LPR/REFLUX Under Arm Pain??

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Hi All, I wonder if anyone can assist?

Diagnosed with LPR  in July last year, currently on PPI 20mg morning,  Gaviscon Advance after every meal and strict diet.

Also trying alkaline water and raised the bed.

Symptoms include: Sore throat, burning sensation in throat,  pain in chest and back, lump in throat sensation and I’m now experiencing pain under my armpits!! And pectoral pain???

First thing in the morning no symptoms at all. Symptoms described appear to come on around 11:00 and progressively get worse until I sit down in the evening. When seated and relaxed symptoms subside. 

Can I ask if anyone else is experiencing any of these symptoms and particularly the under arm pain and pectoral pain.

Thank you

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    Hi there you could be suffering from stress as you mention it going when your suiting down in the evening 
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    Thanks Gillian, you may have something there. 

    I had read that some experience under arm pain with LPR and wondered how common it was or if it may be a side effect of the medication.

    Stress can manifest itself in different ways so that’s definitely a consideration.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Simeon, several of us have had those symptoms. Not sure wht pectoral is but underarm pain, but we fill it could be swollen nodes..we apply acv to our underarms..hope this helps..
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      Hi Terrie,

      Thanks for your reply. I’ll give anything a go. What is acv? 

      Have you ever been diagnosed with swollen nodes or been given an explanation why they should swell?

      I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the GP 🙁

      Many thanks 

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      I had years ago found felt undr my arm.like a swelling and whn I had a mammogram, Tha told me enlarged lymph node..that was about 5 yrs ago. At times, my underarm gets sore..several others on forums said Tha roo had lymph swelling bleed to be caused from inflammation of acid reflux. So we all just started putting organic apple cider vinegar under our arm. It smells at first but does dissipate in a few minutes..several of us agreed it really seemed to help with the pain..so maybe it can help u..I hope so..take care
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    Most of those sound like LPR symptoms.  Instead of under arm, I had pain in my back, along the left shoulder blade.

    It has taken almost 2 years, but I have pretty much eliminated my symptoms without the use of drugs, and with a lot of help from my faith in God.  I know having a belief in a higher power is not a very popular stance these days, but when asked about what worked for me, I am simply being honest.

    1) Faith

    2) Get rid of STRESS.  It's so much easier said than done.  All of these pains and symptoms only add to the stress.  The change of diet, and lifestyle can be very stressful.  Many people with LPR often say "I want my old life back".  People with GERD need to accept the fact their old lifestyle may have caused these problems.  We need to embrace the new healthier lifestyle, which will help the change be free of stress.

    3) Diet.  I read up on inflammatory foods, and eliminated as many as I could.  Get rid of Sugars, Gluten, deep fried foods, milk, processed foods, and vegetable oil.  Also hard alcohol breaks down the protective mucous of the digestive track, so eliminate this as well.

    4) Build your core.  Planking, push-ups, and breathing exercises (also helps reduce stress).  This may help build your LES and also help reduce stress.

    5) As for supplements, many people want to find the magic bullet.  Something they can take which allows them to continue their old lifestyle.  Very few find a magic bullet.  I cannot stress this enough, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and do not look to the past.  I do use Apple Cider Vinegar before meals once in awhile.  I took L-Glutamine powder for about 6 months to help heal my gut, and it seemed to help.  I also try to eat foods with probiotics (homemade yogurt, kambucha, kimshi, saurkraut).

    What can you eat?  Lean meats, fish, chicken, ect.  Lots of vegetables.  I like hummus and corn chips for a snack, or Laura Bars.  I limit myself to 1-2 servings of fruit each day, because of the sugar content.  Soups tend to be really good, provided they are gluten free and broth based soups.  Stay away from creamy soups.

    Here is my GERD smoothy which seemed to sit well with me.

    1-cup of Almond Milk

    Lots of spinach (fill Ninja blender to the top)

    1 Ripe Banana

    1/4 to 1/2 cup of your favorite berry (I like Raspberry or Blueberry), or Mango.

    Many people find that Mangos help reduce GERD symptoms.

    2 TBSP of Chia seeds


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      Amen to all the above. I agree 100% and then some..I was suffering as well with vertigo and faith an prayer and doing some battling helped tremendously. .my faith will never be outdated for me..I too gave up lots of junky foods and acid reversed..lately tho iv been getting back into old habits again and just beginning again to do the throat clearing again. Now iv got to pray for strength to do it again..thank you for your post..gives hope to many..
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      Thank you for your reply.

      I’m willing to try anything to get rid of this terrible condition.

      It really does take a great deal out of you. Very tired all the time and although the burning is starting to ease, my voice is hoarse as I have to talk a lot during the day.

      Then of course it’s the back pain and the pain under my arms.

      I will try ACV.

      Thanks you for your help and prayers

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    Do not suffer from the arm pain but have a lot of the other symptoms   I find that Vitamin B has helped a lot  to disperse the symptoms or makes them at least manageable
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      Thanks Murray,

      I’ll get some tomorrow. Do you how much you need or how long you need to take them for? 

      Many thanks 


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