Meal suggestions for gastritis sufferers

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I suffer from gastritis, acid reflux and IBS. I made a huge mistake and ate something spicy last night. I definitely irritated my stomach because now I feel nauseous and have a mild burning. I also feel the urge to go to the toilet. My stomach needs to rest and heal after this flare up. Please suggest some light meals. Thank you.

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    Try milk.  It is great for settling your stomach and soaking up acid.  It works for me.
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      Thanks Pippa. I've been nauseous for 7 hours now even though I drank antacid. I'm completely exhausted because I haven't slept all night. The nausea is worse when I lie down so I have to sit up. I haven't been to the toilet in 4 hours so that's a good sign. I just have to wait for my stomach to settle. How is your IBS?

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      I’m in remission at the moment. Holidays are great for keeping it at bay because I am more relaxed.
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      Would any kind of milk help? What kind do you use? Whole milk, fat free, reduced fat, lactose free??
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      How does buscopan work for IBS? What's the best antacid you've used?

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      Pippa do you have any advice for me? See below which I posted in the anxiety forum.

      I've been suffering with gastric problems for a year now. Because of this, I don't want to make any changes in life. For example, I was thinking of migrating to another country but if I do, I may have to live on my own. I'm scared of being sick and ALONE in an apartment. What if I can't move? Who is going to help me or drive me to the hospital? Secondly, I want to change jobs, but with my current job I come into office at 1:00 pm so if I get sick in the night at least I have the morning to recover. If I have an early morning job, I'll have to take sick days. Any advice on what to do? Can people who live alone tell me how you deal with illness? I thought I was getting better. I had a few months sickness free and had started to make plans for my future, but recently had 2 stomach episodes in the space of 2 weeks. I don't know if my health is getting worse. I'm on medication and have made some diet and lifestyle changes. I'm giving it a little more time to see if I improve. I can't really move on with my life. I feel stuck. All these fears. 

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      I think you are thinking too far ahead.  Just concentrate on what you are doing now and enjoy it.  There is no point in worrying about things that haven’t happened.  I live with my dad just now and I have had spells of living on my own in Italy in my flat.  I had plenty of support from neighbours if I needed it.  I got on fine.  I don’t worry about my future, I will face iliving permanently on my own when the time comes.  For now, I live my life as it is just now.
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    How are you feeling now, warm some milk, and sip slowly, soothing for an angry stomach. 

    Repeat as necessary, cannot do any harm, barring an issue you may have with milk.

    ?Breakfast, rice, cooked in milk, and or yoghurt with acidophus, (sorry about spelling), last thing you need at the moment is anything that is going to cause you worse problems.

    ?Avoid coffee for a few days, that incl chocolate, tea should be OK, but keep it milky.

    ?Lunch, avoid beef, something lite suggest fish or chicken, not fried, maybe even a small tin of salmon, or tuna, with a mixed veges, no onions or garlic, more yoghurt, with some tinned fruit. 

    ?Dinner again avoid the red meat, chicken or fish, with veges, some ice cream would be OK.

    An egg, that could also be breakfast, or lunch, again not fried, poach the egg, or make an omelet with some milk, keep up the yoghurt, doesn't have to be a lot, just a spoonful every time you feel like it.

    ?No orange juice's or the like for a few days, plain white bread, rather than wholemeal, unless you are used to wholemeal bread.

    ?Hope all of these suggestions help you, they work for me when I have a flare.

    From my experience, it never really goes away, you stomach will always be a little sensitive to spicy foods, onions unless really well cooked, and garlic cause me nightmares even years later.

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      I'm still nauseous. It's ongoing for 7 hours now. My stomach must be really irritated. I'm totally exhausted because I haven't slept all night. I seem to have stopped going to the toilet. Just have to wait for my stomach to settle. Thanks for the advice on foods I should eat and avoid. Much appreciated. How is your condition?

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      What condition do you have? How often do you get flares? 
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      Diagnosed with gastritis after an endoscope.

      But had this upset stomach issue for years previous, all started with me after having a dose of anti-biotics, I really do believe that the anti-biotics somehow burned the lining to my stomach.

      Just as an aside, dad also had sensitive stomach as he got older, and nothing really helped, he was diagnosed with hiatus hernia and gastritis, 

      Mum learnt to cook him his main meal of the day at lunchtime, dinner time was usually just some tinned fruit and maybe small serving of rice pudding.

      Still remember the last week of his life in hospital very clearly, nurses said he could eat what ever he liked, nurses favourite he was, they gave him something really tasty, oh dear what a nightmare, he was in agony from his stomach, he had forgotton that mum had his upset stomach under control with diet, only thing that helped was my prep, half a cup of milk, topped off with boiling water until warm, gave it to him sipped and he burped for England, trapped wind on his stomach, nurses amazed it worked better than their meds for him, I told them to keep up with the milk mix.

      I also do a turmeric less than half a teaspoon, with just a pinch of chili, sounds like nonsense, vegetable stew when stomach very angry and sore, both spices that I was terrified would cause me problems but found out from an indian family they do not suffer from gastritis, or so I'm am told, it does help me with my stomach.


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      When I have an angry tum, anything spicy makes it worse.  Milk is the only thing that helps.
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      Wow, that spicy chicken Saturday night really did a number on me. I'm still feeling a slight burn and I just went to the toilet again and it was soft. So my stomach lining is still irritated. I'm keeping a journal and recording every time I have an attack. I've had attacks when I didn't eat on time, over-ate, ate spice or drank coffee. So i know what changes I have to make. You're right, the condition can be controlled by diet and lifestyle changes.

      I will try warm milk and turmeric in tea as you suggested.  

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      I definitely made a huge mistake in eating that spicy chicken. I was hungry and I hadn't had an attack in a while so I thought I could get away with it.

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      Just now, I am finding I have to take antacids after meals otherwise I will start coughing with reflux.

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