Me - Menopause, migraine?

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Where do I post this? Under migraines? Menopause? Topiramate? Depression? Anxiety? I don't know what it is?

I always suffered with migraines, I thought I'd got it from my Dad.....but then on what I thought was a seperate issue I was being diagnosed for infertility as I was unable to have children. You could practically set your watch by my periods, every 21 days, the pain was absolutely unbearable, FSH levels sky high, LH levels through the floor. Eventually I went into the menopause at 38. Around the same time my migraines got a whole lot worse and I now suffer with them every month. I think I get two types of migraines, but one of them around the same time each month. They can be so debilitating they can on occasion have me on a drip in hospital. They have seen me black out completely and just wake up wired up to machines and intreveniously trying to fill me back up with fluids to rehydrate me. Unable to walk, talk or anything.

So now, here I am at 45, my latest MRI is clear, my neurologist has retired and and I am on Topiramate and I have developed other symptoms not so desirable. I now also have Anxiety and depression, possibly caused by the Topiramate. Topiramate has a few contra-indications, as in it doesn't like many other drugs. All in all, it's a pretty stroppy drug who doesn't like to have friends! Wants you all to itself by all accounts....

So last week I was tried on Sertraline.....oh dear.....the doctor checked the contra-indications.....she said it would be ok.....instead of the normal 50mg, she would have me start on 100mg because I was not a small person.....well, within 24hrs I was in a pretty bad state and am still suffering a week anxiety is rife....

So, there is my story. Still open-ended.....Does anyone have any experience with menopause and migraines? can anyone relate to anything I am going through? Can anyone share what they have done to deal with things?

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    Hi Bella 

    poor you, sounds awful..

    cant say i have suffered this way at all ..

    the only time i got migraines were in my last year of peri menopause ..

    my very last three periods .. ( i am post menopause now age 50) 

    i got migraines for 4 days and nights solid then, and i knew i would get a period as kt was for me a pattern..

    now, i only get the odd tension headache usually causes my stresses of things ..

    i do know some meds especially anti depressants etc can cause a thick horrid headache and groggyness, ongoing 😦

    Take care 

    hope you get some answers from other ladies .

    jay xx


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    Aww! I'm so sorry to hear all this has happened to you... I won't bore you with mine I fact I am so fed up with it all that I don't want to talk about it anymore and I think everyone else is fed up listening too!! Everyone & everything moves on but not this monster menopause it's just not fair 😔 I am on Setraline for menopause as HRT was a definite no for me.  You need to give the Setraline time to work I'm on 50 mg a day since least October and it has definitely helped me with mood and hot flushes that were so severe I had to give up work.  I don't know when I will ever return to work force I miss it so much.  Stuck at home cleNing and trying to keep busy! The house is spotless lol!!!!  I have always worked and really struggle with the fact that I am not dependable no more.  Give your tablets time and if not go back and discuss others. Sorry I'm not more helpful sending huge hugs xxxx
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      Hiya Trevis ,been thinking of you ,wondering how you are,see nothings got any better .Dont our troubles hang on and on .

         I'm sat feeling rough picked up a bug couple weeks ago ,so more add on to my crappy days .

        So you been cleaning ,and cleaning ,ah Bless .Keep occupied ,but that's tiring ,but it beats anxiety energy down .Youve got the balance,if I remember ? Do you get out in the car ? I'm still only short trips ,not been out since unwell.Ive started on line shopping ,don't know why I'd not done it before .Sending you a hug ,you need one xxx

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      Aww Marlene!!! Just lovely to hear from you 💜 I think I have it better than a lot on here so I shouldn't really grumble.  I am so much better than last year, I can go out in the car and take my dog down the beach but have never gone out on my own for a walk with my dogs since my off balance incident last year, I swear to god I walked home side ways!!! I must have looked drunk 😔 I have never experienced anything like it since although my balance feelings have disappeared for now ( touch wood ).  That is very scarey stuff and has to be worse than the hot flushes at the time as we don't have an understanding if it.  But now I'm so much better.  I still have flushes very few but my anxiety can cause problems, can't stand in shops or wait to be served what so ever. Yet I have always loved shopping so that's a bummer!  I think I have lost a huge amount of confidence through all this like so many and it's such a battle building it back up when you are at home a lot so it's just a step at a time whatever that may be.  I am 52 yrs and I have a brilliant husband. That goes a long way for sure.  I watch everyone getting new jobs and have been offered jobs yet I am unable to accept in fear of letting them down.  Crazy because I look absolutely fine and would love to get my independace back desperately !!  This site has been amazing for me and all you lovely ladies are just treasures.  I pop in all the time and get notifications too.  Jay is a star too.  I shop online it's great!!!  Feel like I'm getting presents when the post comes hahahaha.  Keep in touch Marlene it's cheered me up no end getting your wee message.  Are you on FB? No worries if you would rather not totally understand xx huge hugs 😃👍💓
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      Hi lovely seeing you back here chatting ,isolation dealing with it will get you down Travis for sure ,I'm still on the anxiety trail ,but it's improving ,those traffic lights ,I still feel it coming up though ,weird how this began at B .......y  traffic lights of all things .Sounds right daft ,but it's what it is .Its happened for others at traffic lights ,what's that all about .were talking 2/3 minute wait at most .

        I loved going shopping ,pleasure in females life ,spend hours at it ,now big fat zero.Daughters got bungalow when we both exit ,but don't plan leaving the cash as well Ha!ha! ,so I will spend like crazy when this anxiety put to bed finally .

       Pleased balance got better,when you have it yourself you do think of others you've met on this road sharing the same problems .

