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Can anyone please tell me how do I know if I have low stomach acid or high stomach acid. Because I don't feel active I feel dizziness , bloating after lunch and nausea. Right know am taking rebeprazole sodium IP my GP has suggested me that. I need help

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    Hi, I have been this path and tried to find out about low/high stomach acid because of certain digestive issues. It all came down to that I can’t handle milk, fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol because of low enzymes (pancreatic issues). I have to make sure to eat healthy carbs (cooked vegetables) and more small frequent meals, chew longer, drink lots of water with minerals and also take a multivitamin complex and probiotics. Also I am trying to de-stress.. 

    Since then I feel much better. 

    Hope this helps.

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      I feel less hungry now a days ., constant dizziness after lunch, fatigue , tired my GP said it was stomach infection he gave me probiotics and pentoprazole I felt better for 3-4 days then again the same I went to a different GP she said your gastric problem is due to stress and anxiety she gave me anxiety tabs ,folic acid tabs and rebeprazole sodium IP , I felt much better but still the dizziness won't go away also there is bloating for sometime after meal and I find that my bowels are not emptying fully., please help

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      Feeling less hungry is also an indication that something is off with your hormonal production. And all that happens in your pancreas. It’s not that you have pancreatitis or so I assume, maybe just the production of hormones and enzymes is inhibited through stress, too fast eating, wrong food and not enough water with minerals. All my screens turned out normal as well. Blood, ultrasounds etc. 

      I have the brain fog as well. It’s mostly not enough carbohydrates. When I drink lots of water and eat frequently healthy carbs I feel great. Also digestion is great then. As soon as I eat crappy food or add coffein, everything is off. 

      Try Yoga moves for digestion.. and take magnesium before you go to bed. That helped me go once in the morning and that’s it is for the day. 

      Also start your day with a glass of water. 

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      I guess you are right I was such a foodie person food is the only thing that made me happy but now I can't eat whatever I want .. And yes whenever I eat crappy food I get sick bloated nausea and what not., even beer makes me bloated and feel sick it makes my abdomen burn and also cafeinated drinks

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      Oh yes.. that sounds familiar. Just try to stay away from it and just eat what is beneficial to your body. I honestly totally changed my opinion about food and what I always thought is a treat for myself like sugary things, I honestly think are the worst for us. The body just doesn’t need it to function properly but makes it sick. And that’s what we have to learn... And when the body starts showing us symptoms and is rebelling that’s just the start. So better start changing something now. I can tell you from my experience that it is just getting worse since the body will get more and more malnourished. 

      From my experience I can really recommend taking a good Multivitamin, Probiotics and the eat clean (always think if the food is beneficial). If you crave things, find a substitute.. Also don’t underestimate water intake. Your body needs it for every single cell. You need at least 2.5liters/ day

      Also most multivitamins don’t have enough calcium and magnesium. Get an extra supplement. 

      I take half a pill (it’s a combination and I think 1000mg each) in the morning, 1/2 in the evening. I for example don’t drink milk so it’s hard for me to get calcium from food.  

      Also Vitamin b 12 is very important (you can just get that from animal food or fortified foods)  but that should be in the multivitamins.

      You will see, you will get your hunger back. I can remember the first time my stomach started grumbling again without me getting dizzy before.. that was a big improvement: )

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      Thank you so much I hope this works ., 
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    Wait to see if the PPIs work first of all and try a food diary tp see what foods may be causing bloating and nausea.
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      Yes I am taking PPI rebeprazole sodium IP but I have bloating for sometime after lunch then it goes away ., I feel my digestion is taking longer then it use to before also I get burping but i have no heartburn or pain or reflux
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      I am tired of feeling this way since 3 months now. I don't know what has gone wrong with me I never had any of such problem ever but now suddenly since last 3 months its just not going away ., I have lost almost 9kgs

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      My CBC blood test came out normal, liver functioning test normal, ultrasonography is showing normal, no pain anywhere but I just feel fullness in my upper abdomen
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      The PPI will be helping to stop reflux and heartburn.  That may be why you are not experiencing it.  However, sometimes PPIs can cause dizziness and bloating.  Check your medication leaflet to see the side effects or ask your doctor about it.  Try a food diary to see if food is the problem.
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      Losing weight is also an indication for that something is off with your pancreas. You need to be tested for your enzymes. If I am not mistaken it’s the amylase that can show if something is off. 

      I never did the test but figured it out after almost three years of having these issues. I take a supplement with ginger, tumeric etc with the meal. That helps the production of enzymes.

      Or if I eat lots of protein I take extra enzymes. 

      And try to destress!! If you are not working out like me, walk at least 1/2h every day!  If you are working out, don’t stress your body with too much. 

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    Maybe you should go in and request an upper GI be done maybe you have a little bit of some gallbladder problems also sometimes that goes with heartburn and bloating I'm not sure about the dizziness that could be from your medications you can research that or Google that and find out what the side effects are from your ppis you should find some answers if you Google the name of your medication side effects

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      I did ultrasonography test as prescribed by My GP no gallstone or inflammation found ., the reports came all normal ., CBC test too came out normal, liver functioning test too came out normal., sometimes I feel so sick I don't know why ., and I have got whiteness in my tongue does that indicate anything?

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      Whiteness on your tongue may indicate a candida inf3ction.
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      well I'm not a physician but maybe you need to see your family physician to see if you have thrush which is a white coating on the tongue and throat sometimes smokers get this you can Google thrush and see what it tells you sometimes medications cause it also

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