Maybe all my symptoms were caused by Amlodipine

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I have been on this med for about 3 years now. Recently I developed a rash at the top of my arms which then spread across the top of my back and my chest. I also suffer with health anxiety so I was getting concerned about it. I finally plucked up the courage to see the gp who said she thought it might be related to the Amlodipine. I couldn't understand this as I've been on it for so long but she says it's possible. She told me to stop taking it straight away and has prescribed a different bp med.

The thing is that I've also been suffering with other symptoms for a long time and never guessed that they could be related to taking this med. After reading posts here I'm now beginning to wonder. The symptoms that I've had (some for quite some time and some more recently are below:


skin flushing

dizzy spells

unsteady on my feet

extremely tired and lethargic

blurred vision

ringing in my ears

sharp pains in my legs

feeling hot

skin on lower arms feels sore and tender to touch


restless legs

I will probably think of others once I've posted this. Anyway basically a long varied list of symptoms. It never even crossed my mind that Amlodipine could be the cause. I stopped taking it 2 days ago so I suppose I just have to wait and see what happens now and if the symptoms diminish.

Suffering with health anxiety doesn't help because symptoms of illness always make me very anxious and of course I can't remember any I had before starting the Amlodipine. From what I've read on here this seems like it can be a particularly nasty drug.

Thinking of everyone else who has suffered or is still suffering from being prescribed this.


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    Hi All,

    Been on 5mg amlodipine for about a year now. However, after recent check-up was raised to 10mg. Within days the itching started. That was so bad, I was going out of my mind. Went and bought some antihistamine cream as I thought it was maybe an allergy to insect bite. Cream didn't touch and didn't sleep for 2 days straight. Antihistamine pills eventually took the edge off enough to sleep. But legs and ankles swelled up like balloons. Then I started to think, hang on a minute, I just had a change of meds, let's Google. Sure enough, lots of folks suffering the same or similar. You would have thought I had learned from my disastrous innings with statins.

    Took myself off amlodipine and went to see GP nurse. 24 hours later itching has stopped. Legs still a bit swollen but much better. Even more interesting, that weird hip paid I have had for about 3 months is now fading. Definitely going for that yellow card.

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    Wow, thought I was going mad.

    Got diagnosed with high BP in Feb this year, well I told the doctor I thought it was as every time I had my BP checked by various sources they commented it was bit high, 24 hr monitor revealed an average 165/110, straight on Ramipril 2.5mg and they also put me on Thyroxine as I was borderline hypo, cue next few months Ramipril upped to 10mg and still high and I am having real trouble with vision and spaced out feeling.

    Doctor then put me on 5mg AM and was on it for 4 weeks and ended up calling an ambulance as I was so ill.

    I ran out of Thyroid meds while I was away and after a couple of days the vision and dizziness and weird feeling went, I felt much better but still odd, I told the doctor I stopped them as I was borderline thyroid and I thought I was over medicated and he agreed I might have gone hyper.

    So 2 months down the road still on 10mg of Ramipril and 5mg of AM I am now feeling awful, all of the symptoms and my BP is all over the place.

    I have found recently lying down I get around 120/80, sitting 140/90 but standing and walking it's all over the place 170/110 is the worst but it can change in 2 mins, I have a BP monitor so keep an eye on it.

    I am convinced it's the AM as I took one yesterday at 6am and I have been exhausted and slept for 13 hours last night and woke up today and felt great at 7am and did.'t take another until 11am and 1 hour later Wham! thought I was going to need another ambulance, breathing, missed beats, hot flush, light headed, vision, shakes, tremors and a feeling of being on the edge of impending doom, it was vile, feeling a bit better now it has worn off but I couldn't function 3 hours ago.

    I was so positive this morning I said to the wife I felt great and then boom I went back into my shell and she knew straight away and the BP went haywire.

    Needless to say that is my last one I am ever taking and I will see over the next couple of days if I was right, I never thought it could be them making me so ill.

    I am so glad I looked this up and thanks to everyone for the info, will be back next week to report back my findings.

    Fingers crossed.

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      Hi Bill - I am so happy that you got some relief after coming off the Amlodipine.  It is so scary the symptoms that you experienced, I know first hand because I experienced the same.  Everyday I would wake up with that dark impending doom cloud over me and then the panic and anxiety would start all while experiencing drop to my knees pulsating hot flushing and blurry vision that would then end in a bloody migraine.  On good days I would just go from the couch to bed to couch.  Oh what a way to live!  I actually am thankful that my GP ramped up my dose to 10 mg & then switched my other B/P RX, because if I had not had that little chat with the pharmacist, I would still be experiencing the symptoms and being in a depressed state of mind.  I will caution you that coming off the Amlodipine, you still may have some side effects, but they ease up and I do believe it depends on how long you were on the nasty drug...I don't believe you were on for too long,  so you should be fine.  It's a really bad drug for some, others not so much, but for those who suffer from the side effects it's debilitating - wishing you good health!