         There's a few on the dizzy site Anne ,Darren and Gill all of us with this going on 24/7 and yourself ,non of us know the cause to it .Darrens not menopausal for sure ,he's got it bad ,so for a bloke big question mark ,plus he's not got tinnitus like us girls ,all damn weird .

         Your getting outside ,that's great news ,all confidence building ,your get there gal .Youve got good family behind you ,like me .

         Think about a job ,when you feel your back to rights ,go to early you may find your start going backwards .Truly don't know how women ,or old Darren manage a job with the balance going .i couldn't ,but got no choice if you've got Morgages to keep going .

        How far from beach are you ,I'm about a 5 minute walk from mine ,I do ride down there ,sea breeze clears the cobwebs away .wish sea air would open my sinuses,no luck with that .

       I still get odd hot flush ,but lately been bit more but bug doing it .I HOPE .

       I've got FB but never go on it ,can't remember password will get my girl to sort it out for her mummy at weekend .

         Really glad you came on ,lovely to hear from you .really is God bless Travis always xxxx

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      Hi Trevis 

      so good  to hear your feeling brighter ..

      i am feeling good too, keeping busy is the key and keep mind on other things..

      made me smile online shopping and presents... 😃

      like me with Ebay ... hehehehehehe

      when i want some real excitement i place a bid ... hehehehehehehe

      I have come to the conclusion we will never feel like we did when we were younger now peri and post meno has kicked in, so i just tell myself ..

      go with it and those days are gone....

      i always said when i was pregnant years ago .. i had more energy when i was pregnant than i ever had ... weird isnt it..

      so now i just think.. sod it.. and crack on..

      i went out Saturday and was out shopping and looking at the lovely spanish coast line and ended up being out 5.5 hours, i was fine while out, energy up, but when i got back i felt shattered.. 

      one thing that never changes though is queing in shops to pay, blimey i feel like dropping, but have for years, start lolling about leaning ..

      then some smart alec says can i go through i only have this ..


      look after yourself hun

      jay xx  


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      😃👍💓... Hi Jay! So nice to get your wee message.  Yea I'm doing better than I was and as I said the anxiety comes and goes but not as bad.  Feeling a lot more positive about things too.  Looking forward to Christmas my favourite time of year lol!!!  Please stay in touch 💓 always lovely to get a wee message and follow all your advice you are a treasure. xoxoxo 
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      Hi Trevis 😃

      the anxiety i use to find came at certain times of month ..

      mine kicked in in my last year of peri .. Like every six weeks .. Weird.

      but my B6 helped all that for me ..

      you take care 

      Christmas ... 80 days i am reminded 😃

      jay xx

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      Afternoon Jay ,just got CNN news on ,said 3 cases of Ebloa bug in Spain. getting bit close to home ,one with it is a nurse .

        France had 2 flash floods this week ,it's been hammering here ,and high winds .

        I'm still not over bug ,but getting there ,sat here in the warm ,heating up full.

          My Union Jack I've always got up in back garden ,going to get husband to lower down with this wind,.

        Hope your having a pleasant day xxx

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      hi Marlene

      yes its a nurse, and her husband being checked and another nurse, only the nurse has it for certain at the moment .. madrid ..

      lets hope she gets the same meds that that Uk guy got when he returned to the Uk with Ebola .. He seems okay now ..

      think this will get worse this Ebola .. Terrible isnt it .. My heart goes out to the sufferers and the bravery of the people nursing them and trying to make them better risking their own lives.. ' Pure Admiration ' 

      Floods .. Oh I expect there will be a few of those again this winter, seems common practice now with the climate, we get them here too in some areas.

      yes my day is good so far, blue skies and sunshine .. All calm 

      just doing my chores today ..pottering at leisure ..

      hope this bug lifts soon for you.. 

      Take care Marlene

      jay x


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      Glad we don't live in London any more ,with this disease out there,see in yesterday's Mail ,there saying it will hit here,I say let's pull up the drawbridge ,as on an island ,People travel around they won't even know there infected,that scary ,that American ,he's been remitted back into hospital,with fevers ,so has he got over it or not,not heard of the Brit back here .

        I agree,those who travel out there to looking after those souls deserve a medal,as they put there own lives at risk,talk about dedication to there profession .

        My husband says I don't look as heavy eyed today,got this damn cough ,won't shift ,my girl she's the same ,we both have sore throats ,from the cough .Son in law now down with it .Right old carry on .

         So your pottering day,I like those days best ,hassle free,stop ,start days great .Still no Dottie .xxx You stay well to xxx

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      Hi Marlene 

      it was August a young Uk guy .. With ebola ..

      The first British person to contract Ebola in the current outbreak in Africa is to return to the country where he was infected in order to help others fight the disease.

      William Pooley was treated in London after being flown out of Sierra Leone.

      He has made a full recovery and, having been discharged from hospital, said he is to travel back within "a few weeks".

      think he is returning to help again 😳

      Dottie been on just to say hello 😃

      jay xx


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      Saw our Dottie back,bet her ears were burning,it's when you don't hear for a while you get concerned.

         Just got up infectious diseases,that Ebola begins like flu symptoms ,I'd hate for that to take hold ,how would you know with winter here,and flu season here ,glad had my jab for that .

         They that go back know how they felt,and how close they came to loosing their lives,but to go back I'm not so sure I would ,Dedication to humanity hey .xx

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      Saw our Dottie back,bet her ears were burning,it's when you don't hear for a while you get concerned.

         Just got up infectious diseases,that Ebola begins like flu symptoms ,I'd hate for that to take hold ,how would you know with winter here,and flu season here ,glad had my jab for that .

         They that go back know how they felt,and how close they came to loosing their lives,but to go back I'm not so sure I would ,Dedication to humanity hey .xx

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