Massive alcohol withdrawals but didnt happen last time?

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A year ago I quit because I was taken to jail...I had been drinking daily for 2 years.  When I was in jail I had no withdrawals except some cold sweats.  But 5 weeks ago I was released and resumed my seemed my tolerance never changed since last time...I quit the other day and on the same night, I started experiencing massive alcohol withdrawals(I think).  I have everything on the list right now...but the one thats getting to me the most is the suicidal thoughts(i actually tried!)  Ive never had those thoughts ever, even though I have anxiety and depression wondering if im getting withdrawals this time because of the so-called "kindling" effect? meaning once you quit and start and then quit, the withdrawals are really afraid of these sudden feelings of hopelessness and suicide...does anyone think this is delirium tremens? (the most advanced stage of withdrawal)

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    After more research, it seems the relapse and then quitting again is what causes such a high excitability of my central nervous system- Rekindling.  And I think Im in the stages of post-acute-withdrawal.  This would explain why is hyper-inflated my existing anxiety and depression...but still, what scares me is the fact that I tried to hang myself...Ive never even once had a thought of that!!!  I hope this is what im going only reason for doubting my research is the fact that I drank daily for 2 years...quit with no symptoms but cold sweats for 3 nights....then a year later i start drinking for 5 weeks...and when I quit, I hit this stage immediatly and only a few hours after quitting...any thoughts please?
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    Alcohol could interact with ANY medication you take...if you take any.

    Alcoholism is progressive....always gets worse never better.

    I am an alcoholic....I am 51...I almost died 2 months ago from withdrawal.

    I was in hospital...had 7 ivs...2 seizures....cardiac monitors...pancreatitis....I had quit before for 8 years and never expected to get that bad after not drinking for 8 years..

    Regardless...when I first picked up...I continued to 2 years...the last hospital 4 times..and the last time was almost death..the nurse said 1-2 more what I was doing...I would have organ shut down and death.

    Your depression and anxiety is typical for the first week or two of stopping.  I hope you can stay stopped.  My hospital stay this time...clicked with me.

    I don't know if this will click with you...what is happening now....You will will be AFRAID to drink. 

    I hope you get thru the withdrawals and remain stopped.

    Wondering what you went to jail for as alcohol lands in only 3 paths:

    Jails, Institutions and DEATH.

    I was lucky to avoid Jail an death during my 20 plus years of drinking...and I don't KNOW how...drank everyday for over 20 years....drove drunk all the time..never got a DUI or any alcohol related charge.

    Drink lots of the hospital....everytime....the 7 IVs were for fluids and vitamins....every rehab I have been too...they make you drink water...for blood pressure control. 

    I don't think you had DTS...but you sound like you have having a horrible withdrawal.

    DTS..hallucinations....seizures.....I pray that you can stop

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      Youre so right and very lucky...I DID get a dwi although thats not what landed me in jail...I was drunk and hucked a rock into the air...went through a gas station door.  They gave me attempted burglary.  That was my one year of sobriety out of the last 4.  Heres the thing...I SHOULDVE gone to the ER last anxiety was so bad that all I could think about was my horrible job and how I have no friends(just got out of jail 5 weeks ago) that I tried hanging myself, which I have never thought of doing ever..I shouldve gone to ER...thing is, I still have almost all of the symptoms today so Im hoping tonight is ok, else its to the ER for me I think...
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      Hi dude, alcohol doesn't necessarily equate with jail, institutions & death, that's just a typical 12 step phrase trying to scare you into joining their fold. I'm a ex-drinker( at present) and have been for about 18 weeks. Before that was over 2 years sober. I found the withdrawal not too bad this time round, I was expecting worse, maybe that helped? Whatever you do, I'd advise strongly against any AA Based treatment as its a religious cult and their methods are over 80 years old. Go down the route of 21st century treatment which doesn't involve writing essays to yourself & getting down on your knees begging for forgiveness, oh, and also having to take down a daily inventory etc. it's all useless rubbish that won't help you unless your the needy type & will fall for any hokus pokus? I'm sure people will be along soon to comment? I've done the non AA rehab& also had to suffer 2 weeks of a 12 step rehab which I was conned into as I only required a detox. I've never had my intelligence insulted so much since birth👍👍 good luck, oh, it gets hard after a few weeks, ride the time and very soon after another couple of weeks & your thinking won't even involve drinking 👍 also, expect a relapse& don't beat yourself up about it👍👍
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      Hi Patricia. I used the services of a detox outfit purely to stop & get the alcohol out of my bones😃 ( I was waking up in the early hours & straight round the local 24 hour garage to buy a nice quarter bottle of vodka) I couldn't stop on my own . After the detox it's a case of pure will power which I assure you, I don't have much of😃 keep busy and don't make it out to be a big issue. If someone asks me to go for a drink, I go & drink coke. If they ask why, I'll say summat like I've got a busy day tomorrow or whatever. Never let your ego get the better when you stop, it's another addition to your thought process, just say to yourself its temporary, then pretty soon you'll be in control. I've done all the rehab stuff, please don't go to AA, or any other 12 step nonsense! Do it yourself & practice discretion to yourself. The last thing you want is people tip toeing around you👍👍
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      Hi Roger...