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      Thanks Debra, I still have the nervous stomach at this moment and feeling of panic and I don't know if you will get this but the occasional stomach feeling of like suddenly dropping in a rollercoaster, it's horrible, the main thing that prompted me to evaluate it was the recent missed heartbeat thud that has developed, scared the s..t out of me.

      I to have the flushes and have some really nasty headaches usually as soon as I get out of bed they start and last all day, they have died down a bit recently but I still get a sharp stab now and again just to let me know they are still around.

      How anyone can function like this is beyond me, I hate tablets at the best of times and usually ride out illness but when you get diagnosed with high BP things change, I have never took this many tablets in my life!

      I am working on the healthy lifestyle and watching what I eat and introducing spinach and beetroot, I cut out salt as soon as I was diagnosed, I have had a bit of a carefree lifestyle and basically eat, drank and done what I wanted but things have now changed and I think completely differently.

      Here's to the next few days cold turkey and I will see how it pans out,

      Thanks for the kind words and support.


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      Hi Bill - Yes, there is nothing like having a health scare freak the living daylights out of you - I only wish I would have been more proactive when my symptoms started rather than accepting the menopause/anxiety/Rosasea diagnosis. My skin even reacted to what was going on in my body.  It's interesting that since I have been off the Amlodipine, I have very few Rosasea outbreaks anymore.  

      I am also trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle, eating less meat, more veggies etc. I think through this journey, I have realized that above everything, the way I deal with stress has to change and that the importance of self-care like massages & acupuncture & meditation are key in keeping my stress down.  After educating myself a bit more about B/P, I do believe that Drs are over prescribing medication in certain cases.  There are a lot of factors that are involved for what is a good B/P for you  etc. Obviously, no body should be walking around with dangerously high blood pressure, but maybe there is another way than just piling more RX's on top of RX's. 

      I never experienced the stomach discomfort you describe, mine was all about horrible GERD/GAS/BLOATING, but I did have & continue to have my share of skipped beats of the is so frightening. The tingling in my hands & feet & the lightening bolt twinges in my calves with swelling & rash have all disappeared.  I still have some muscles aches in my neck & shoulders, but I am hoping they will finally go away.  I am 60 plus days off the "A", but was on it for 5 years.  It's been a very unpleasant last couple of years, looking forward to taking back my life - 

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      Well 5 days in and the skipped heartbeats have all but stopped, my BP on rising is a little higher for a couple of hours but evens out later on, even my walking and active BP is lower and not critical, 150/95 peak and level out to around 130/90 so I think the stress of feeling so ill was making it higher.

      I will report back over the next few days as it comes out of my system, I have a GP appt on Monday where I will report my findings but for now I am on the mend and feeling more myself, so much more energy it's great.

      I will not take this poison ever again.


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      Oh Bill that is great news! I agree with you, my B/P was higher on Amlodipine then now that I am off.  I think your body goes into adrenal/stress rush mode when your body isn't functioning well & is off balance.  I think the biggest takeaway from this whole horrible drug thing is, aside from feeling better, I think we can all become bigger advocates for our bodies and never again will I just take a drug for something without researching EVERYTHING about it.  My guinea pig days are over! I suggest you read everything that people have posted on this forum in the way of supplements  & lifestyle changes, also recognize that a little elevated B/P may just be your norm for your age, genetics etc. I personally would rather risk having a little elevated B/P than ever living the zombie lifestyle again & I didn't even have low readings on the dumb drug!

      Take care, wishing you great health!

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      Hi Debra

      Zombie lifestyle is the perfect way to put it, as you said I would also rather have elevated BP than live like that!

      I felt great yesterday to a point I was on the go and overdid it a bit and ended up in a bit of a panic with racing pulse and flushed face, must learn to take baby steps and ease myself back into it, this poison isn't all out of my system yet another week should do it.

      Had a great nights sleep though and my BP today even on rising is in the 130-90 range so it's definitely stabilising, I agree I think the state of panic and anxiety being on that poison was releasing adrenaline and upping my BP.

      I am in my late forties so I don't think my BP now is especially high for my age but will still like it to get into the normal range but I am not going to punish myself too much to do it, have noticed though my pulse has gone from a resting 85 to mid 70's which is good.

      I even treated myself to a couple of beers last night which I haven't done for weeks or months, very odd feeling, made me want to sleep lol.

      Thanks for you support and I will be back after my GP appt to see what he says, my doctor is pretty good at listening and he isn't the one that put me on the AM so will see what he thinks about it and if he agrees.


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      Hi Bill and everyone on this forum.

