lyme negative test, but given Doxcycline which is causing strong Herxheimer

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I've had a negative lyme test result but have been given Doxycyline.

Basically whilslt working in forestry 10 years ago i was bitten on the neck by a tick and developed a bulls eye rash (i thought it was a spider and the rash was so porminent my mates noticed and gave me a ribbing about it). I didnt realise at the time the seriousness of this. I have developed countless symptoms since, Atrial Fibrillation, numbness, unexplained fevers resulting in hospilisation, fatigue extreme rib pain cramps.ect.

Does some one have the knowledge to help answer these questions for me?

1, I've had 4 seperate courses of antibiotics over the ten years for unrelated things, tooth out, shoulder operation and 2 chest infections. Can having the antibiotics years or months before effect the Lyme test?

2, I pulled the tick off my neck with in 30 seconds of being bit, it came of in pieces, the infectous disease doc said it needs to be on for 24 hours? i thought the fact i squashed it in to my neck may over ride this.

3, I started taking the antibiotics 36hrs ago, im now experiencing extreme flu like symptoms,  joints aching, sweating, chest infection,confusion, feeling sick. Is this the HERX reactions? i.e if there was nothing the matter with me the antibiots should have little effect?

Basically the doc at the Infectouis disease clinic, does not believe i was bitten by a tick as the results came back negative and yet i know i was. When i asked what she belived it was if not Lyme she said i had Psycological problems caused by alchohol! I was devestated I'd gone prepared with print outs from the Lyme disaese association and she dissmissed it all saying they had a vested intreast and were just after my money. I explained they were none profit making, shejust shook her head.

I'm at my witts end can any one please advise.

Many thanks


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    I had an attack of sleeping ticks in Australia, and they developed into small worms which infested my arms and head.  They eventually left my body thanks to a toxin injection into my brain. It was frightening but eventually parasites will part company with the host.  I would try and identify which kind of tick it is if you can remember it's appearance on your skin.

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      For real? thats sounds like hell mate. Although its different to what i've got it's quite nice to here the term 'parasites will part company'. i really hope so.

      all the best


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      keep an eye on your neck to see when the head of the tick will remove itself.  Then after the toxins go the tick should hopefully.

      My ticks all resurfaced after the toxin injections.

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      injection into the brain? Which med was that? How was that done? There is skull all around. Now you make me really interested. Fascinated.
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      It had just been discovered by a Dr in Vienna who gave instructions I think to have my neck injected with sufficient toxin to kill or cause the host worms to die or escape through my digestive system.

      As the parasite was from Oz I believe they are trialling the treatment with the aboriginees who frequently get the sleeping tick because they often go into the bush and catch them. They are called dreamweavers in Australia and no one really knew how to deal with them before I had it. So I was a guinea pig and survived.

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      ah, neck, not brain, more into the spine liquid around it I guess. Which toxin? Do you know? Very faszinating.

      Was it at the tropical institute in Vienna? I don't think any borrelia late stage was treated like this. But your worms and they know how to get from epidural area back to digestive to be flushed out? I really am you didn't notice. haha. 

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      I am not an expert but i expect the worms broke down and were transported to the waste department via blood at a cellular level.

      I think it was the University hospital in Vienna and also The University of Belfast helped to id the parasite.  I don't know the toxin but it had a numbing effect on my brain and caused the worms to resurface and be picked out as scabs on my scalp mainly.  The scabs were usually butterfly shaped with dark interiors to the 4 quadrants.

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      You puzzle me more and more, I cannot find any tick born worm infection; only of virus, bacterial, babesia or theileria zoonosis. ('paralysing tick' tick with a anti-venom treatment when paralysis is evident, but it's not a worm, not what you had. I also have trouble finding the sleeping tick's scientific name in order to scroll down that path of enlightenment. ;-))

      I cannot find dream weaver infection at all? (what's happening with my internet search, I am in Australia)

      Maybe it's another vector like 'mosquito' or 'fly' for your passed parasitic worm infection? There are so many creepy parasites around.

      But with a "bull's-eye rash after tick bite", I think our poster has hopefully not gotten anything very unique like you had gotten. Good, that you got successfully treated whatever it was.


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      You get it in your scalp and lots of aboriginees get them in the bush.

      it is  a parasite that changes in its second stage to a worm. Not much is known at the moment about it.

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      There is a study about the one and only human babesia patient in Australia in 2012, so I would have expected, that this second-stage-in-life-cycle-worm parasite, that seems more common than babesia, even little know about it (but you were successfully treated) would have made huge waves in the study pages, too since it effects humans.


      without a definite parasite name other than 'dream weaver' I won't find it it seems. boohoo. Would have interested me, I am drawn to scientific puzzles. ;-)

      Scabies is very common under indiginous people. But that's not it, I am sure.

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      sorry I was in hospital so had limited information from the staff on the ward.
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      Ah yes, the good hospitals, they are very reluctant to give anything to the patient (as to why if it was for sure me, I don't know, but I always ask upon discharge. I always get the summary at least in writing, that letter, that the doc would get)

      but they need to pass on at least a summary (often single tests are not listed) to your GP....and even being from oversease you would need one too for your 'history' in GP's file.

      Happy ending for you, that's the most important.

      (I have a hole in my brain now.;-) with questions, questions, questionmarks what that possibly could have been)

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    Hi stephen17453

    Have you had a blood test for an inflammatory disease? is called an ESR blood test...if the result is high sedimentation rate you do have an inflammatory disease which tick bites can cause.

    When you have finished the ab's go back to your doc and ask for an ESR test for inflammatory disease.

    The symptoms of inflammatory disease are aching joints, flu like symptoms, sweats and depending what inflammatory disease you have there are sweats and confusion as you are describing. There are various types of inflammatory wishes for a speedy diagnosis.......

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    If your flu like symptoms appeared 36 hours after taking antibiotics, you may be having a reaction to them.  This is a very powerful drug you are taking.  Since your doctor is demeaning you and saying you have psychological problems, I would make a complaint and change your doctor.

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