      I'm not an AA thumper any longer...however I was the first 8 years and it saved my life...not because of the cult...and they don't force religion on anyone...BUT because I had somewhere to go...(redirect my thoughts and cravings) during the times I wanted to drink.

      Alcohol DOES only lead to Jails, Institutions and DEATH...You are only fooling yourself if you refuse to believe that.  THE HOSPITAL I was in....the top Doctor in the facility....told me the SAME thing and I have been to various detox, rehabs...and AA...and medical books say the same thing.

      Alcoholism is progressive...wether you want to go to AA or rehab or only gets worse...affects our organs...and eventually leads to DEATH....if you don't stop.

       I chose not to go to AA now for some of the same reasons you the begining of was all I had left to keep my self busy and away from a drink. They also teach very valuable sayings that get many thru a day.  When crap comes up...I say things like "This too shall pass".....:Live and Let live (when someone gets under my skin).

      I remember being in a meeting at work and someone was really p*ssing me off and I kept writting on my pad LALL (Live and Let Live).  Learning these types of coping skills in AA...saved my job as well.

      I just ignored when people pushed religion and steps....They say do what works...and leave the rest behind.  I guess you have to be really ready for help and desperate to attend one of these meetings.

      What mostly it did for me...was I met new friends....had new activities that didn't involve a bowling league, picnics...visting prisons to share my story and to listen to other peoples stories of how alcohol ONLY brought them negative things...and hurt their relationships.

      Your fooling yourself if you think you or anyone else can continue to drink alcohol and not end up in one of those situations (Jails, instutions and death).

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      Hi..It will get better if you just don't drink.

      Yes, you should have went to the ER. 

      Just to make a point for all alcoholics that read this....Jail happened due to drinking...what you did was not something you would normally do....

      There is a post in here down playing AA.  I now only very infrequently visit AA....but when I first got sober...I had no where to go and thought about drinking all the time.

      Yes, they do talk about religion..but I never had to listen to that if I didn't want to...I needed the AA program to meet new friends...joined things such as sober bowling leagues..went on picnics...Felt safe at the time...that once I made it to a meeting I wouldn't drink that night.

      The people are SO KIND and welcome you with open arms...and hope that you come back.  I went for 6 years....and then 2 years I didn't go and I was fine.  I didn't drink because I stopped going to AA...I drank because I thought I COULD after 8 years of sobriety.

      You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to stay sober.  Drink alot of fluids today (maybe you don't feel like eating)...but eat little things if you can...toast...

      Usually the 2nd day of detox was the worst for me...Keep can do this...And another thing AA does is give you REAL PEOPLE to hug about you...get phone numbers to talk to.

      I met my best friend in AA...Like I said..I don't really go now and have almost 2 months sober...but the first time I was really ready to get sober 10 years ago...I HAD no where to I reluctently went there...and it did save my life.

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      This is day 3 and my anxiety is pretty much back to normal, it makes the last few days seem like a dream.  Im pretending like it didnt happen.  I think if I wasnt drinking all the time then my anxiety attack wouldnt have happened, and to such a severe level.  I know now what I have to do I think and thank you Missy.  I think I will do some AA just for the fact that I can meet some friends like really dont want to drink either...that was most of my anxeity, having just gotten back from a year in jail(never been there) all my friends moved. 
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      Your life will naturally get better as you get better.

      IF you go to AA...Take what you need to hear...and leave the rest there.

      I found in my early sobriety...every meeting I would go too...I would HEAR something I NEEDED to hear.

      When they would PRAY...I just would refuse to mouth the words.  My God is MY GOD...I don't like people telling me when to pray...some of the GOD stuff comes into AA...but its bearable....if you are there to only hear the MESSAGES you NEED to hear...and meet the friendly faces...That we have missed for so long drinking.

      Keep up the GOOD work....YEs, anxiety gets worse with alcohol...I am SUPER anxious all the time...but when I was coming down from drinking it was 10x worse....and I was suicidal...although I never went as far as you did.

      I look back on how i felt 2 months how I feel today...its 100% different....Like I the begining I think people need AA or counseling to have people to talk to tell you that you are not crazy.  Lots of people in AA have been in jail too....I'm sure you can find someone that will identify with you on that level.