      Like you l am now off the dreaded Amlodopine, in my case 20 days. I was on them though for 9 years which is a pretty long time to be suffering the terrible side effects. I am by no means right yet and possibly won't be for a while. Last week l had the most horrendous headache which began around 10pm. I tried to sleep it off but became so unwell had to ring 111 for advice in the early hours. I ended up in hospital having to have 2 scans, x-ray s and blood tests. Dr thinks it could be because my sodium levels were well below what they should be. They had originally thought it was a bleed on the brain which was a scary thought. Was kept in for 3 nights to keep check on me. My blood pressure was on the high side and still is. The Canderstartin l take doesn't seem to be keeping it under control.

      I still feel ill from the side effects of Amlodopine, panic attacks, nervous and doom and gloom feeling on a daily basis. I would like to know when l can expect a little relief from all this. I still feel like a zombie and my head is up in the clouds whilst my heart rate is still racing even though l take a Betta blocker to counteract this. Wish l could see the end of the rainbow.

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      Dear Christine by the way that's my name too nice name LOL anyway I want to tell you that I've been on amlodipine for many years and I am miserable it makes me causes gout I had a little bit in my foot and then it moved somewhere else and now it's in my toe and I'm achy do you know that in the Netherlands it's illegal they don't even sell amlodipine a person would like to just take myself off of it I'm so tired of feeling sick my legs are uneasy I feel like I could fall down quite easily not steady or sturdy on my legs my ankles hurt

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      Hi Chris.

      Yes l did read that Amlodopine was banned in the Netherlands. Strange then that it's still being prescribed here but not strange that people are suffering unnecessarily. Drs don't listen mostly, best bet is to speak to a friendly pharmacists, they know more about the drugs issued.

      Am sorry you are still having big problems with pain. I am lucky l suppose that l don't have actual pain but the other side effects are as bad in their own way. I never feel well and can't enjoy life as l should.

      Nice name by the way.

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    I'm also Christine 🙂 and the person who started this thread.  I'd stopped posting in here as I came off it 29 days ago and started taking Indapamide (started a thread on that in the Diuretics Forum but not much going on there).

    Im feeling awful and now I don't know if it's still the after affects from the Amlodipine, new side effects from the Indapamide or a bit of both. I'm seeing my gp on the 28th so am trying to stick it until then but I feel so bad. My current symptoms are stomach pain with bloating, headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle pain, high anxiety, low mood, feeling sort of unreal and generally feeling yuck! I'm so fed up with it all 🙁

    Maybe we should call this the Christine thread (plus friends of course) 😊


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      Hi Christi - yes, coming off Amlodipine is no easy cakewalk.  I am going on 75 days plus off of it & I still have days with residual side effects.  I went a whole week of intense  GERD/BLOATING/GAS, this week it seems to be hot flashes with flushing.  I am still battling with anxiety & panic attacks but all I can say Is they are way better than when I was on the drug.  I remember I had a whopper of a headache about a month off the drug as well.  There could be a lot of things at play here, we don't know whether this drug messed with our adrenal glands, hormones etc.  All I can tell you is with each passing day it appears to get better, but there still appears to be residual effects...give it time.  I believe the other drug you are on is only a diuretic, and really shouldn't be giving you those side effects...,my bet it's the Amlodipine withdrawals.  I always had neck pain on the right side of my neck while on the drug, this week it really hurt, go figure? I will say what left immediately was the fog and overall dread of seeing the glass half empty. Ugh! Hate this drug! Wishing you good health!

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    Hello.. I second that .... if you are on Am several years .. like me .. it takes a long time to wear off completely .. I am 70 days off and it still bothers me .. the important thing is to note:

    1.Is it less frequent

    2.Is it less intense

    3.It is less bothersome

    4.Are some of the side effects not noticible gradually

    5.Is the general mood improved after stopping ....

    Well if you answer 3 to 5 "yes" that's a positive sign..

    As for when it will end ... I guess when you cease to notice the issues !!!

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    Thanks Debra and Chi.

    still feeling rubbish, if anything my low mood is worse. I suffer with depression as well but this is different somehow, I don't feel like me at all. Doctors appointment this Thursday coming so will see what she says. If other members' posts on here are anything to go by she will probably say that it's not related to the Amlodipine. It's all so confusing what with stopping the Am, starting Indapamide and suffering with depression anyway. I'm so fed up it's it all 🙁

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      Hi Christi

      Feel for you. It's awful how the Amlodopine makes us so depressed. I am the same, don't know what to do with myself and still having panic attacks at night. Last night my stomach was bloated and l couldn't breathe properly. It woke me twice along with rapid heart rate. Funnily enough I'd had a good day that day.

      I ended up in hospital last week as woke with an horrendous headache in the early hours. Never had a head like it. Drs thought I'd had a bleed or aneurysm on the brain but after 2 scans and lots of tests it was a relief to find that wasn't the case. Was kept in for 3 nights but am still experiencing headaches but nowhere near as bad.

      I look forward to the day as no doubt we all are on this site, to actually feeling back to myself.

      Best of luck when you see the Dr.


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