ME weight is getting ME down

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I know I should have other things to worry about but I have gone from an 8 to 14 in 2 months. :shock:

I think it is the Dossises but of course I cannot exercize to counteract the effects. :racket:

At night I am really bloated but I don't know if it is IBS or fluid retention.

At my age it could also be the menopause kicking in :cry:

OMG, I am falling apart :wah:

Help me...

Dale xxx

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    Oh Dale I know exactly how you feel sad

    I reckon at one stage I put on about a stone ..... whether it's due to the dossies or lack of exercise and of course, me age :roll: ... like you I am really not sure :?

    I have cut back on wheat products (which I love), and it has made a difference ...... I think my total weight gain is now in the region of half a stone which I find acceptable.

    Like you I used to be so bloated in the evening that my trousers were completely stretched to capacity ..... not a pretty sight :shock:

    Try cutting down on wheat and see what happens .... the whole thing is a pain :evil:

    I just wish I could get back on my spin bike again .... keep bumping into folk from my spin classes at the gym and they want to know when I'm coming back :wah: Said they really missed me :wah: .... and still talk about me ...... which is nice to know 8)

    I used to be the fastest female spinner in the gym and people used to stand at the studio windows and watch me :blush:

    Sorry, I'm showing off now :roll:

    Think I have spun my last :wah:

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    What's spinning? Is it a bit like swinging :shock:

    Wheat? Yes, absolutely. I didn't take my rye bread to Jean's and have had wheat bread and wheat pasta and crumble and cake all week and my jeans really hurt. Mind you, it helps the old peristalsis get moving :roll:

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    NO Alicia .... it is NOT like swinging :roll:

    It's the best form of cardio exercise one could have. Consists of a stationery bike which is built like a racing bike ........ you have an instructor (quite often me ......... once upon a time :cry: ) and a class of say ten to twenty all on their individual bikes. The instructor works with them and it is as if you are on a racing circuit, and incorporates hill climbs by changing the tension on the bike, and fast sprints and so on. Really intensive, hard exercise ...... but absolutely fab, and it takes a long time to come down to earth after each class. We used to have such fun, really friendly banter and lots of leg-pulling ..... like we do on this forum :D

    Those days are long gone now :wah:

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    PS ..... Glad your bowels are sorting themselves out Alicia :lol:
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, :wah: (tears of laughter)

    Oh sorry Katie, I don't mean to be mean, it's just the mental image of 20 people in a gym all peddling furiously trying to get there first. I'm sure it isn't really like that, don't be offended. I'm in a really weird mood today, not sure quite why. :roll:

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    I know .... suppose it does look daft really :roll:

    But did wonders for my BUM :lol:

    Sadly that seems to be disappearing in a southerly direction :roll:

    Right then folks ..... do you think John Sergeant is going to survive another 'Strictly' :?

    I'm beginning to feel really embarrassed for him :oops:

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    Course he will, he can't help it if the public are crackers.

    Remember Julian Clary in the final? :roll:

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    Yea, that's true :?

    Funny old world :roll:

    Gawd, I hate these dark winter nights :evil:

    Everything just seems so much worse :cry:

    Just want to curl up and hibernate :zzz:

    Where's a pic of a hedgehog when you need one :roll:

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    Here you are Katie, just for you, Mrs Mod. :wink:
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    Just joined this site but to chat on the Orlistat forum [tablet prescribed by Docs for weight loss - based on reducing fat absorption].

    I have ME, finally diagnosed 12mths ago after 'complaining' to my Doc for the last 4 years. My thyroid is at the lowest point of what is considered 'normal.' My hair was thinning, aches, pains, moods swings, etc etc etc, plus weight gain. Along with IBS.

    I have always been a well rounded girl[!] but gained nearly 4 stone in a matter of months and have struggled for years to get it off. Lost 1stone about 4 months ago but then stuck and my ME seemed to be getting worse with my knees playing up.

    Like you say vicious circle re ME and exercise.

    In almost a throw away comment to my DOC re weight loss tablets, she agreed to let me try them [I qualify as I have a high BMI and have lost weight by my own efforts].

    Not saying they are a magic cure all, and it is very early days for me...

    but if it helps take the strain off my body a bit more then I am willing to try them.

    Hope you didn't mind me jumping into your post?


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    Don't mind at all Ruth. We are a friendly lot here :P

    I don't really fit the criteria for Orlistat, might try the wheat thing. I am still not \"big\" but I am for me. I have never really had a weight problem.

    Katie, I used to do spinning and loved it. I made my way up to the advance classes but had to give up after my shoulder went cos the spinning aggravated it. :cry:

    Alicia, work that one out! A shoulder injury stopping you cycling :shock:

    Dale xxx

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    spinning is HARD CORE! very impressed. i know a few people who do it and it sounds like torture! :lol:

    i used to cycle my bike about a lot, jog and swim, and now of course im lucky if i get to the corner shop sad miraculously ive not put on that much weight so far. the only really sad thing is that, since stopping swimming, my boobs have inflated to a ridiculous size (for my body, that is - i have a really small rib cage) and none of my bras now fit :x

    i was pondering why id not piled on the pounds and concluded that its because im not drinking :guinness: i did used to drink a fair old bit, especially since i became a student again last year, and i honestly think that what im making up for in comfort eating and lack of excercise im losing in booze calories!

    mind you i dont think it can last forever, esp since its got colder and all i crave is stodge and more stodge.... :choc: :cake: :burger:

    Trees x

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    Hi there everyone :D

    Feel free to join us Ruth .... the more the merrier :magic:

    So sorry you have got the wretched ME though sad

    I often look at the Orlistat forum ...... and the dreaded orange oil :yikes:

    Dale ..... a fellow one time spinner ...... great :D

    I think that it is probably the thing I miss the most ..... especially the 'high' that you get afterwards if you have really worked out. It's a total body workout ...... press ups on the handlebars whilst sprinting ..... not too good if you have a shoulder problem :?

    It also gives you a facial at the same time cos you end up like a beetroot :tomato:

    Hi there Trees ....... your friend John Sergeant is still holding on then :shock:

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    I ate 5 chocolate bars yesterday, and I normally avoid choc as it doesn't agree with me. Work that one out.

    ME makes you go loopy? Nah, just a major pity party. :oops:


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