      Only do what you want there...everything is a SUGGESTION and EVERYONE is different.  My higher power for the first year (cause they talk about THEIR higher powers)...MINE was DUNKIN Donuts....I would go there...first thing after work...vs. the liquor store (which my car wanted to automatically go to the liquor store).

      Chocolate...Dunkin and AA...helped me especially thru the first year!


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      Some of your comments are fair to say, like death, life leads to death anyway& alcohol will probably speed it up or in moderation prolong life👍If a person requires to be reminded all the time of how bad things were then fair play, I choose not to be reminded, I already know👍 Each to their own👍
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      And how are you doing this past month? It's not easy...I remember relapsing after my 9 years and wondering WHY??? Why couldn't I stop like I had previously?

      If your drinking... I hope for you to get well again.

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      Regarding you drinking after 8 years, thinking you could handle it, it is apparently very common.

      People 'test' themselves to see if they now have it under control. I suppose some do, but a great many fall back into the trap.

      That's one of the few things Addaction did tell me that was useful, before I sais au revoir to them after a week.

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      I think I just thought...what the heck after 8 years...drinking ONE day isn't going to harm me.  I did know however that I would not only be drinking 2-3 beers...I know from the long history of addiction that I would need at least 7.

      But, I really didn't expect to get stuck in the "trap" again....sad.

      Today I have like 9-10 days...and my heart has been racing and I want to drink!  It makes NO sense...I was almost dying 10 days ago AGAIN...and still recovering "stomach" wise...and still are having the thoughts....really baffling and cunning (not the favorite kind of cunning either)...LOL

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      Stick it down to experience, most people have a relapse, I did, I managed a year before I had my relapse.

      As long as you learn from your mistakes, you gain valubale experience and learn a lesson.

      I have my appointment with the psychiatrist at the stroke rehab hospital this week. I wonder what she will make of me. I don't think she has contacted me by accident 16 months after I got out of hospital, all the other consultants, GP etc. saw me within about six weeks of leaving hospital.

      I think someone else I have seen at the rehab has called her and said you need to speak to this person. As well as my hospital file on the stroke, she will have all the details of my detox, jaundice and all other information regarding my drinking/state of liver. I normally swerve counsellors and psychiatrists, but I'm looking forward to this one.

      Anyway, back to you, just pick yourself up and start again, don't worry about what happened, you cannot change that, it is wasted energy, concentrate on going forward.

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      Normally "swerve" them...LOL.

      Cause I used to do that too...but I like hearing about myself smile.

      Weird they contacted you after that about it, I'm curious now.

      I'm having a VERY difficult time today...when things don't go my brain hits the fan!

      My cable TV has been acting up for over 24 hours...a technician has been here..bla, bla, bla....I can feel my blood pressure..because TV has been my escape and healing tool for the sobriety....I seriously have tears in my eyes over this stupid THING.

      That is what alcohol does to makes me crazy...the last few relapses have really messed up my way of thinking and acting period.  My brain scan was abnormal...but they don't relay it to seems they were only checking for MS....I'm not a sane person at all anymore...and they better fix my cable within the hour...or I honestly see myself at the liquor store!

      Isn't that sad?  I won't go...but I am having spots in front of my eyes..I'm so freaking upset.


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      As I said, I have a feeling that somebody I see/talk to in one of the other departments, physio, neuro surgeon consultant, their secretary, the general manager (I had a meeting with her, because the first consultant was appalling) or her secretary has tipped her the nod, which was why I got the call out the blue and was given the 'kid gloves' treatment on the phone. Anyway, I'll tell you more when I've had my appointment.

      BTW, 'liquor' store? Are you American/Canadian?

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      I am American...LOL...And you all trip me up with your jargon too....

      There is a patient website for the US..but I could never find it....I have made some friends on here I am.

      The cable is not fixed...we are having company tommorow...the football game is on for my state....but we have a temporary fix....I have to breathe...its just ridiculuous in new sobriety how much LITTLE things are extremely upsetting...

      Whatever happened to BDUBY???

      BDUBY....come in.....hope your feeling better and just don't need the site? Or if your feeling crappy...I hope you find us again and check in!

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      It was your reference to 'liquor'. Over here it is just alcohol or beer, wine and spirits. It always makes me laugh when I'm in America, you have to go to a liquor store. Over here virtually any shop sells it, the paper shop, the corner shop, what you would call a mini mart, large supermarkets, petrol stations (gas station to you).

      They always put it in a brown paper bag, which over here, means someone has bought a half bottle of spirits and is going to sit and drink it on a park bench like a tramp. Ours just gets stuffed in a normal plastic bag, along with a loaf of bread and a pint of milk.

      Also, when you go in a bar in America, they always try to hand you a menu, and then give you a funny look when you say that you just want to have a couple of pints, no food. Plus we have proper pints, yours are 16 fl oz, ours are 20 fl oz.

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