said excactly what the opthamologist said..... but again,i just got steriod drops because they cant do much for auto immune things. i would love to know what you have done to get some relief,thank you so so so much
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      you said holistic,i love that idea? have you tried drops and holistic? if so what holistic measures did you take? what drps have you taken?
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    Susan, steroids are prescribed by regular docs. They and other drugs treat the symptoms only masking the real issue. It may help for awhile but it can and will be only a bandaid approach unfortunately. Symptoms happen as a way for the body to tell us something is off....out of balance. They are like little red flags. Having said that, there is still a need to ease symptoms while trying to find the root of the problem and hence bring the body back into balance which can take awhile. It takes the body awhile to get out of balance and so it takes awhile to bring it back. We, as humans, are always looking for the quick fix and often doctors seem to have the answer with drugs but if we are to truly heal, we need to be patient and stay the course. It can be overwhelming,I know, to figure out where to go...who to see. Sometimes, the best place to start is the local health food store where you can ask someone in the supplement dept if they can recommend an acupuncturist or homeopathic doctor. I would then ask for references and see if anyone using said doctor has had success treating autoimmune issues. You could also explore online. 

    As as far as treatment right now....I have the meibomian sp? type of Blepharitis on the bottom eye lid rim. My oil glands are clogged so my eyes feel dry, more sensitive to light, excessive tearing at corners which gets crusty, and tiny divets along the rim. I don't have the burning and itching kind. I think warm compresses and massaging helps to get the oil loosened. I use preservative free eye drops twice a day...am/pm. This is what I'll do until hopefully my acupuncturist gets me right again. I'll definitely keep you posted!  I hope this info has helped in some way.

    oh and one more thing....do you know if you have Candida? Again, lots of posters said there was a connection and I believe this to be true because that's where all my immune stuff started years ago and an overgrowth of Candida really messes with your immune system. If so, you must get this in check again, through an alternative doctor.  Once in check, you will feel like a new person!

    Best of luck! And let me know how you progress. 


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      You have got meibomian gland dysfunction.. same as me.. but because eye doctors are so useless in this department.. they just call it blephartis too.. doctors don't explain the difference between the 2 types. The glogged glands are hormonal. It's the oils we are producing are too thick. I believe it's to do with diet.. the other type of blephartis is what most peeps on here complain about, which is bacterial and painful..
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